Jazz Week Swings Toward Finale

by Karen Ponzio | Oct 20, 2017 12:05 pm

Kriss Santala was standing outside on the patio of Harvest Wine Bar and Restaurant on Chapel Street, smiling and hugging people while the wait staff brought the lights and equipment into the bar area.

“We played outside at the first one, but I think we’re inside this time,” she said. “I was so thrilled to be asked to come back, and when I found out it was Jazz Week, I was even more thrilled. This is going to be fun!”

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Cam Kashier Raps A Self-Portrait

by Brian Slattery | Oct 19, 2017 12:16 pm

Voices swirl around a plaintive piano line at the beginning of “Heavy Hearted,” the first song on Blue Hunnits. Fingers run through chimes. Before the beat drops, Cam Kashier is already talking.

“We were scraping change for lunch / Been through a lot of shit but that just made me tough / Product of my environment so my ways were stuck / When you really from the bottom, only way is up,” he raps. 

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Noise Takes The Floor

by Karen Ponzio | Oct 18, 2017 12:28 pm

Adam Morosky, aka TimeGhost, had set up his custom synth on the floor of Café Nine in front of the stage, next to a backlit screen fronted with slatted shades. He had light sensors, pressure pads, and a coneless speaker to bring his creations to life. The crowd had moved in closely to observe his set with more scrutiny.
“Sometimes noise music is not very weird, and sometimes it is weird,” Morosky said. He also noted that sometimes it’s played on a Tuesday night in New Haven — in this case, for the first of two nights of third annual Elm City Noise Fest.

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He Does The Jerre Shuffle

by Jake Dressler | Oct 12, 2017 3:03 pm | Comments (5)

Jake Dressler Photo Thursday night: BAR on Crown Street teems with post-grads, professionals, townies, and seasoned flirters snaking their way past bouncers. Wallflowers float around the exit doors. Students awkwardly feign an interest in pool to avoid talking to women, bros quaff Bud Light Platinums in one hand with a companion wrapped around the other.

Somewhere in the midst of the watery belches, discordant singalongs, and the promise of alcohol-induced friendship we see the profile of an elderly man dressed in full suit and sunglasses, sipping his beer so eloquently like something out of a Dos Equis commercial.

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Expression Mondays East Runs From Poetry To TV Pilots

by Karen Ponzio | Oct 11, 2017 7:42 am

“Good morning America, how are you?” sang Expression Mondays East cohost Bobcat Carruthers, playing “City of New Orleans” — the Steeve Goodman song that Arlo Guthrie made famous — with guitarist Sal Fusco and Terence Clarke on harmonica.

Others in the audience answered with their own instruments, and another night of sharing and expression began.

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Is That Adele In Wooster Square?

by Christopher Peak | Oct 5, 2017 12:37 pm | Comments (9)

Christopher Peak Photo Musical chords resonated throughout the south end of Wooster Square, as a jazz musician struck out notes on a piano. A crowd took seats on city benches to listen; a mother danced with her baby.

That was the lively scene for one of the many impromptu recitals the past few days plunked out at the newly installed Wooster Piano, New Haven’s first outdoor piano.

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Music Eases The Pain

by Karen Ponzio | Oct 5, 2017 7:38 am

The Nashville-based Woody Pines, Tuesday’s headliner at Cafe Nine, has played there “at least four times” including an “exciting” New Year’s Day show once.

“I love Cafe Nine,” he told me over a beer after his set was over. “It’s down home, really the most cozy, friendly neighborhood bar. They have a great sound system and music seven days a week, so if I’m passing through town on a weird day, I know I can probably play here.”

Tuesday may have been considered one of those weird days for many reasons. The day before had been filled with enough tragedy and sadness to last a week or more, and it was apparent that everyone was feeling the need for a little fine tuning and even finer tunes.

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