DeStefano Wins 74% Of Vote

IMG_6853.jpgVote09_logo_02.jpgMayor John DeStefano won an historic ninth two-year term Tuesday night with 74 percent of the citywide vote.

According to final results released Wednesday morning by the Registrar of Voters Office, DeStefano collected 7,715 votes out of a total of 10,399 cast in the mayor’s race. Counting all races, a total of 11,289 voters went to the polls Tuesday.

New Haven has 63,989 registered voters.

Mayor DeStefano (pictured at his victory party at the Playwright Tuesday night, with new Edgewood Alderman Marcus Paca) faced three petition candidates and a write-in opponent, all of whom chose not to organize or mount campaigns, but rather basically put their names on the ballot as protest votes. (The petition candidates did participate in a debate.) Ralph Ferrucci took 16.5 percent of the vote; Angela Watley, 6.4 percent; Henri Sumner, 2.4 percent. Write-in candidate Roger Uhlein picked up 40 votes, or less than half of one percent.

In Board of Aldermen races, two Democratic newcomers won the highest vote totals: Justin Elicker in Ward 10 and Greg Dildine in Ward 25.

Following are the results released Wednesday. (It’s possible the write-in vote totals may change by a few when they’re recounted, according to the office.) The results include absentee ballots, unlike the preliminary results reported in Independent articles Tuesday night.

Mayor’s Race

DeStefano (D) 7,715. Ferrucci (I) 1,720. Watley (I) 619. Sumner (I) 254. Uhlein (W) 40.

Click here for a spreadsheet showing a ward-by-ward breakdown of the mayor and city clerk races. Ferrucci polled especially high in East Rock, the East Shore and Fair Haven Heights/Bishop Woods.

City Clerk

Smith (D) 7,324. Nixon (I) 1,670.

Ballot Question (City/Town Development Act Renewal)

Yes 6,554. No 1,276.

Board Of Aldermen

Ward 1 Jones (D) 96.
Ward 2 Calder (D) 131.
Ward 3 James (D) 226.
Ward 4 Jackson-Brooks (D) 120.
Ward 5 Perez (D) 151.
Ward 6 Colon (D) 208.
Ward 7 Clark (D) 178.
Ward 8 Smart (D) 270. Dalaku (R) 42.
Ward 9 Lemar (D) 378.
Ward 10 Elicker (D) 652. Brison (G) 339.
Ward 11 O’Sullivan (I) 377. Lee (D) 233.
Ward 12 Antunes (D) 206.
Ward 13 Rhodeen (D) 372.
Ward 14 Bauer (D) 294.
Ward 15 Rodriguez (D) 139.
Ward 16 Castro (D) 186.
Ward 17 Paolillo (D) 383.
Ward 18 DePino (R) 524. Campion (D) 376.
Ward 19 Edwards (D) 308.
Ward 20 Blango (D) 271.
Ward 21 Jones (D) 248. Nelson (W) 86.
Ward 22 Morehead (D) 237. Hopkins (W) 194. Thorpe (I) 18.
Ward 23 Shah (D) 187.
Ward 24 Paca (D) 251.
Ward 25 Dildine (D) 638.
Ward 26 Rodriguez (D) 481. O’Connell (R) 85.
Ward 27 Lehtonen (D) 365.
Ward 28 Robinson-Thorpe (D) 205.
Ward 29 Goldfield (D) 232.
Ward 30 Goldson (D) 178.

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posted by: cedarhillresident on November 4, 2009  2:05pm

SOOO if we do the math there where

941 vote that where not for any of the on record mayoral candidates :)

hmmm that means write-in ya’ll :)

posted by: Wanted change on November 4, 2009  2:16pm

What about the write-ins for Mayor like “we want change” and others?  I voted in Ward 8 and wrote in Roland Lamar for Mayor and Lisa Seidlarz for Alderman.  Could we get the information like that?

posted by: Twogoodhands on November 4, 2009  2:31pm

Gee…where are Dustin W. Gold and the Community Watchdog Project?  Didn’t they promise to “dethrone Destefano”?

posted by: cedarhillresident on November 4, 2009  2:48pm

would also like to know how many write-in there where in 2007

posted by: Our Town on November 4, 2009  3:00pm

I think what is more significant is that he got ONLY 7715 votes out of a possible 64,047 which means that only 12% of the registered voters actually voted for him. And he called it an affirmation of his policies?

posted by: J. Hart on November 4, 2009  3:05pm

How about a breakdown of city-wide votes by ward? I’d be interested to see how each ward voted for mayor and clerk. I think Mr. Nixon did pretty well for somebody who never campaigned!

posted by: funky chicken on November 4, 2009  3:08pm

Hey Paul

Can you break down the Mayor’s performance by ward?



posted by: Bruce on November 4, 2009  3:39pm

I think you can get the results from the Town Clerk.  However, unless a write-in candidate was officially registered before the election they will not count the vote.

CHR, many of us do not fill out the whole ballot.  A lot of schmucks get into office because people blindly vote the party line. If I am not familiar with a candidate or don’t like either candidate, I will not vote.

posted by: cedarhillresident on November 4, 2009  3:47pm

I stand corrected it could be write-ins or non votes for mayor…. but still 941 people choose not to partake. what does that say when a city of at least 140,000 people those of which only about 60,000 are registered to vote…and of those only 11,000 came out to vote….and of those 941 choose not to vote for any of the people running for mayor!

74% of what

posted by: JOSIAHBROWNFORMAYOR on November 4, 2009  4:35pm

Any way you slice it the Mayor ran virtually unopposed and one quarter or more of those who went to the polls voted against him.

Any of the “fantasy” candidates from the recent Advocate launching exploratory campaigns for 2011? You know who you are Lamar et al.

posted by: Melissa Bailey on November 4, 2009  4:44pm

I just added a spreadsheet with ward-by-ward breakdown of the mayor and city clerk races.

Click here to read it.

posted by: what on November 4, 2009  5:21pm

If you compare Melissa’s spreadsheet to the votes for the winning alds, you see that there was only 3 wards where the Mayor received more votes than the Alderman. Who was leading this ticket?

posted by: cedarhillresident on November 4, 2009  5:34pm

....and here is another one so 3585 people voted for the other candidates or not at all. And how many voted for JD just because he was the only game in town. That is not a great victory. Just in case an one is thinking about running next go around.

posted by: Bill Saunders on November 5, 2009  12:24am


It does not necessarily mean ‘write-in’.  I, for one, did not cast a vote for mayor or alderman, though I voted on town clerk and the ballot question.

posted by: City Hall Watch on November 5, 2009  11:04am

How does the total number of votes DeStefano won compare to the votes he’s gotten in previous elections. If I remember correctly, this may be the lowest vote total yet.

posted by: Resident on November 6, 2009  10:08am


Hello…this is NOT a mandate. This is voter apathy. After King John finishes destroying this place, just maybe someone will step forward to fix things. It would have been a lot cheaper to do it sooner.

Meanwhile…I’m moving to greener, two-party pastures. Good luck-you’ll need it.

posted by: Ralph Ferrucci on November 6, 2009  2:18pm

Nixon should say Independent not Republican. He was my running mate.

[Ed: Fixed. Thanks.]

As for uncontested races, I urge everyone to think about running for office. If there is only one party running then your concerns are never addressed.

Imagine all 30 wards contested. The Mayor then will have to listen. He hopes most of the city has uncontested races so he does not have to spend much money in any of those wards.
Ralph Ferrucci