Bikers Ride To The Rescue

(Updated 6:42 p.m.)

A top Hill cop has been keeping a loveable pit-bull couple named Hannibal and Suzy alive while their owner is behind bars—but now needs to find them a new home.

The cop, Lt. Holly Wasilewski, learned from neighbors about Hannibal and Suzy on June 13. Their owner, who lives in the Hill, had been arrested on May 21. A neighbor started feeding the two pit bulls. But then the neighbor landed in the hospital for an extended stay.

Paul Bass File PhotoWasilewski (pictured), an animal lover (read about that here), started walking and feeding Hannibal and Suzy herself. She grew fond of Hannibal, a male who’s 75 pounds, and Suzy, a female who weighs around 40. They have nice dispositions, she said.

After a while neighbors complained about the dogs barking at night. Wasilewski tried to find room for them at the animal shelter. But the shelter’s full. Now she’s been given a deadline to find somewhere else to take the dogs by the end of Wednesday. She sent out alerts through social media and the Independent.

By day’s end, someone responded: A group called Bikers Against Animal Cruelty. (That’s bikers as in motorcyclists; read about them here.) The group agreed to keep the dogs safe for now while Wasilewski continues search for a permanent new owner.

Wasilewski said she’s looking for a responsible owner with a backyard for the dogs, who are bonded and come as a pair. (Suzy had puppies after her owner went to jail; someone stole the puppies.) Anyone interested should call her at 203-687-0529.

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posted by: MamaBear on July 3, 2013  1:48pm

While I hope a good home can be found…Do these dogs have to be adopted together? How are they with kids and/or other cats and dogs? Do they need shots and neutering?

posted by: L5 on July 3, 2013  3:24pm

I would prefer them to be taken together but I may not have a choice. They are not neutered/spayed and I’m not sure about shots. He is 75lbs and dominant so he would probably get along better with a female. Cats and children are unknown. I walk him without any issues past many people.