Auditory Bliss At Firehouse 12

by Allison Lazur | Apr 19, 2016 7:20 am

Allison Lazur Photo Ari Hoenig — drummer and bandleader of the Ari Hoenig Trio — counted off: 1, 2, 3, 4. Bassist Or Bareket and pianist Nitai Hershkovits flashed smiles at Hoenig, as a sign that they were ready to make music.

Hershkovits’s harmonies were a clear response to what the drummer had begun with, his rhythms sprinkled with melodious lines of a familiar tune. All three were completely in sync with one another, catching every clever musical gesture. A chuckle from Bareket confirmed this as he zoned in on their musical conversation.

His contribution: a walking bass line serving as the foundation, spinning the trio into a whirlwind of sound that demanded the attention of all in the room.

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Music Haven Travels Globe

by Lucy Gellman | Apr 18, 2016 7:30 am

Friday just past 5 p.m., and Yaira Matyakubova and Annalisa Boerner were trying to get their bearings after a long week. Around them, Mexico City’s Metro Chabacano, the largest metro and train station in the world, buzzed with activity. Wheels whirred to life. Feet marched by, hitting the ground with a certain urgency. The station’s old split-flap display changed for an umpteenth time, a wave of new times and destinations appearing on its toothy face.

Matyakubova and Boerner swayed along with the station’s rhythm, falling in line with the frenetic pace of Mexico City.

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Boogarins Bring Psychedelic Brazil To The Elm City

by Sharon Benzoni | Apr 18, 2016 7:19 am

Courtesy Boogarins In the hot, dry city of Goiânia, deep in Brazil and far from the cosmopolitan São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, Dinho Almeida and Benke Ferraz began creating rock music. They were teenage friends, having fun. Describing Goiânia as a “big small city,” Ferraz explains it was an unlikely birthplace for their distinctive, hypnotic psychedelic rock.

“It’s two million people, right in the middle, far from the ocean,” Ferraz said in an interview. “It’s a dry, hot place, even in the night. People drink a lot of beer. Cold beer. It’s a really country city. The big money is in agriculture. Cows and country music are what rose there.”

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Elm City Folk Festival Gears Up For Second Year

by Brian Slattery | Apr 15, 2016 7:34 am | Comments (2)

Courtesy Elm City Folk Festival. Margaret Milano, organizer of the Elm City Folk Festival, apologized if she seemed a little tired on Thursday night. She hadn’t had any coffee and was still at work. “I’m just getting excited for the weekend and hoping I get through that Cafe Nine 11-hour day.”

Milano was talking about the second day of the second annual Elm City Folk Festival, which takes place this weekend downtown and in Westville.

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Musical Tidal Wave Hits Outer Space

by Brian Slattery | Apr 11, 2016 7:19 am

Brian Slattery Photo Shaun Bowen, singer and guitarist in the New Haven-based Murdervan, was moving to California, and on Friday night at the Outer Space, he went out with a bang. Lots of bangs.

Midway through the first song of the band’s set, the snare broke beneath drummer Adoni Leftkimiatis’s pounding rhythm. Bassist Andre Roman smiled and gave him hell for it.

“Anybody got a snare drum?” Bowen called through the microphone.

As it turned out, someone did. Bruce Crowder, who’d played two sets ago as the drummer in Mercy Choir, delivered it to the stage, and Murdervan kept playing. It was a defining minute in a night that sent Bowen off on waves of sound that seemed to get bigger and bigger, like the musical tide was coming in.

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How A Weird Guitarist Found A Home In New Haven

by Brian Slattery | Apr 7, 2016 7:21 am

Courtesy Photo New Haven-based musician Shawn Persinger was a 5-year-old kid in Slidell, La., just outside of New Orleans, when he walked into a record store and bought his first record, a Kiss album.

“I went in and said, ‘I heard this on the radio,’ and the kid at the record store said, ‘Well, was it this?’ And he put on Kiss’s ‘Shout It Out Loud,’ and I said, ‘yeah, that’s the record I want,’” Persinger said in an interview on WNHH’s Northern Remedy.

For Persinger, the first songs he loved as a child — Kiss, Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy,” Linda Ronstadt’s cover of “When Will I Be Loved,” Cliff Richard’s “Devil Woman” — set the stage for his career as a musician and for the singular voice he developed as a guitar player. He heard that first Kiss record and thought, “Oh yeah, this is what I’m going to do.”

But he has “always been a huge fan of weird music. I’ve also been a huge fan of normal music,” Persinger said.

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