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Nine Years Later,
Bobby Johnson Goes Free

Aliyya Swaby Photo Judge dismisses trumped-up murder verdict. First act: Throw on a change of clothes. Aliyya Swaby reports.

Today’s Debates

Ross ... Northland ... 1 ... 34

Don’t Take It Literally

Allan Appel Photo Rev. Rochelle Stackhouse talks bible with Babz Rawls-Ivy. Staff reports.

WNHH Weekend Schedule

Lucy Gellman reports.

Local Realtor,
Activist Admits He Paid
Paid $350K In Bribes

Thomas MacMillan Photo Andy Ross tells Independent he was “uninformed” and “naive”; faces 5 years in jail. Paul Bass reports.

How To Unbuild A Highway

Paul Bass Photo Nemerson: We’re doing it right. Farwell: We’re repeating mistakes of the past. Paul Bass reports.

Did Brady Get Away With
The Crime Of The Century?

Cannoli/Knish explores: Staff reports.

Crisis At The Airport

Sound familiar? Allan Appel reports.

"The Hubbell
Combined With LSD"

Lucy Gellman Photo On the walls at 116 Crown. Lucy Gellman reports.

CAA Hires Woman
Who Stole $6K At Last Job

Courant’s Josh Kovner reports.

Today’s Debates

Free ... Unbuild ... CCS ... Firebirds

Urban League
Gets Kids Coding

Aliyya Swaby Photo Opens new center on Grand Ave.: Aliyya Swaby reports.

Kentucky Judges, Anchor
Babies, & The Constitution

Paul Bass Photo Akhil Amar weighs in. Staff reports.

Another Man Framed
For Murder To Go Free

Thomas MacMillan Photo State’s attorney moves to vacate verdict against Bobby Johnson. Paul Bass reports.

Hopkins Gets New Principal

Staff reports.

Fashion Runway
Gets A Tech Assist

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTO From Neville Wisdom. David Sepulveda reports.

Klau Sings The
“Jailhouse Lawyer Blues”

Paul Bass Photo marcia chambers reports.

Forget Hot Dogs
And Hamburgers

Labor Day 1904: Mademoiselle Adelle on the high wire. Allan Appel reports.

Homeless Man Sings

Jeremiah strums.  Sharon Benzoni reports.

Bernie Backer Eyes Congress

Jordan Fenster reports.

Report: Go To Kindergarten

Bann sought on enrolling kids at 6 or 7. Jacqueline Rabe Thomas reports.

Today’s Debates

Firebirds ... Suspend ... 11 ... ATVs

Tased Man's Estate
Plans To Sue The Cops

marcia chambers reports.

Orange T-Shirt Brigade Returns

Paul Bass File Photo To get the 411 on neighbors’ health. Paul Bass reports.

Car Crashes Into House
After Medical False Alarm

At Chapel Street and Central Avenue: Aliyya Swaby reports.

Shoddy Repairs Raise Alarm—& Northland Offer

by Aliyya Swaby & Paul Bass | Sep 3, 2015 5:58 pm | Comments (7)

Aliyya Swaby Photo Erika Lorenzana watched her bathroom walls and ceiling crumble to the touch and reveal a severe mold infestation—moments after contractors supposedly finished repairing them.

As a result, a possible breakthrough emerged hours later in the festering and fast-moving housing crisis at the Church Street South housing complex.

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Northland Gets Default Order—& A New Offer

by Paul Bass & Aliyya Swaby | Sep 2, 2015 6:28 pm | Comments (14)

Aliyya Swaby Photo The federal government issued the owners of the crumbling Church Street South complex a notice of default—while opening the door to a longer-term plan to allow for demolishing the buildings there rather than fixing them.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Massachusetts-based Northland Investment Corp., the complex’s owner, personally pitched Mayor Toni Harp on a plan to have his company do that job, razing the 301-unit federally subsidized apartment complex across from Union Station and rebuilding it as an 800-1,000-unit mixed-use, mixed-income development.

Continue reading ‘Northland Gets Default Order—& A New Offer’ »

Lee Throws Down An Anti-Labor Gauntlet

by Allan Appel | Sep 2, 2015 7:32 am | Comments (13)

Allan Appel Photos Allan Appel Photo A police substation is expected to open soon at the Bella Vista senior housing complex—and, Barbara Constantinople hopes, pave the way for her reelection as a Fair Haven Heights alder.

Meanwhile, Robert Lee, the man trying to unseat her, said he’s running not against her, but against a union that he believes has too much influence on city government.

Continue reading ‘Lee Throws Down An Anti-Labor Gauntlet’ »

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