Get Ready For Traffic Jams

Starting Thursday morning, cars entering Route 34 Westbound will no longer be able to get off at Exit 2, between Church and College Streets.

It’s all part of the Downtown Crossing Project, an effort to turn a mini-highway into a series of new developments that knit downtown back together with the Hill neighborhood.

As of Thursday morning, cars will be directed to Exit 1 instead of Exit 2. 

At Exit 1, you can either turn right on Orange Street or continue on MLK Boulevard (formerly North Frontage Road) to the intersection with Church Street.  At that intersection, you can turn right or left on Church Street or continue straight on MLK Boulevard.

The closure, originally planned for Tuesday, was delayed due to bad weather. It may be delayed again if more thunderstorms come through.

For more info, visit the Downtown Crossing website, or check out these instructional videos (complete with classic-rock soundtrack):

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posted by: chico on July 16, 2014  2:14pm

so now we have a 90 million flyover bridge to nowhere

posted by: grounded on July 16, 2014  2:18pm

sort of a charged headline, no, NHI?  can you cite some sort of traffic study that supports your unsigned opinion that traffic jams will result from the closure of exit 2?  why the unnecessary clickbait?

posted by: McMansion man on July 16, 2014  2:49pm

Another great job planning by the city of new haven

posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on July 16, 2014  3:20pm

I don’t really see how this is a huge change. You end up getting off the highway like… two blocks earlier. I don’t think it’s going to make an enormous difference one way or the other.

posted by: NewHaven06513 on July 16, 2014  4:26pm

If your planning on Traffic now wait til Yale and the school buses come back! Thank god, I dont own a business downtown… This is one more reason people will bring their business elsewhere.

posted by: McMansion man on July 16, 2014  4:42pm

As a daily commuter, it backs traffic on to the bridge currently, let’s hope it works itself out.  Three exits down to two down to one, there will be not enough room to hold the cars waiting to get into new haven. It will be a nightmare.  You can’t take away exits and think that it will not have a traffic impact   When gateway is in session it is going to be really bad.

posted by: Gretchen Pritchard on July 16, 2014  10:53pm

Oh just show us a MAP for heaven’s sake.  Who needs to watch a windshield video that just rubs in how ugly, sprawl-ridden, unwalkable, and altogether un-urban the New Haven waterfront and highway interchanges still are, years and years after we supposedly know so much about what makes a liveable, workable city?

posted by: LorcaNotOrca on July 17, 2014  11:36am

This is no way a charged headline - one needs only to drive this route to know that shutting down all but one exit onto Orange Street will cause major bottleneck traffic.

So now all the cars getting off 95 looking to go into a city’s downtown will have ONE exit to do so, (one that exits onto a relatively small city street with traffic lights) an exit all the way to the right, after two or three lanes of merging traffic from 95/91.

This is going to be a nightmare. I was on the connector last week when one exit was closed for roadwork and it was insane. Sitting there for 20 minutes ... and this was at 8 p.m., not rush hour…

New Haven: WTF.