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Latino news, views, and music.

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Extra Extra

Freddy Fixer Canceled Today

Because of anticipated inclement weather.
Look out for the rescheduled date.

Tong Faces 3-Way Primary

For AG.
• Wooden to face a three-way primary for treasurer. Christine Stuart reports.


Winfield Spurs
Diversity Debate

At the Democratic convention, Thomas Breen reports.

Malloy Defends Progressive Legacy

In his final address as guv. Thomas Breen reports.

Murphy: This Is
Why We're Dems

Christine Stuart reports.

Gauntlet Thrown

As Dems gather for state convention:
• Bridgeport pol signs on as Guy Smith’s running mate. Christine Stuart reports.
• Black & brown delegates unite behind challenger to Bysiewicz. Thomas Breen reports.

Dads Dealt Into Baby Showers

Gender-neutral diaper bags galore at event in Fair Haven. Allan Appel reports.

Today’s Debates

Lie ... Cut ... Slash ... Destroy ... Escape ... Flout ... Fight ... Front ... Panic! ... Conceal

26 Minutes
For 26 Years

Creed students stage walkout to protest closing. Aurea Bianca Orencia reports.

Trez Hopeful:
Pensions Need Lotto Fix

Paul Bass reports.

Check Out Who
Hit The Runway

For the Freddy Fixer Fashion Show; parade, clean-up this weekend. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Diversity Bedevils Dems

Christine Stuart reports.

Today's Toons

Ted Takes.

Reinaldo Goeyenechea/ La Voz Hispana reports.

Mrs. Lillie Hendrix, 92

Lillie retired from Yale University: obit.

Dennis Hopkins, 64

Dennis worked at Yale-New Haven Hospital for 27 years: obit.

Glorious & Notorious

RBG hits the big screen. Thomas Breen reports.

Today’s Debates

Pot ... Pair ... Pushback ... Pomposity

Details Sought
On Alternative
Schools Consolidation

Serena Cho reports.

Fare Increases? Never Mind

Staff reports.

News Flasher

Sexual deviant stalks East Rock; cops seek public’s help in catching him. Staff reports.

Winfield Backs Zimmerman

• For lieutenant guv.
• Drops own bid.
• Will black-brown coalition challenge Lamont-Bysiewicz coronation?
Paul Bass reports.

Connolly’s Out

Guv field narrows further. Christine Stuart reports.

Chaos Embraced

@Cafe Nine. Karen Ponzio reports.

GOP Hopeful
Brings Tax-Cut

Guv candidate Stemerman lures business leaders to Fair Haven’s new tech incubator. Thomas Breen reports.

Thursday's Toon

Raheem Nelson reports.

Who Broke Church Street South?

Paul Bass PhotoA Superior Court judge Thursday began to peel the onion of who owns the Church Street South apartment complex and ultimately who will be held responsible for the dilapidation that drove out its tenants and allegedly caused them severe health problems.

She ended up assigning both sides a lot of homework — because getting to the bottom in court of New Haven’s biggest housing/health crisis of the decade will apparently take a while.

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