Perfect Evening Brings Out the Crowd

Bill O'Brien PhotoThe weather turned out to be perfect on Thursday night at the sixth concert of the Branford Jazz Series summer schedule and a large audience came to the Green to enjoy the music.

Bill O'Brien PhotoThe estimated crowd of 700 was entertained by the talented group headed by the golden saxophone sensation Andrew Beals and the warm and expressive sounds of Chris Morrison on guitar.Here is Beals on his “golden” sax.

Bill O'Brien PhotoBeals and Morrison were accompanied by Rudy Petschauer on drums and Kyle Koeller on organ. Here the group takes a bow at the end of the concert.

Bill O'Brien PhotoBill Keane thanked the sponsors for their support.

Except for the well-known hit, “What the World Needs Now,” the group played many of the popular songs written by Beals including, “The Wait,” “Clarence Perry,” and “Say No.”

Bill O'Brien PhotoWith almost every song they played, the audience up and danced, including many youngsters dancing with their moms and dads.

Bill O'Brien PhotoOne regular at the Thursday jazz concerts is Tevis Brunson of Branford. This week, he and his daughter, 4-year-old Halina Jade, were dancing up a storm and having lots of fun. (pictured) “I love coming to the Green when I can be with my family and dance with my daughter,” said Brunson. “She loves it and so do I.”

Bill O'Brien PhotoThis week brought many families to the Green.

Bill O'Brien PhotoThis family of six had a fun night on the Green being with each other.

Bill O'Brien PhotoNothing like seeing a little girl dancing with her daddy.

Bill O'Brien PhotoThree new friends smile for the camera.

Bill O'Brien PhotoYoungsters were having fun with new friends.

Bill O'Brien Photo“Good to the last drop.”

Bill O'Brien PhotoThe group keeps their eyes on organist Kyle Koeller.

Bill O'Brien PhotoHere is Rudy Petschauer on drums.

Bill O'Brien PhotoAnd Kyle Koeller on the Hammond B3 organ.

Bill O'Brien PhotoAnd Chris Morrison on guitar.

Bill O'Brien PhotoGrabbing a blanket or beach chair and a spot on the grass, whether talking to friends or neighbors next to them, grabbing some tidbits from a picnic basket, or just lying back on their blankets, they all seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the night.

Bill O'Brien Photo“This is what it’s all about.”

The next concert is this Thursday and features soulful singer and songwriter Selina Albright. According to the Branford Jazz website,  “Her angelic tone adds character and emotion to any ballad…”



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