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With just over a week left before the election, Toni Harp has unveiled a new smartphone app for people to connect with her campaign.

It’s a simple new app for iPhones, announced Friday by the Harp campaign.

Harp, a Democrat, is running for mayor against Justin Elicker. Election day is Nov. 5.

Harp’s new campaign app was developed by Yale freshman Charles Proctor. It features a splash page with Harp’s face, followed by a menu offering information about Harp, campaign events and news. People can also fill out a form to volunteer or get a ride to the polls on election day. The app links to the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and a page where people can donate to the campaign.

“Harp said she plans to introduce a full-service, interactive, New Haven city government app when she is elected,” according to a press release.

Greer Backs Elicker

In other news, Edgewood activist Eli Greer issued a press release endorsing Elicker for mayor.

Following is the text of his release:

One of Justin Elicker’s most admirable traits is his unyielding tenacity and determination.  This goes a long way toward running a City. He was the first candidate who chose to run for Mayor and, truthfully, he’s the ONLY candidate who has New Haven voters and our City’s best interests at heart.
Let’s step back and really look at the bottom line. 
After months of campaigning, with candidates jumping in and out, primaries, debates, hundreds of news articles, interviews, dozens of exaggerated campaign fliers, and phone push-polls, here’s the nuts and bolts the clear compelling questions we need to think about before going to the polls.
Does New Haven need a leader with real experience working at City Hall or someone who has spent a lot of time up at the Capitol?
Does New Haven need a leader who owns a home in this City and pays City of New Haven property taxes or someone who now, today, forgetting the past, forgetting internal family unawareness, STILL does NOT own a clod of earth or even a square foot in town and therefore does NOT pay a red cent of New Haven property taxes, and if given the chance will have the audacity to take your hard earned money out of your pocket when it’s time to collect City Taxes?
Does New Haven need a leader who is fiscally responsible and will hold and possibly reduce taxes for homeowners and landlords or a person who has raised state taxes more than a dozen times?
Does New Haven need a leader who has 75 homegrown, thoughtful and detailed solutions to the critical issues facing our City or does New Haven need someone who requires prompts and photo get-togethers to grapple with what’s going on in our “traumatic” City?
Does New Haven need a leader who has repeatedly demonstrated inclusiveness or someone who, from the start of her desire to run for this office has demonstrated exclusiveness?
Does New Haven need a leader who’s running with clean money and fresh ideas or someone whose machine runs on well-oiled money with the same old stale ideas?
Does New Haven need a leader who’s going to maintain safety standards for our huge tenant population in this City by keeping LCI enforcement active or someone who will “look at whether or not we need LCI.”  In other words closing LCI, thereby allowing children in this City to sleep with NO smoke detectors and seniors with NO carbon monoxide detectors and force tenants to cope with no checks and balances on slumlords?
Does New Haven need a leader who cherishes New Haven residents and supports policies in their interests or someone who seeks approval from suburban policies and groups?
Does New Haven need a leader who seeks local support or someone who bows to the typical heavy handed out-of-town and out-of-touch politicos?
Does New Haven need a leader who has Pre-K education as a foremost focus for our kids or someone who must first get oriented with who’s-who in the education system?
Does New Haven need a leader who understands the importance of continuing on the course of Community Policing and beefing up neighborhood patrols or someone whose lip service continues to enslave and condemn the poorer neighborhoods of our City?
Does New Haven need an honest, positive, man-up to the truth Mayor, or someone who continuously skews the facts, distorts people’s hard-earned record and obfuscates the reality?
Finally does New Haven need a Mayor whose going to run the City or someone who will be run by the City?
We have a choice on Tuesday November 5.  Progress or regress.
This race has been, and always will be, about New Haveners – not the politicians, machine hacks or a union marionette.  The race is nearing the finish line, and the choice is clearer than ever before.  Contact 5 family members or friends and convince them to go and vote row three, 1C, for Justin Elicker.
Lawn signs and T-shirts don’t VOTE, family, friends and coworkers do!! 
Whether you’re publicly or privately supporting Justin Elicker for Mayor


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posted by: New Haven Nuisance on October 25, 2013  3:59pm

‘“Harp said she plans to introduce a full-service, interactive, New Haven city government app when she is elected,” according to a press release.”

Sorry to disappoint you Ms. Harp but I think New Haven has that idea and app thoroughly covered. You may have heard of SeeClickFix, or possibly even seen it, right on this very webpage (on the right sidebar).

posted by: HhE on October 25, 2013  4:18pm

Do you know what would be a great app?  One that gets strait answers from Sen. Harp. 

Justin Elicker already has one, you just a question, and you get a honest answer.

posted by: robn on October 25, 2013  5:44pm

Will Harp’s app help us find the one million dollars that her family owes the state in back taxes?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on October 26, 2013  8:03pm

Glad to see Eli is backing Elicker.

Harp app.hmmm comes off as a last ditch effort to trying to make up for the 1980 recycled economic ideas. At least that is how it appears to me

posted by: getyourfactstraight on October 28, 2013  7:55pm

I’m glad Eli has decided to support Justin Elicker! I think the concerns by many including Eli about Toni dismantling LCI is a real concern and should be. I heard that at one of the union meetings the president of that union told her members that she met with Toni about this very issue and told her these are union people, my union members you will be affecting. She announced to her membership that Toni responded…...didn’t know they were union. Excuse me?!!!! that is so lame or just down right dumb. The most important reason you do not dismantle… should be because the department is important to the welfare of residents. Well news flash madam president (of a specific union).....your meeting didn’t help because at Toni’s last debate (which I was present) she once again reinforced her stance on dismantling LCI.
And all the other reasons Eli is supporting Elicker is the best reasons in the world.

posted by: Ravenclaw on October 29, 2013  10:45am

A phone app is a smart idea. Good thinking, Ms. Harp.

Mr. Elicker seems to have taken a simpler approach to helping people get in touch. He’s put his personal cell phone number on all his campaign literature. Need him to know something? Give him a call.