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Today’s Debates

Zinn! ... ‘Cued ... Webbed ... Bused ... Barged ... Bought? ... STEM ... Satchel

City, Fire Union
Strike Contract Deal

Paul Bass Photo & the latest episode of “As The NHFD Turns” ensues. Paul Bass reports.

Brunch Pops Up

David Sepulveda reports.

Firebirds Confront Wingate

Corner him after hearing to press complaints about fire department management. Paul Bass reports.

ESUMS Ground Broken

Svigals + Partners Allan Appel Photo Engineering-science school’s students helped Svigals design their new home. Allan Appel reports.

Classic Cars:
Up Close & Personal

Sally E. Bahner Photo Sally E. Bahner reports.

Harpist Takes Care
Of Unfinished Business

Colombian master plucks instrument from the bible, brings it to a jazz stage. Lucy Gellman reports.

City Cop
Assumes NPR Chair

Shafiq Abdussabur steps in as guest host for “Where We Live” (90.5 FM) Thursday from 9-10 a.m.

Foley Finds A
Gun-Control Loophole
He Can Support Closing

Eugene Driscoll reports.

Better Call Crozier?

Star witness says lawyer laundered drug money. From federal court in New Haven, Ethan Fry reports.

Carolina Loses Appeal

Of his 3-day Hillhouse suspension. Register’s Mary O’Leary reports.

Zinn Tapped
As City Engineer

Aliyya Swaby Photo Has some big green plans. Aliyya Swaby reports.

Park To Be
Cleared, Not Sown

Aliyya Swaby Photo Alders give permission to accept free federal help, too late for fall planting. Aliyya Swaby reports.

Look At All That Music

Yale University Art Gallery Collection Lucy Gellman reports.

Will Rowland Take Stand?

Mark Pazniokas reports from U.S. District Court in New Haven.

Today's Legal Notices

9/23 tax abatement hearing; 9/29 public financing workshop.

Top Dems Visit Branford

Marcia Chambers reports.

Today’s Debates

Co-op ... Max ... Historic ... Guv ...

At Bella Vista,
Malloy Delivers
Pizza, Policy Promises

Allan Appel Photo Takes no chances this time—brings along 30 pies from Joey D’s. Allan Appel reports.

The Green “Disrupted”

Christopher Arnott Photo Chris Arnott reports.

Bassist Catches Fire

He sets the foundation as Ravi Coltrane & co. soar at Sprague Hall. Lucy Gellman reports.

Eye On The Beach

Marcia Chambers reports.

How We Look,
And Dance To, It

What’s fun—& mind-blowing—every night this week: Chris Arnott reports.

Sunday In New Haven?
That Must Be Dan Malloy

David Sepulveda reports.

West River
Gives Peace A Chair

Khadija Hussain Photo A neighborhood parties for peace. Khadija Hussain reports.

Cops Promise More Data On Project Longevity

by Paul Bass | Sep 17, 2014 4:45 pm | Comments (1)

Paul Bass Photo City lawmakers learned that New Haven’s signature gang-violence-fighting program has led 10 young men to obtain job training ... in Bridgeport.

Continue reading ‘Cops Promise More Data On Project Longevity’ »

3-Hour Commute Includes 3 Buses, 1 Train

by Xavier Lassiter | Sep 17, 2014 12:02 pm | Comments (7)

To find out if I can rely on CT Transit to get me to class at Southern Connecticut State University from my home in Windsor, I recently took three buses, one train and walked about two miles.

That was only the first half of the commute. Three and a half hours and $25 later, I realized that there’s no practical way for me to commute to school on public transportation.

Continue reading ‘3-Hour Commute Includes 3 Buses, 1 Train’ »

Pride Grows

by Aliyya Swaby | Sep 17, 2014 8:06 am | Comments (1)

Metroline Aliyya Swaby Photo After a two-year hiatus, queer pride celebrations return to New Haven in full force this week, ballooning to fill four days instead of just one—and reflecting the movement’s continued advance into the cultural mainstream.

Continue reading ‘Pride Grows’ »

Satchel’s Mural, Delivered

by David Sepulveda | Sep 16, 2014 4:52 pm | Comments (3)

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTO Satchel Ramos watched aerosol-paint artist Josh Griffin create a mural-sized portrait of jazz great Wynton Marsalis. One day, Satchel said, I hope you paint my portrait, too.

Five years later, Griffin did. Sadly, Satchel was not around to see it. Lots of other people were.

Continue reading ‘Satchel’s Mural, Delivered’ »

City Seeks Leap Onto Information Superhighway

by Paul Bass | Sep 16, 2014 2:51 pm | Comments (5)

Paul Bass Photo William MacMullen discovered an unused underground conduit—and came upon a way to spread free wi-fi in the heart of New Haven.

Continue reading ‘City Seeks Leap Onto Information Superhighway’ »

Fair Haven’s Old Barge Not Ready For Grave

by Allan Appel | Sep 16, 2014 1:38 pm | Comments (3)

Allan Appel Photo Before Lisa Fitch sells her Fair Haven Marina she hopes to make another sale, for only one dollar: to preserve the historic oyster barge that has long been on the property.

Continue reading ‘Fair Haven’s Old Barge Not Ready For Grave’ »

On Inaugural Ride, Student Meets D Bus “Queen”

by Carl Jordan Castro | Sep 15, 2014 4:31 pm

Carl Jordan Castro Photo

As I walked toward the bus stop,near the corner of Dixwell Avenue and Skiff Street, memories from walking through the streets of New York filled my head: Broken shopping carts with trash inside, cigarette butts and old lottery tickets scattered around the bus stop shelter, much like the ones I’ve seen in New York.

Continue reading ‘On Inaugural Ride, Student Meets D Bus “Queen”’ »

165-Pound Pig Cooked, Consumed, Contemplated

by Lucy Gellman | Sep 15, 2014 12:01 pm | Comments (5)

Judy Sirota Rosenthal Photo Step one: Raise a pig. Name it Wilbur, or Charlotte, or Bubba if you’d prefer. Give it a long, good life.

Pick it out of a lineup when the time is right. Make the first cut. Then gut with honor, lifting the glittering organs to the heavens.

Continue reading ‘165-Pound Pig Cooked, Consumed, Contemplated’ »

2 Historic Buildings Face Wrecking Ball

by Jordi Gassó | Sep 15, 2014 7:50 am | Comments (13)

Jordi Gassó Photo The clock is ticking for two historic buildings on Howard Avenue facing demolition to make way for the new site of a Ronald McDonald House.

Continue reading ‘2 Historic Buildings Face Wrecking Ball’ »

Feds Green-Light Co-Op Market Auction

by Paul Bass | Sep 12, 2014 3:03 pm | Comments (11)

Paul Bass Photos Say good-bye to the Elm City Market food co-op—and, most likely, hello to a new version of the market owned by its current managers.

Continue reading ‘Feds Green-Light Co-Op Market Auction’ »

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Sep 18, 2014 12:20 am
Address: Edwards Street Near Livingston New Haven, Connecticut
Rating: 4

FOUND Skinny, hungry cat on Edwards between Whitney and Orange Streets....

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Trash & Recycling
Sep 18, 2014 12:17 am
Address: Valley Street New Haven, Connecticut
Rating: 1

The trash that was due for pick up on Monday, Sept 15 still has not been collected!

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