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Dems Pick Panthers;
GOPers Pick Broncos

The latest on WNHH:
• Guv makes Super Bowl prediction on “Cannoli Knish Sports Hour.”
Campaign voices.
Pundits’ week.
This Day in New Haven History.

Cosgrove Farmland
Eyed For Building

Diana Stricker reports.

Crash Kills Woman

In Wooster Square, after attempted cop stop. State cops investigating; Register reports.

Today’s Debates

Armory ... Cruz ... Paras ... Hillhouse ...

They Churn For Bern

Our New Hampshire primary correspondents bump into Ben & Jerry in a coffee shop and Hillary herself at a post-debate party. Lucy Gellman reports.

Town Painted

Next up for mural duo on the move: 1050 State. Brian Slattery reports.

What Price Misconduct?

$16.8M award to 4 wrongfully convicted New Haven gang members prompts second thoughts in Hartford: Mark Pazniokas reports.

Mobile Communication

Prize winner show breathes easy at CAW: David Sepulveda reports.

Wait -- Is This
Rubio ... Or Malloy?

Wooing New England moderates, GOP’s fresh face backs 2nd chance for drug offenders. Thomas Breen reports.

A New Look

Proposed for handicapped-parking symbol. Christine Stuart reports.

Today’s Legal Notice

2/11 student elections meeting.

Sleeper Hit Revealed:
Ginger Spice Cookies

At Chapel St.‘s new Four Flours bakery. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Hear All About It!

Today on WNHH radio:
• Allan Appel breaks into banks in 1876, on “This Day In New Haven History.”
• “Alisa’s Culture Cocktail” hits Vegas, LGBTQ riffs on Black History Month,New Haven’s party scene.
• Sharon Benzoni interviews friends and family from her home state of Iowa on their experiences at the caucuses.
• Teacher and organizer Leslie Blatteau talks schools, school reform, and rocking the Baltics on “Dateline.”

New Haven’s Greatest (Architectural) Hits

WNHH Design Czar Duo Dickinson reports.

Mystery Surrounds
Condo Car Thefts

New Haven teens nabbed in Branford. Marcia Chambers reports.

Yale-New Haven “Art Corridor” Revitalized

Allan Appel reports.

Tough Times, Tough Talk

Opening day at the Capitol:
• Malloy tries again on domestic-violence gun ban: Christine Stuart reports.
•$19.87B proposed budget hammers workers, avoids tax hikes.
NHSO, Gateway — and the dead —among those taking the hit.
Themes skew Republican.

The View From
Trump's Media Pen

What it’s like in person to serve as a rally hate target: Lucy Gellman reports.

Today’s Debates

Paras ... Hill ... GoTransitGo! ... DeLauro ... Campaign Parse ...

Fed Up With Slumlord,
Dwight Neighbors
Quash $2M Grant Quest

Markeshia Ricks reports.


South San Francisco wrestles with a problem New Haven knows about: crime along an urban bike trail: on WNHH’s “SeeClickFix Radio.” Paul Bass reports.

Hear All About It!

Latest shows on WNHH radio:
• High school students Briendan Bello, Khamari Ridley,  Ashley Paige and Dayqwaun Gaskin explore Black History Month on “OneWorld Radio.”
Voices from a Trump rally.
• “Mornings with Mubarakah” dives with Chris George into the Syrian crisis and the resettlement of refugees here.
• Cop Jeffrey Fletcher argues for the power of museum exhibits to confront racism on “Urban Talk Radio.”
• Allan Appel goes on a drunken bender into the sewer — on this day in 1876.

Ely House Deal
Now Officially OK'd

Judge approves $390K sale to ACES/ECA. Allan Appel reports.

Alders Pick Committee Chairs

Opt for continuity. Hamilton inherits Finance. Markeshia Ricks reports.

An Amphibious Assault

On Cafe 9. Alessandro Powell reports.

Eliana Inspires Eliazer, En Español

Markeshia Ricks PhotoEliazer asked Eliana Matalon in Spanish how to deal with the memories — of gangs snatching people and killing them in front of him — that he has of trying to get from Guatemala to the United States.

Matalon, a Holocaust survivor, replied in the same tongue: Don’t dwell on them. Focus on getting an education. Improve yourself. Become a good man.

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