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Latino news, views, and music.

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Extra Extra

Ganim Petition Train
Pulls Into Bella Vista

Thomas Breen reports.

Amputees Prevail

Guv signs 2 health care access bills — and issues a warning. Staff reports.

Today’s Debates

Lead ... Homeless ... Cre(e)d ...

Pond Lily Nature Preserve Reopened

Serena Cho reports.

Seniors, Teens Throw Down

At a “golden celebration” at Tower One/Tower East. Allison Park reports.

Keep Spaces Green;
Pump Down The Volume?

Alders committee votes to renew urban farm, community garden leases; probes construction noise fixes. Serena Cho reports.

Little-Noticed Teachers,
Improving Students
Get Their Recognition

Isis Davis-Marks reports.

Hoops Court Stabbing

Police roundup: Staff reports.

Ganim Hits The Streets

Pitches gubernatorial signature drive to Hartford; New Haven’s next on Friday. Christine Stuart reports.

Friday's Toon

Raheem Nelson reports.

A Kidd From New Haven

Goes from point guard to local fashion design. Julie Francois reports.

Today’s Debates

Magnetschism ... Walktalk ... Crowntown ...

Vets Lead Gateway Graduation Line

West Africa-raised student of year gets degree at 16. Allan Appel reports.

50 Mid-Lifers
Graduate With A Lifeline

Coach Carbone’s “Platform” sends 50 more unemployed adults back into the game. Markeshia Ricks reports.

“Solo Sits” Connect Students To Nature

Schooner leads Sound kids into the Long Wharf preserve. Allison Park reports.

Taking Bets

State looks to cash in on sports gambling. Christine Stuart reports.

JP Dempsey’s Rebrands

Soft reopening this weekend. Serena Cho reports.

A Refugee’s Story

Unfolds at Truman School. Isis Davis-Marks reports.

Today's Toons

Anna Russell’s Not A Dream.
Ted Take: Ted Littleford reports.

Today’s Legal Notices

• June 7: City Services & Environmental Policy Committee, on road upgrades and a corner renaming.
• June 12: Legislation Committee, on sign regulations and a Newhallville zoning change.
• June 20: Education Committee, on recruiting minority teachers.

Today’s Debates

Fuggedaboutit ... Fingerscrossed ... Ticktocktaxes ... Bopperback ... Ex-WRNH

Fences Found Guilty

Preyed on opioid addicts, who preyed on Target, Home Depot. Staff reports.

Food Truck Fest
Doubles In Size

Annual Long Wharf bash, complete with dragon boat races, previewed. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Kids Teach Kids Local History

On the streets of Dixwell. Allan Appel reports.

Man Shot In Leg;
Schools Locked Down

Staff reports.

Can Moguls Save Newspapers?

Author Dan Kennedy will talk about the future of the news — and his new book Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century — with Independent Editor Paul Bass at an event at the Book Trader Cafe, 1140 Chapel St., Wednesday, May 23, at 6:30 p.m. An essay from Dan follows.

Communities can’t thrive without strong, independent journalism.

Continue reading ‘Can Moguls Save Newspapers?’