Run N’ Fly: Worth The Wait

All photos by Bill O'BrienThe jazz series was very busy this past week with three concerts in seven days. First was the regularly scheduled Andy Snitzer group on Aug. 23, then came the postponed Run N’ Fly concert, originally scheduled to open this seasons series back on June 28, that was rained out. They made up their concert on Sunday Aug. 26, and that was followed by the exciting Elan Trotman and Tropicality concert to close out this year’s outstanding series this past Thursday. The audience showed early approval for music.

As committee member Dr. Joe Cardinale said in his opening comments of the makeup concert, You are in for an exciting night tonight and you’ll find it to be worth the wait”, and he was right. The 11-member Run N’ Fly performers offered a unique blend of jazz, pop and soul that the crowd of over 500 enjoyed very much.

Some folks came to the Green “dressed to the nines.”

Andrea Kenny, who was with her husband John Steady, said after the concert, “This group was terrific. I loved their upbeat music and the excitement of hearing 11 talented musicians playing with such energy and enthusiasm.”

These youngsters were into the music as they dance to the sounds.

The group, led by guitarist Sandro Albert, showcased their Brazilian roots with a variety of R&B and contemporary urban jazz. Albert was influenced early on by jazz legends Milton Nascimento, Wes Montgomery, and Miles Davis.

In addition to Sandro Albert on guitar, other members included vocalists Darryl Tookes, Cindy Mizelle, and Angela Clemmons along with…

... Gregory Jones, bass… who jammed with Sandro Albert.

Bernie Davis (right), drums…

... Ivan Llanes, percussion…

... and brass section: player Tommy Morimoto, tenor sax; James Zollar, trumpet; and Michael Rorby, trombone.

James Zollar hit it during a solo.

The crowd stood and applauded on more than one occasion.

Youngsters practice with their hula hoops on the side of the stage.

A special attraction to the audience at the Run N’ Fly performance was hearing that vocalist Angela Clemmons, who lives in Westbrook, was a member of the group.

She performed in a trio of talented singers who included Darryl Tookes, who recognizes her on stage, and Cindy Mizelle.

Clemmons is the founder and director of Shoreline Soul in Madison. She organizes a Shoreline Soul Community Choral Gospel Workshop yearly followed by a concert at the First Congregational Church on Meetinghouse Lane in Madison. The latest concert was on June 10, performed before a packed house.

The group is all smiles at the end of their performance.


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posted by: Linda Zonana on September 7, 2018  8:59am

The concert was great - the evening was lovely! I want to note that Shoreline Soul, directed by the singer Angela Clemmons, gives three concerts a year, not one.  Two are in Madison: in June, and in December. The third is for Martin Luther King Jr day in January. That concert will be in Guilford this year.  People interested in participating in lively and inspiring singing can find Shoreline Soul simply by googling it.