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Klau Sings The “Jailhouse Lawyer Blues”

by marcia chambers | Sep 3, 2015 12:07 pm

Paul Bass Photo Should the UConn Foundation be subject to Freedom of Information laws?

How will body cams transform the work of police, especially if they are subject to Freedom of Information laws?

Are our top judges becoming legislators? 

Dan Klau (pictured), a leading First Amendment and open government lawyer and I had a lively conversation about these and other topics on the most recent episode of WNHH radio’s “Legal Eagle.”

He also sang the legal blues—literally.

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Music Intervenes

by Sharon Benzoni | Sep 3, 2015 12:05 pm | Comments (1)

On this week’s “At The Moment,” Adam Christoferson, founder of Musical Intervention in New Haven, joined us in the studio along with Jeremiah Brown, one of the program’s graduates and a current intern. Musical Intervention is a non-profit that works with various people – including children suffering from psychiatric disorders, homeless people, and veterans struggling with PTSD – to create songs that help them express and heal from their experiences.

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The Devil Is Alive

by Brian Slattery | Sep 2, 2015 6:47 am

The fourth installment of Northern Remedy — WNHH’s weekly show dedicated to New Haven’s music, past, present, and future —  took a ride from hip hop to country-fried, from the Shags to the Sawtelles to the Flaming Tsunamis.

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It’s “Reigning” Hip Hop

by Brian Slattery | Aug 31, 2015 2:36 pm

Brian Slattery Photo “We just came here to party / We just came here to party / We ain’t trying to hurt nobody,” Corey Lee rapped from the stage to a packed house on Sunday night, part of a fleet and varied lineup of artists that took over the Outer Space for ReignFest 2015. 

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Pencilgrass Leads Musical Army To Save The Space

by Lucy Gellman | Aug 31, 2015 12:12 pm

From the Outer Space’s stage, Johnny Greenawalt of 10,000 Blades remembered sneaking out of a high school dance at Hamden Hall to go to a Pencilgrass concert at The Space. Jon Stone, his bandmate then — and now — did too.

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On 4 Strings, Chevan Brings In New Year Early

by Paul Bass | Aug 28, 2015 1:04 pm | Comments (1)

David Chevan slid into the season of repentance, up the neck of his bass guitar.

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Mountain Movers’ “Death Magic” Delights

by Lucy Gellman | Aug 28, 2015 12:20 pm

Kryssi Battalene pulled her guitar in close and reached her left arm out around it, a two-second tune-up before she had to hold down the lead guitar part in “Before I Get Out Of Bed.” She looked out into the audience and smiled, the corners of her eyes crinkling just slightly in the blue light. And then, without hesitation — she was among friends, after all — she began to play.

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Pencilgrass Reunites For Weekend-Long Party

by Brian Slattery | Aug 27, 2015 11:54 am | Comments (1)

Pencilgrass, a hot dance band regarded by many as one of the best musical acts to come out of the state in recent years, is reuniting for three shows this weekend at the Space, the Acoustic in Bridgeport, and Cafe Nine. Erik Elligers, now of Goodnight Blue Moon, stopped by WNHH radio’s “Northern Remedy” program to discuss Pencilgrass’s origins, rise, dissolution, and reunion.

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Brooklyn Makes Odyssey To BAR

by Lucy Gellman | Aug 26, 2015 3:13 pm

“Distraction is the deeeevil,” David Van Witt half-hummed into the microphone, his voice riding the monotone-heavy edge of a whine. From his larynx, an Ayurvedic chant rose to meet something sordid and experimental. Aerial views of Manhattan swirled behind him, cut by flowers blooming in stop motion, big swirls of black and white. A rush of white smoke, reeking of chalk, billowed into the crowd. Its members murmured delightedly, stepped forward with their cell phones turned to flashlight mode, and began to sway through the white haze. 

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Jazz Fest Keeps New Haven Cool

by Alessandro Powell | Aug 25, 2015 12:17 pm

Alessandro Powell Photo “Everyone who loves jazz is cool,” said Mayor Toni Harp.

She said that between sets at the kick-off for the 33rd New Haven Jazz Festival held this past Saturday night on the Green. This year’s festival celebrates the women of jazz, although not all the musicians were female. The Karrin Allyson Quartet headlined, Isabella Mendes and Sambeleza played an hour-long set, and the green filled up early for the festival’s perennial openers, the Jazz Haven All Star Youth Band.

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