FBI Enhances Dixwell Murder Footage

Detectives are hoping someone will take a good look at a new batch of photos—and help them find the man who shot a Dixwell grocery clerk to death.

The police made the photos available Wednesday.

They came from surveillance video footage taken at the Orchard Market, at the corner of Orchard and Henry streets, the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 22.

An armed man came into the store between 10:30 and 11 a.m. He demanded money. The clerk, Abdul L. Rawas, 55, refused to hand it over. They got in a tussle. The robber shot Rawas three times, as shown on the video footage from the incident.

Rawas went outside the store, returned inside, as the robber fled. Rawas then went back out to the sidewalk and collapsed. A group of onlookers watched him collapse from across the street, then rushed over and phoned 911.

Police have yet to find Rawas’ killer. The surveillance video footage was grainy. Initial photos taken from the video were hard to decipher.

Since then the FBI has lent a hand, enhancing the footage to bring out details. The police released the four photos shown here with the hope that someone will recognize the shooter, who’s in the hooded sweatshirt. If you do, or have any other information about the murder, contact the police at 203-946-6304 or 203-668-3022.


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