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New Deputy Chiefs Sworn In

by | Jul 1, 2014 3:01 pm

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Posted to: Legal Writes

Dozens crammed City Hall’s central atrium Tuesday to see two cops rise to the police department’s penultimate rank.

Al Vasquez (at left in photo) and Anthony Campbell (at right) started the day as lieutenants, then moved up the rank of assistant chief when they were sworn into office by Mayor Toni Harp (pictured below).

Vasquez and Campbell take the place of recently retired assistant chiefs Thaddeus Reddish and Denise Blanchard. They join current Assistant Chiefs Archie Generosso and Luiz Casanova. (Click here for a full story on the promotions.)

The promotions are “just the latest example that our city is moving in the right direction,” said Mayor Harp. One of humankind’s “most noble achievements” was moving from the rule might to the rule of law, she said.

“I salute all of you who make it your career to advance the cause of public safety,” Harp said.

In addition to thanking their families and mentors, both of the newly promoted top cops mentioned religion in their remarks.

Vasquez said he is “guided only by” the Holy Bible, the Constitution, and his oath of office.

“God is good. God is good! God is good!” Campbell, a minister, said at the outset of his remarks. “Nothing is more important than the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.”

Chief Dean Esserman (at left in photo) praised the two new chiefs and noted that it’s the second time in his tenure that the department has been able to find new assistant chiefs from within its own ranks.

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posted by: Threefifths on July 1, 2014  3:46pm

“God is good. God is good! God is good!” Campbell, a minister, said at the outset of his remarks. “Nothing is more important than the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.”

What happen to church and state?

posted by: Edward Francis on July 1, 2014  6:19pm

It is always a happy time when police officers rise up through the ranks and are promoted through the Civil Service process.  But promotions are made not through the Civil Service process to attain the rank of assistant chief.  In the past decade how many assistant chiefs have we had in the New Haven Police Department? It seems to be a revolving door to be followed by a not too distant retirement.  All those attaining the assistant chief rank are great guys and gals, however, as they come and go the unfunded liability of the pension fund continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Who in the City of New Haven government is watching this growing deficit?

posted by: jepadilla on July 2, 2014  6:18am

Congratulations Al and to Mr. Campbell!  Well done—- you make us all proud.

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