Edgewood, Hillhouse “Academy” Get New Principals

Thomas MacMillan PhotoAfter the last principal left abruptly mid-year, Westville’s Edgewood School will now have a permanent replacement.

Shanta Smith, an assistant principal at an elementary school in Clinton, has been tapped to run K-8 Edgewood. She’ll replace acting principal Monique Brunson, who took over when Principal Raeanne Reynolds left the school mid-year for a job in Branford. Brunson did not pursue a permanent position.

Smith was one of four new principals named at a Monday meeting of the Board of Ed. Smith was not at the meeting.

Deputy Superintendent Imma Canelli said Smith served in a school in Clinton “similar in diversity” to Edgewood School. She said Smith had the clear support of the Edgewood interview committee.

Smith will start July 1, earning a salary of $127,381 per year.

The board also appointed Fallon Daniels as a principal Hillhouse High’s new IDEA Academy, one of two new schools-within-a-school at Hillhouse. The Board of Ed last month appointed another new Hillhouse “academy” principal.

Daniels will leave her job as assistant principal at Pathway Academy of Technology and Design School in Hartford. Daniels is a former Co-op High science teacher.

“I pledge to commit myself to advancing Hillhouse,” Daniels said.

Daniels will start July 1 and earn an annual salary of $121,093. She’ll focus on students in grades 9 and 10; the current Hillhouse principal, Kermit Carolina, will focus on students in grades 11 and 12.


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posted by: connecticutcontrarian on May 20, 2014  9:02am

So does that mean that Carolina’s salary will be halved now that he’s only responsible for 2 grades? Too many chiefs…

posted by: Elm City Resident on May 20, 2014  9:35am

Ms Daniels is a dedicated educator; I have no doubt her talent will help turn around Hillhouse.  Welcome back, Fallon, and best of luck!

posted by: Tell The Truth on May 20, 2014  9:56am

It seems to me that the current principal is being systematically sent to pasture.  Brilliant maneuver by the BOE.  The performance of Hillhouse has been dismal.  Here’s to hoping the changes turn around the other general studies highschool in the city, that happens to be primarily minority!  Why aren’t people looking for ways to sneak into Hillhouse like they do Wilbur Cross!!!?  As I stated before, hoping for positive changes in the education of the students at Hillhouse!

posted by: JohnTulin on May 20, 2014  1:53pm

So now the principals salaries for Hillhouse come to a quarter million dollars?!?  And then the assistant principals too?  Absolutely unreal.

posted by: Thomas Alfred Paine on May 20, 2014  1:55pm

Here is a word of wisdom for the New Haven superintendent of schools and the New Haven Board of Education regarding the new experimental reorganization of Hillhouse High School into three “academies” with three independent principals: “Anything with three heads is a freak of nature and belongs in a circus.”
Expect to see a three ring circus at Hillhouse next year. Why not rename the school the Hillhouse-Hydra Circus Academy!
The cost for the top administration at this one tripartite high school will be nearly $400,000!
What kind of nonsense and fiscal irresponsibility is the BOE perpetrating upon the people of this city? How long will we tolerate this foolishness. Three administrators will be paid a full-time salary to run one-third of a school. If Mr. Harries and the BOE have their way with this unwise, poorly conceived plan, every New Havener should wear a tee shirt which declares “I was hoodwinked and bamboozled by the New Haven BOE. Please slap me!”

posted by: neimanMarcus203 on May 21, 2014  5:32pm

I wonder why these comments are filled with concern on the salaries of the administrators. Would we be having these same comments if this were a Highschool in Branford or Glastonbury? Its about time teachers and administrators are geting equal salaries to lawyers and parole officers. After all its alot of those in New Haven. Congrats to Ms. Daniels.

posted by: ChrisTheContractor on May 21, 2014  7:27pm

Hillhouse has just under 100 students.
Cross has about 1200 students
What is the cost per student in New Haven?
How much per year will the new principal cost per year? $160,000?
Add at least one vice principal and support staff.

Notre Dame High School has 700 students
The tuition is under $11,000 per year.
The administrators also teach classes.
Almost 100% go on to higher education.

Yes I can do the math. I went to ND.