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"I Just Hear
Bashing Of Garth"

On “Mayor Monday,” Harp:
• blasts superintendent’s school board foes.
• says teen shootings have prompted YouthStat revisit.
• reports from Clinton camp’s “mothership.” Paul Bass reports.

Today’s Debates

Ad Lib ... Caraballo ... Chtrumps ... Rink

Boathouse's Final
Building Phase Begins

Allan Appel reports.

New Pantry Draws
Muslim Immigrants

Opens in Hill police substation. Rohan Naik reports.

Q Poll: A Dead Heat

Prez race: Jack Kramer reports.

Greek Fest Celebrates
Church's Roots & Growth

After more than a century in town, St. Basil’s is growing. Betsy Kim reports.

Parents Speak Out

Today on WNHH radio:
Gwen Samuel.
State Rep. Linda Gentile.
Magic Tricks Meet CIA.
Mayor Monday!
Valley Sports Rewind.
Lucy Gellman reports.

Fair Haven Shelled

“This Day In New Haven History” visits an 1876 oyster-themed road-paving job. Allan Appel reports.

Call Goes Out For
Volunteer Firefighters

Diana Stricker & Marcia Chambers report.

Wooster Square
Recalls "Officer Pete"

Plum tree planted in the park. Spencer Bokat-Lindell reports.

Portion Of Grand
Closed For 4 Weeks

For RR work. Staff reports.

Gateway To Induct 4

Into Hall of Fame. Staff reports.

Could Charlotte Happen Here?

WNHH radio’s “Friday Pundits” tackle that question, the post-Harries future of the schools, bicycle theft, & other stories from this week. Listen here.

Career Gets A Makeover

Aliyya Swaby reports.

Grassroots Health Center
Goes Beyond Minimum

All Fair Haven employees now make at least $15/hr. Paul Bass reports.

“Punk” Sees The Light

On sentencing day, after a year behind bars. Ethan Fry reports.

Extended-Stay Hotel
On Long Wharf Rebooted

Developer Salas-Romer invests in a part of town undergoing a revival. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Yellow = “Loading Zone”

Hausladen shops around colorful parking meter idea; new bikeshare program gains traction. Paul Bass reports.

Skating Rink Set
To Close For Winter

Longer-term plan in works to improve the facility. Paul Bass reports.

Baby Bust

State ranks 49th in fertility. Claude Albert reports.

Bet On Vets

“This Day In New Haven History” visits Edgewood Park, before it was Edgewood Park. Allan Appel reports.

Firefighters Make
Call To Farnam House

To deliver a $1,000 check. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Latest On WNHH Radio

CT Working Families.
Community Healthcare.
TIFF redux.
Wedding wedding wedding.
Monkey business.
Lucy Gellman reports.

Today’s Debates

Steal ... Stair-pair ... Skate ... 6 ...

Klau: Lawyers
Should Take Rare
Stand Vs. Trump

marcia chambers reports.