Cops Catch Up With Alleged Murderer

Police Thursday arrested a 19-year-old man for the July 3 murder of Brian Gibson—a man to whom he was related.

The arrestee was a cousin, by marriage, of the murder victim.

In an added coincidence, the arrestee is a cousin, by blood, of Erika Robinson, the 26-year-old woman killed by a stray bullet during a mass shooting at the Key Club on St. John St. Robinson was not the intended target of that shooting, and she had absolutely nothing to do with the man arrested Thursday or his crimes, police pointed out.

Gibson’s family is scheduled to appear with top cops at a Friday afternoon press conference at police headquarters.

Police developed the arrestee as a prime suspect soon after Gibson’s July 3 murder on South Genessee Street in the West Hills neighborhood. They finally caught up with him Thursday.

Detectives had “developed information” that he was staying in a first-floor apartment on Gilbert Avenue and found him there, said Assistant Police Chief Archie Generoso.

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posted by: JohnTulin on November 7, 2013  5:30pm

Until young people in New Haven begin to shun, out, reject, and turn-in all the violent criminals among them - in class, in neighborhood, relations and acquaintances- then they will all be one degree (if not less) separated from one another.  Victims, criminals, families, and friends alike.  The violence continues because it is tolerated and tacitly accepted as expected or as a reasonable reaction to circumstance - it is not.