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185-Pound Hog Grows Community

by Lucy Gellman | Oct 5, 2015 12:00 pm | Comments (1)

Lucy Gellman Photos Every man, Portuguese chef David Leite says, has an origin story, and every hog does too. In the Azores, from where his family hails, one pig will feed a family for weeks — because it has to. 

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Rohn Lawerence Gets Smooth

by Alessandro Powell | Oct 5, 2015 12:00 pm

Monday? That means Rohn Lawrence must be in town.

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WNHH Overnight Schedule

by Staff | Oct 5, 2015 11:59 am

Listen here, or search for us in the iTunes store or any podcast app under “WNHH Community Radio.”

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Arnott’s Art Happenings for Oct. 5-11

by Chris Arnott | Oct 2, 2015 6:37 pm

Two Ginsberg-themed events. The return of Gringo Star. Classical stars Jaap Schröder, Emma Kirkby, and Boris Berman. Open Studios! The varied month of October — or should that be Foodtober? — is upon us.

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From New Haven To Hollywood, & Back Again

by Brian Slattery | Oct 2, 2015 1:54 pm | Comments (1)

Desirea Rodgers When Jon Rodgers—who has a show Saturday night at the Outer Space to support his latest project, Cindertalk—was 11, he was in the garage of the house in New Haven he lived in with his family, practicing guitar. “I didn’t even have an amplifier,” Rodgers said in an interview on WNHH radio’s “Northern Remedy” program. “A guy who was walking by on the street came in. He said, ‘Oh … you’re learning guitar, this is fantastic.’

“So he picks up the guitar. He’s got the big weathered hands of an adult and he’s playing these chords, and I thought, ‘Wow, he’s really good — Who is this guy?’ And eventually he said, ‘well, you keep practicing and one day you’ll come and play my place.’ And I said, ‘what do you mean?’ And he said, ‘well, I own Toad’s Place.’”

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Lotus Creator, Viewed From The Bottom

by Allan Appel | Oct 2, 2015 9:36 am

If you have a hankering to travel back to the counter-cultural press and its close connections with Donovan, Dylan, Moon Dog and other music figures of the late 1960s, click on the audio file below for the latest episode of “This Day In New Haven History” on WNHH radio.

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Krar Collective Makes Musical Hurricane At Cafe Nine

by Sharon Benzoni | Oct 1, 2015 12:50 pm

Genet Asef, vocalist for the Krar Collective, performed a head-twisting, hair-whipping dance. A few minutes later, she jumped down off the stage and into the midst of the dancing crowd.  Temesgen Zeleke pulled gorgeous sounds from his electric krar, and Grum Bebegashaw kept the rhythm moving on the kebero drums.

“There are no words,” said the man behind me.

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Dvořák, Lash To Stun Thursday Night

by Lucy Gellman | Oct 1, 2015 12:09 pm

Lucy Gellman Photos In preparation for a major concert Thursday night — the first of the season — William Boughton leaned in to the string section of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra (NHSO), nearly falling from his perch as he primed the violins for receipt of some great, long-kept secret. Half cloaked in shadow at stage right, the cellos took note, a few rogue whispers falling quiet as the section readied itself for the same advice. In the back of the stage, the French horns and woodwinds followed suit too, setting down the coiled, shining bodies of their instruments and wetting their reeds in anticipation.

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Will TV Go The Way Of The Dodo?

by Staff | Oct 1, 2015 12:07 pm

Michelle Turner wants to know: will television die with her generation?

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“Stone Soup” Sinks In

by Allan Appel | Sep 30, 2015 12:13 pm | Comments (3)

Allan Appel Photo Luis Rivera liked the part where the hungry soldiers returning from war tricked the peasants into contributing a hidden carrot, potato, and other good stuff to cook up, literally, a new culinary creation: tasty stone soup.

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