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Wooster Square:
Screw U-Haul

U-Haul to angry neighbors: The sky’s not falling. David Yaffe-Bellany reports.

Teachers Union Prez
Goes To Bat For Harries

As administrators press call for his ouster. Qi Xu reports.

Hyatt Eyes Coliseum Site

• Enters hotel deal with LiveWorkLearnPlay.
• But new UI problem may stall project.
Paul Bass reports.

“We Messing Up”

Black Lives Matters protests another shooting — this one not involving cops. Daniela Brighenti reports.

Teens, Cops
Talk It Out

Allan Appel reports.

"Then Who?"

Sanders supporters Porter, Winfield challenge Bernie-or-Busters. Lucy Gellman reports.

At Convention, Malloy Invokes New Haven

For welcoming the refugees whom Gov. Pence barred from Indiana. Lucy Gellman reports.

Today’s Debates

Bun ... Saint ... Supe ... Chief ... Raw ... Dead ... Dixwell ... Doone ... Driver ... Veep

Malloy To Dems: Ignore
"Tough On Crime" Taunts

Guv makes pitch at WashPo confab at Philly Dem convention. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Boring Beetles
Topple Big Ashes

It’s an epidemic; neighbors, city weigh approaches. Aliyya Swaby reports.

Bernie Fails
To Sway Berners

To back Hillary, amid email fallout. Max Moran reports.

Snow in July?

Just in case, the kids had us covered at the EOC. Qi Xu reports.

Today On WNHH Radio

Social action through video games.
Mayor Monday.
This Day In Diarrhea History.

Harries' Ouster Sought

8 retired administrators sign manifesto, plan to pitch school board Monday night. Staff reports.

118 Times, & Counting

Amid changes times, Santa Maria Maddalena is paraded through Wooster Square. Rohan Naik reports.

Daisy Street Celebrates

Seniors at Newhall Gardens mark their birthdays together. David Yaffe-Bellany reports.

Pawson Protest

Affordable housing doesn’t fly with some Shoreline neighbors. Diana Stricker reports.

How Trump Killed GOP

New Haven’s Henry Fernandez weighs in (Salon).

Man, 22, Shot Dead
On Kensington Street

Staff reports.

"One-Stop Shopping"
Comes To Dixwell Ave.

Ribbon cut on new government center for social services and small-biz training. Paul Bass reports.

With Weeds & Machetes,
Bun Lai Makes Dinner

A serotin-fueled journey into the wild. Brian Slattery reports.

“Just Don’t Be Black?”

WNHH Friday pundits wonder what advice is left to offer after North Miami shooting; & examine New Haven’s rising rents.

Today On WNHH Radio

Maker Tambira Armmand.
New Haven Farms.
Friday Pundits!
This Day in Pothole History.

500 "Read In"
On The Green

A former 7 year-old LEAPer connects with today’s 7-year-old LEAPers. Lucy Gellman reports.

Narcan Key
To Saving Lives

David Yaffe-Bellany reports.

Day 1 DNC Diary: Cracks Beneath “Unity”

Lucy Gellman Photo Thomas Breen PhotoPhiladelphia — While protesters marched the downtown streets here Monday, decrying the presidential nomination system as rigged and nominee Hillary Clinton as corrupt, officials took the stage at the opening of the Democratic National Convention a few miles south and proclaimed, one by one, the virtues of a unified party.

The words didn’t always match the reality on the ground — in the street, or event in the halls of the Wells Fargo Center.

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Esserman On Leave; Campbell In Charge

Paul Bass PhotoNew Haven’s police chief, at least for the next three weeks, will be Anthony Campbell, as Dean Esserman embarks on a three-week “sabbatical” in the wake of another instance of losing his temper in public.

Mayor Toni Harp announced Monday afternoon that she and Esserman “mutually agreed” that he should take the paid 15-working-day leave of absence, effective Tuesday.

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Windows On A Shameful Past

Twenty-seven shards of glass: That is what remains of a stained-glass pane at Calhoun College depicting slaves picking cotton after Corey Menafee, an African American employee at Yale University, knocked it down with a broomstick. Mr. Menafee explained his act with great clarity, stating that “… I don’t know, something inside me said, you know, that thing has to come down … It was a picture that just — you know, as soon as you look at it, it just hurts.”

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Cop-Community Tensions Laid Bare

Markeshia Ricks PhotoElijah Joyner already didn’t like cops. Watching the latest footage of police officers shooting an unarmed black man only strengthened those feelings.

“To be honest, I don’t like cops no more,” the teen told more than 100 people gathered at First Calvary Baptist Church on Dixwell Avenue Thursday night to talk about race, violence and how to mend the fractured relationship between the police and the community. “I stopped liking cops after what they did to my father.”

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