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Housing Authority Tops $200K In Snow Removal Costs

by | Mar 26, 2014 12:53 pm

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Posted to: Housing

You think you’re tired of shoveling?

As another dump of the white stuff approaches for midweek, the Housing Authority of New Haven at its recent commissioners’ meeting approved an additional $28,680 in costs for snow removal, bringing this year’s total to $211,785.

HANH spokesperson Jasmin Franjul said that last year’s total was $211,000, which included overtime costs and the use of outside contractors. HANH is one of the major landlords in town and is in charge of over 2,000 living units, many in scattered sites throughout the city.

At the board meeting the specific resolution authorized one of HANH’s contractors, Centis Landscaping, to add to its snow removal lists Eastview Terrace and the new elderly housing complex, Wilmot Crossing at West Rock, in the amount of $28,680.

The good news, at least for last year, was that due to the major storms the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reimbursed HANH $108,482, or about half the snow removal outlay.

No word on whether that will be a route to pursue this year. The $200,000-plus costs do not include dollars spent on ice melt, salt, and sand, and other materials, many of which come to HANH through the city’s public works department.

Franjul also said the numbers are not precise and final yet, only good estimates.

Understood of course, for more snow is on the way.

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posted by: robn on March 26, 2014  1:02pm

Is HAHN’s total snow removal cost $211,785 or is their budget overage $211,785? Did they not learn from last year and budget more if they needed federal reimbursement? And will they do as private landlords do and either suck it up or pass on the cost to tenants??? or will they pass it on to taxpayers?

posted by: Shaggybob on March 26, 2014  1:15pm

It would be prudent of HANH to STOP PLOWING and BLOWING SNOW BACK ONTO CITY STREETS.(and leaves too !!) I have complained to HANH several times over the years yet they continue to violate the city ordinance. Why are they not held accountable if they are one of the largest landlords in the City? Sub-contractors are their responsibility too.
Seems this would be the way to SET THE EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS.
I wonder how much that has cost the City taxpayers for public works to re-plow streets like Webster Street for one. That street is clear in the morning and then by noon all the snow “somehow” miraculously ends up back in the street, just like all the leaves.

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