About your Registered Account

What is a Username and Screen Name?

Your Username is your log-in. This is not visible to anyone but staff.
Your Screen Name is your “posted by” name that appears above your comment.

Changing your Username or Screen Name

If you already have an account, you can change your Username or Screen Name by logging in and clicking the Your Account link in the upper-left corner of the page. This takes you to your account settings page.

In the left column under Personal Settings, look for Username and Password and click the link. You should now see the appropriate fields to the right. Make your changes and enter your current password (in the “Your Existing Password” field) and click the Update button below.

If you changed your Screen Name, all comments made with your account should now reflect your new Screen Name. If you changed your Username, you must now log in using your new Username.

When you are finished…

To return to the site, look for the New Haven Independent link directly above the Menu.

Forgot your password?

If you’ve only signed up for a single account (New Haven Independent, Valley Independent Sentinel and the GNH Events Calendar all share an accounts database) and forgot your password, there is a password reset link everywhere you can find a log in area. Please Note: We do not have access to your password, so you’ll have to reset it yourself. If you previously had multiple accounts assigned to one email address and try to reset your password, the reset link will be associated with your most-recently registered account.  Please use the Tech Issues form to let us know if you need access to one of your older accounts and we will be in touch.