Hillhouse Stars Honored

Melissa Bailey PhotoThe Academics were down the whole first half. After a halftime pep talk, they racked up 28 points, securing a state championship—and special recognition from city lawmakers Monday.

The Academics—Hillhouse High School’s football team— earned aldermanic citations Monday for their victory over Berlin High School in December. Hillhouse routed out Berlin by 34 to 12, earning them the second state championship in three years.

Dixwell Alderwoman Jeanette Morrison, whose son plays on the team, handed out the citations at Monday’s Board of Aldermen meeting, before Mayor John DeStefano gave his State of the City address.

Morrison made a point to publicly thank Hillhouse Principal Kermit Carolina, who has publicly fought with the mayor over allegations that involved the treatment of student athletes at the school.

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posted by: True that on February 5, 2013  9:46pm

Congratulations to the team for their victory.  So why is it newsworthy that the principal of the high school is recognized at an event where his students are being honored?  Shouldn’t we expect the principal to be acknowledged?  Bet if this were one of the magnet schools, say Career or Hyde, and the principal was recognized, that would not be newsworthy.

posted by: Brutus2011 on February 7, 2013  7:23pm

Congratulations to our young men.

I am gratified to see in the picture, on the far left, one of my former students from 7th and 8th grade math class.

Right on, T.F.!