“Middletown” Comes To Our Town

by Allan Appel | Apr 27, 2017 7:20 am

Allan Appel Photo When Peter Chenot saw Chrissy Gardner perform her work, her utter naturalness — an ability to tell a joke mid-performance and then continue or move into the next number effortlessly — convinced him she had also to be on stage in a major part as his Mary Swenson.

Never mind that Gardner, a local singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, had not been on the stage playing someone else in 20 years.

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Reborn Ely House Stages “A Funeral”

by Allan Appel | Apr 20, 2017 12:01 pm | Comments (1)

Allan Appel Photo Onnie Chan’s father was a very well-known business and media personality when he died in Hong Kong more than two decades ago.

Chan, only ten years old at the time, was rushed from one public funeral to another with paparazzi trailing her. For further protection, she and her mother left the home she knew for good and Chan became something of a world traveler. She never really connected to what had happened at that turning point in her life.

Until she came to New Haven.

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Decemberists Give A Great Show — And Sore Feet

by Mark Oppenheimer | Apr 20, 2017 7:52 am | Comments (7)

Mark Oppenheimer Photo (Opinion) The Decemberists gave a great show Saturday night at College Street Music Hall: tight, bouncy, and just the right length, like a yo-yo wielded by a master. I was a safe bet to love the show, since there is no band currently active — at least, no band currently very active — whose studio recordings I dig more. If you don’t know their sound, try to imagine The Jayhawks crossed with The Chieftains. Or, if that doesn’t work, Bob Mould fronting Oasis. Or just watch some clips on YouTube. Maybe then you can explain to me why I always think they are somehow Irish or British, even though they’re from Portland, Oregon.

Anyway, the show was great, yet I did not have a great time.

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Tuesday Night Jazz Sessions Reborn

by Karen Ponzio | Apr 6, 2017 7:49 am

According to guitarist Chris Morrison, the host of Tuesday night’s inaugural jazz jam session at Three Sheets, New Haven “has such a rich jazz history” and he and his friends were here tonight “trying to carry that torch.”

The Jazz Haven Sessions first show held that torch high and let it blaze for three hours with little rest. The sessions are organized by a subcommittee of Jazz Haven, an organization that promotes and supports jazz in the New Haven area, made up of Nick DiMaria, Eric Murray, and Herb Wilson. Jazz itself developed in late-night sessions where musicians were able to “truly cut their teeth … it’s on the job training,” DiMaria said, with experienced musicians crossing paths with younger musicians, creating a community that “keeps the music thriving.”

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