Look Out Below!

When a snowstorm canceled school Wednesday, Jasmin and her sister grabbed their sleds and headed for the hill.

The hill behind the Yale Divinity School on Saint Ronan Street drew a steady stream of kids on sleds, snowboards, and even a plastic shovel.

Jasmin, who’s 7, warmed up from a spot half-way down the hill.

East Rocker Tommy Craft, who was sledding with a bunch of friends from the neighborhood, helped Jasmin’s sister, Jada, into a sled for her inaugural run.

Then Jasmin and Jada trudged up to the top with their mom.

“Scary,” declared Jasmin as she looked up towards the top.

She screamed all the way down to the bottom.

Meanwhile, 11-year-old Neal Shivakumar alternated between sledding and building up a jump.

Tommy braved the slope with no hands…

... and swerved to avoid a friend who had wiped out.

After much trepidation, Jada pushed off from the top of the hill with her mom.

She made it all the way to the bottom and declared victory.

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posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on January 16, 2013  4:48pm

This is a terribly adorable article.  Thank you.

posted by: Gretchen Pritchard on January 17, 2013  12:59am

I’m glad they had fun.  But for this much snow they really shouldn’t have canceled school; there should have been a 2-hour delay.