Cops Hit “Playboys,” “88 Boys”

Police arrested 13 people Wednesday in an operation targeting two alleged gangs in the Foxon Hill area of the city—and discovered the targets apparently had been listening to them on a police radio.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman:

The operation was the result of stings and controlled buys from about two dozen people, mostly members of the “Playboys” and “88 Boys” gangs.

Cops secured more than 30 arrest warrants for 21 people, along with two search warrants.

Police searched a home on Bouchet Lane and one on Foxon Road, turning up drug paraphernalia and two fake pistols.

Police also searched a home on Eastern Street, where they found 8 grams of crack, 60 bags of heroin, drug packaging material, nearly $1,400 in cash, and a West Haven police department radio, tuned to the New Haven police radio frequency.

Police arrested 12 men and one woman on drug charges. Cops found crack, heroin, and cash on “Pudge” and “Shorty,” two of the men arrested.

Sgt. Karl Jacobson, head of the intelligence unit said, stated in the release that “the area off Exit 8 (I-91) has seen a great deal of gang related drug trade and violence. This round-up will, no doubt, put a huge dent in this activity. More arrests are pending.”

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posted by: robn on February 19, 2014  3:51pm

Since probably no one in this group has ever heard the n-word, rest assured it wasn’t they who caused such a great stir in the NHPD just a few weeks ago.

Boy the list of suspects gets longer and longer.

posted by: P Christopher Ozyck on February 19, 2014  4:30pm

Thank you NHPD

posted by: Hill Resident on February 19, 2014  5:51pm

Thank you to NHPD for your work in helping ‘us’ to clean up our neighborhoods and to keep them safe. And Robn - why would you even bring up anything to do with the ‘n’ word? Are you being sarcastic and insinuating something? Your comment had absolutely nothing to do with this story and was really was not necessary. How about a ‘thank you’ or a ‘job well done’ sometimes?

posted by: robn on February 19, 2014  8:34pm


The gangs had access to police radio bands…something other commenters believed was impossible. Follow link below.

posted by: Trustme on February 20, 2014  11:46am

Robn’s comment makes a good point, but that said Hill Resident your right. The NHPD has an extreme rough job. So thank you NHPD for your hard work.