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• Enjoy the stories from our archives! They appear below and to the right.

1 Goat's Head, 1 Machete
And 1 Bottle Of White Rum

... set Garfield Reid free.

“Get On The F#@&ing Sidewalk!”

Cyclist perturbs driver.

Urban Renewal
Revisited -- & Taunted

Five decades later, an architect & an A&I tour encounter a skeptical Dixwell.

1 Day, Start To Finish

• Citywide (here, here, here, here, here, & here).
• 1 day, 3 neighborhoods (herehere, here, and here).

She Stayed Alive
To Give Kids A Dance

Teacher inspires, & finds inspiration.

Hip-Hop Unites
Hill & Tre, Town & Gown

In a Dwight Street basement. Nicolás Medina Mora Pérez was there.

An Open Window Beckoned

• An older cop, Paul Bicki, crawled through—& halted a rape.
• Then, right before retiring, he learned a lesson from an orange.

Hats Off

... unless you make the rules. About hats.

They Fought The
Law -- & They Won

• Luis Luna got cop policy changedand an assistant chief censured and pushed out after his arrest for video-recording.
• Jennifer Gondola fought back after a cop arrested her for filming his actions; he was suspended, then left the force.

How Labor
Beat City Hall

And made history.

“Bloodline” Boiling Points

Dispatches from the state’s largest-ever drug/gang sweep:
YouTube, Facebook helped bust the Tre Bloods.
How “White Boy Chris” filtered $2.5M in drug money.
Biggs’ jailhouse plea: Don’t believe the hype.
Wiley Don raps from prison.
Judge to feds: Fix your unconstitutional “2nd class” mess.
The ABCs of dealing, explained.
Judge: “I was not asleep.”

Lunch With Wendell

With death closing in, a powerbroker breaks bread.

Midnight, In The Alley

Believe in People vaults off a rooftop.

The Day The Comments Died

• And yet ... commenting abounded until the Cone of Silence was lifted.
Whose “public art” is it?
The Great Loosies Debate.

Moms Focus
Grief On Change

A “man of the year” cop brings together two moms of young murder victims to make the streets safer.

You Say
Good-Bye, I Say Hello

DeStefano pulls out of Dodge in a hybrid—after 20 years of hybrid-model mayoring ...
... as a new mayor reveals a biblical Utah upbringing.

At Gunpoint,
Reporter Misses The Details



Ex-detective reclaims violence-plagued street for the chess kids.

Mysterious Island
Lady Takes A Prince

The Branford Eagle crashes the wedding. (The not-so-happy ending.)

"Is There A Reason
You Have A Camera?"

Oops. East Haven cop meant to say “gun,” didn’t he?

Annie Le Was Strangled

The narc unit watched killer play baseball days after murder.
Killer, like victim, was engaged.
Ex-girlfriend: “I feel like I’m 16 again.”

Lamb Tells All

To Allan Appel.

That’s Not A Skeleton
— It’s Two Skeletons

Beneath the LincolnOak uprooted by Superstorm Sandy on the Green

It Rained ... Harmony

A Doo-Wop-Alypse on the Green.

The Morning After

by Paul Bass & David Sepulveda | Aug 26, 2014 11:22 am | Comments (11)

David Sepulveda Photos The commercial heart of Westville had a hole in it Tuesday after an all-night fire left a century-old landmark building, and the popular restaurant and pub on its first floor, in ruins.

Continue reading ‘The Morning After’ »

No News From The Compost Heap

by Paul Bass | Aug 15, 2014 1:26 pm | Comments (4)

There are no news breaks on the worldwide web. Right?

Well, in this corner of the web, there will be: For the first time in our nine years of publication, the Independent’s unplugging for two weeks.

Continue reading ‘No News From The Compost Heap’ »

Flashback: “Occupy” Underground HQ Infiltrated

by Thomas MacMillan | Aug 15, 2014 1:25 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photos • “Coyote at home base, this is Snake. We have the package,” one of the masked men in the SUV said into a cell phone, as a reporter lay blindfolded in the back seat.
With Iron Thunderhorse behind bars, Little Owl crashes the scene on the Green.
“Guilty—with an explanation.”
Thomas MacMillan Photos

Flashback: A Schoolteacher-Waitress’s Diary

by Gina Coggio | Aug 15, 2014 1:24 pm

Paul Bass Photo

Tookie’s fate reconsidered.
Keep your undergarments on while dining.
“I wonder if she’s dead.”
 “I rep the Ville.”
Good vibrations.
“That’s all I get?”
No teacher, no cry.
Confession hour.
The last good-bye.

Flashbacks: Reel Madness, Campaign Edition

by Staff | Aug 15, 2014 1:23 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photo • Where did that bag of 335 absentee ballots come from?
Heartless money-beholden “failure” becomes endorsed hero!
Wild turkeys outnumber humans at the polls.
Jane & her poodles get the story.
McMahon’s fake vs. Murphy’s fraud.
Zombie conspiracies revealed!
Melissa Bailey Photo

Edward Anderson goes undercover in New Hampshire.
Lobbied pig farmer picks a president in New Haven ... Iowa.
• A grandson of Mexican immigrants finds a way to make a living again — and sneak past security to hear a story that sounded like his own.

Flashback: Reggaeton’s Father Now God’s Son

by Nicolás Medina Mora Pérez | Aug 15, 2014 1:22 pm

When music pioneer Héctor “el Father” Delgado came to town, he didn’t revisit his reggaeton super hits at a nightclub. Instead he rapped in tongues—at a Fair Haven church.

Flashbacks: Panther Torture Revisited, Revealed

by Paul Bass | Aug 15, 2014 1:21 pm

• 37 years later, a spy fesses up ...
• ... and a torturer offers a victim a public apology.
• Another 7 years later, a lost reel-to-reel tape resurfaces of the “interrogation” that preceded New Haven’s political murder of the century.

Flashbacks: Heroic Public Servant Never Quits

by Staff | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Thomas MacMillan Photo We caught up with city inspector Rafael Ramos ...
Cleaning up blood on a porch after a murder.
Digging out people in a monster snowstorm.
Condemning a slumlord’s rooming house.
Getting the heat turned on for a shivering mother and daughter, and for another mom with two boys.
Helping immigrants living in a squalid basement stand up to their landlord.
Chasing the slumlords of “The Jungle.”
Rescuing 2 goats and 24 sickly chickens.
Taking dozens of city kids camping every summer.
Not to mention running a thriving community theater troupe.

Flashback: “Bad Chad Express” Rides To Glory

by Melissa Bailey | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Melissa Bailey Photo Aboard the bus to Atlantic City—Godmother Honda Smith led fans pulling out of New Haven in a “party bus” in prayer. In the ring, Rafael Garcia the cut man spread adrenaline on a nasty gash from a headbutt. Jermaine Dawson urged his older brother to “stay focused.”

It took a village—hometown friends and family—to help boxing phenom Chad Dawson survive the blows of a veteran fighter and regain his world championship belt.

Click here to read the full story (and see the photos).

Flashbacks: How Scammers Wrecked The Hood

by Neena Satija, Paul Bass, Thomas MacMillan, & Melissa Bailey | Aug 15, 2014 1:20 pm

Neena Satija PhotoCeiling falls. Baby dies. Slumlords pay nothing ...
• ... stiff banks while raking in government cash ...
• ... & pick new inspectors when they fail inspection.
Straw buyer lured into wild ride ...
• ... as a “partying” MySpacer lines up scam homebuyers ...
... a slum-photo doctor makes a call ...
• ...  outside Goodfellas, a police commissioner slips into a car and is handed an envelope with thousands of dollars in cash by fraud scheme’s mastermind ....
•... and “Kwame” & a straw buyer leave trail of blight. (The judge isn’t impressed.)
A “Big Liberal” gets 5 years for ripping off poor.
Facing 30 years, scammer turns star witness—while the feds let him rebuild an empire.
Paul Bass Photo

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Tree Trimming
Sep 1, 2014 7:50 pm
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Large branch fell into street from city curb side oak; pulled to curb until it can be picked...

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Could this be a sink hole?
Sep 1, 2014 7:12 pm
Address: 577 Orange St New Haven, Connecticut
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Very deep hole on the middle of the sidewalk. Hazardous.


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