Machete-Wielder Arrested On Green

Police arrested a man who was allegedly swinging a machete on the New Haven Green—a vintage weapon brought there by a Madison teen.

The incident occurred the Friday before last at around 4:40 p.m. Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

A 15-year-old Madison boy had in his possession what he believed was a World War II vintage machete. He brought it, and three friends, to the Green, hoping to sell it.

He had apparently placed it on the ground when a 29-year-old New Haven man approached, picked up the machete, “and began swinging it. The four youngsters who live in Madison, Wallingford, Hamden and Shelton, watched as [the man] lopped off a limb and several branches from a nearby tree,” as Hartman put it.

Someone called 911. The police arrived to observe the swinging and arrest the man for carrying a dangerous weapon and second-degree breach of peace.

$1 million bond set: In other police news, the 21-year-old Bridgeport man arrested for allegedly shooting to death 21-year-old New Havener Tyrell Drew at the corner of Crown and College on May 18 is being held at the Whalley Avenue jail on $1 million bond. A judge has sealed the arrest warrant because the case remains under investigation.

Drew’s mother, Valerie Slade, and grandmother, Mildred Drew, attended a press conference at police headquarters Monday afternoon. They thanked the police for making the arrest.

“I will miss him forever,” Drew said. “I thank you for bringing this person who did this to my grandson to justice.” Click on the video to watch her remarks.

Police are not commenting on most details of the investigation because it is not yet completed. Det. Bertram Ettienne led the team that investigated the case. Police said the public helped police with crucial information.

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posted by: Curious on July 15, 2013  4:13pm

“A 15-year-old New Haven boy had in his possession what he believed was a World War II vintage machete. He brought it, and three friends , to the Green, hoping to sell it.”

What?  That makes no sense. Who were they going to sell it to on the Green?  Sounds more like “hoping to make trouble”.

posted by: Jon on July 15, 2013  4:27pm

When I was a kid, we sold weapons on public greens all the time.  My, how times have changed!  ;-)

posted by: William Kurtz on July 15, 2013  5:12pm

Don’t they know there’s no selling allowed on the Green?

posted by: robn on July 16, 2013  8:13am

Don’t bring my machete to the green. Check.