Elicker Tapped More Donors In Harp’s Zip Code

It’s no surprise that Justin Elicker convinced more people in and around his home turf on the east side of town to donate to his mayoral campaign. But he also racked up more donations than candidate Toni Harp in her side of town.

That’s one fact revealed by analysis of the fundraising numbers that came in last week when the five candidates for mayor filed their latest periodic campaign cash disclosures. The campaigns are required to submit information about how much money they are taking in, and from whom.

The bottom line from last weeks filings: candidate Henry Fernandez has raised the most money—over $177,000.

A closer look at the figures reveals a number of other interesting details about the state of fundraising in the mayor’s race: How much money is coming from out of town versus in town. Where it’s coming from in New Haven. The average size of donations to each campaign. How much money is coming from individuals versus groups.

Each of the five candidates—Elicker, an alderman who lives in East Rock; state Sen. Harp, who lives in Westville; Fernandez, a former city economic development chief; Hillhouse Principal Kermit Carolina; and plumber Sundiata Keitazulu—submitted a spreadsheet of their fundraising data to the Independent. While we agreed not to publish the spreadsheets themselves, we’ve assembled some graphs based on the information they contain. Read on to dive deep into the numbers.
Scanned versions of each campaign’s financial filings are available to download from the city clerk’s website.

Zip, Zip, Zip

Three candidates provided zip code information on their spreadsheets: Elicker, Fernandez and Harp.

A breakdown of the number of donors per zip code confirms what is obvious anyone glancing at Elicker’s campaign filing: He received an overwhelming amount of support from zip code 06511, which covers East Rock—the neighborhood he represents on the Board of Aldermen—and surrounding neighborhoods. He collected money from a whopping 559 individual donors in 06511 (see the graph at the top of the story), more than 10 times as many as Harp and Fernandez.

That’s perhaps not surprising since Elicker has such a strong network in and around East Rock.

But the breakdown by zip code also shows that Elicker collected from more donors than Harp or Fernandez in zip code 06515. That includes the area where Harp herself lives and where Fernandez has demonstrated support. Elicker received money from 65 donors in 06515; Harp from 47, and Fernandez from 19.

However, while Elicker tapped more 06515 donors than Harp or Fernandez, Harp still collected more money in that zip code—$6,255 to Elicker’s $5,025. Fernandez collected $3,940.

A complete breakdown by zip code of Elicker, Harp, and Fernandez’s donations from individuals—shown in the following pie charts—indicates that all three candidates raised most of their money from zip codes 06515 and 06511

Elicker’s 06511 donors comprise a Pac-Man-sized piece of his New Haven pie. He collected from a total of 865 individual donors.

Zip code 06511 also include a relatively large portion of Fernandez’s donor base, which comprised 98 people in New Haven, less than an eighth of Elicker’s total.

Harp collected from 140 people in New Haven. Her support appears the most spread out among the city’s zip codes.

New Haven vs. Elsewhere

The Elicker campaign has repeatedly made a point of how much of its campaign cash is raised from people within the city limits. And indeed, the campaign collected from more than twice as many New Haveners than the next closest candidate, Carolina.

Hillhouse Principal Carolina can claim the highest percentage of campaign donors who are New Haveners, edging out Keitazulu by just a percentage point.

All three candidates who are participating in the Democracy Fund—the city’s public campaign financing program—raised the majority of their money from New Haveners. Harp and Fernandez, who are not participating in the program, each raised nearly three-quarters of their money from out-of-town donors.

That difference can be seen also in the total amount of money each campaign raised in town versus out of town. Note that this graph includes money not only from individual donors but donations from PACs and businesses as well.

Groups vs. People

Only Harp and Fernandez are allowed to collect money from groups. Carolina, Elicker, and Keitazulu have sworn off PAC money or special-interest money as a condition of their participation in the Democracy Fund.

As it turns out, money from groups is only a small portion of the total raised by Harp and Fernandez:

Fernandez raised about $12,300, or nearly 7 percent of his total, from groups.

Harp raised $4,500, or less than 4 percent of her total, from groups.


The Democracy Fund candidates—Carolina, Elicker, and Keitazulu—are also prohibited from taking donations larger than $370. Harp and Fernandez can take donations of up to $1,000 from individuals.

Nearly all of the candidates raised most of their money in small donations. Carolina and Keitazulu took in more than 95 percent of their campaign cash in donations of $100 or less.

Fernandez is unique among the candidates in that he raised most of his money in large donations of over $370, and least in small donations of $100 or less. He raised 43 percent of his money in donations of over $370, 32 percent in donations between $100 and $370, and 25 percent in donations of $100 or less.

Fernandez also had the highest average donation size overall: $403. Harp’s was just over half that size at $223, Elicker’s less than a quarter at $87. Carolina and Keitazulu each had average donation sizes of around $30.

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posted by: TheMadcap on July 15, 2013  12:23pm

So, not only does Elicker have the most actual people donating to him, not only is he the only one with a majority of donations actually coming from our city, but he even has more people donating to him in Harp’s neighborhood. Who needs New Haven support though when you can have be fueled by the suburbs and Hartford county.

posted by: HewNaven on July 15, 2013  12:27pm

Can any of the Harpies out there explain why their campaign needed to solicit so many out-of-town donations. Does Harp just not have the support in New Haven? Or, is she more of a “get da money” type of politician?

posted by: HhE on July 15, 2013  12:39pm


Okay Razzie, accountability, et. al., let’s hear the spin.

posted by: Curious on July 15, 2013  12:45pm


Very well-done, thorough, and even-handed.

Thank you Tom and Paul for this analysis.  I am sure this was a fair bit of work to put together.

If you’re ever bored, I’d be curious to see breakdowns of the various campaigns’ spending as well.

Thank you for this.  Excellent job.

posted by: JuliaCS on July 15, 2013  12:55pm

I think it’s worth noting that though other zip codes represent a smaller proportion of donors for Elicker than other candidates, he received contributions from a larger number of donors in some of those other zip codes. This isn’t immediately obvious on the charts.

For Example

06513 is only 5.99% of Elicker’s donor base while it’s 10.2% of Ferndandez’s and 11.43% of Harp’s. Hoverever, Elicker received 42 donations from here compared to Fernandez’s 10 and Harps 16.

This doesn’t hold true for all zip codes but it does for a number of them and it’s worth looking at more closely. These charts, while valuable, can be somewhat deceiving if you don’t look closely.

posted by: mrmike1 on July 15, 2013  12:59pm

Saying most of Mr. Elicker’s donations from the 06511 zip code are from East Rock. is totally unfair. As your on map shows this zip code also covers Dixwell, Newhallville and Beaver Hill. This zip covers almost half of the city, so lets not box him in adjust a one neighborhood candidate.

posted by: robn on July 15, 2013  1:07pm

Nice run down but its misleading to describe 06511 as that “which covers East Rock…and surrounding neighborhoods.’ East Rock is a small part of 06511 which includes Wooster Sq, Cedar Hill, parts of Fair Haven, Newhallville, Dwight, Beaver Hills, etc etc.

posted by: robn on July 15, 2013  1:17pm

I love [url=“http://farm1.staticflickr.com/102/291635623_c389454338.jpg

What’s deceiving about the PAC money stats though is that Toni Harp will surely receive tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars via man-hours from local unions who will spread their foot soldiers throughout the city…but it won’t count as money.

posted by: streever on July 15, 2013  1:23pm

After having read 3 dozen comments from spin-doctors saying that Elicker getting a lot of donations from 06511 means he is an elitist and a jerk, I’m wondering what their spin will be on Elicker taking more donations from Harp’s neighborhood than she did?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 15, 2013  1:27pm

Tom you rock!!! Great stats and info. The ones with donation by zip are interesting…especially the numbers on the side of how many.

and thank you for the 06511 map!

posted by: Jon on July 15, 2013  1:36pm

Why are some candidates getting so much money from outside of New Haven?  Is it from individuals or businesses outside of New Haven who do business in New Haven?

posted by: anonymous on July 15, 2013  1:39pm

Imagine how amazing New Haven would be if it were governed by a Mayor whose “average donation size” was less than $100, and who raised most of their money from within New Haven.

Sadly, we are currently governed by a Mayor who (to use the past election as an example) takes $10,000 contributions from the Winstanley Family of Concord, New Hampshire.  Who is completely beholden to suburban Big Money interests. 

It is clear that with Harp or Fernandez in office, that trend would continue.

posted by: Indigo on July 15, 2013  1:42pm

Elicker also tapped 4x more donors in Fernandez’s zip code, 06513. Fernandez gets just 10 donors from his own neighborhood, while Elicker gets 42. This speaks volumes.

posted by: Hieronymous on July 15, 2013  2:12pm

*slow clap*

posted by: Webblog1 on July 15, 2013  2:15pm

Impressive pie chart presentation, but since this data only represents two zip codes in New Haven: What is it that I am supposed to deduce from this demonstration?

The data strongly suggest that none of the candidates is doing a good job soliciting from the entire city.

Other zipcodes in New Haven:

06501 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06502 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06503 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06504 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06505 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06506 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06507 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06508 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06509 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06510 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06511 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06512 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06513 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06514 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06515 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06516 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06517 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06518 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06519 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06520 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06521 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06524 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06525 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06530 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06531 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06532 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06533 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06534 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06535 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06536 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06537 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06538 New Haven ( 203/475 )
06540 New Haven ( 203/475 )

Just named my dog ZIP

posted by: Scot on July 15, 2013  2:54pm

I believe we have a unique opportunity in Justin Elicker to have a mayor who is incredibly smart, honest, compassionate, and talented, and yet is not tied to any political organizations. It’s rare in politics for someone to put themselves in a position of possibly winning without the support of large financial backers.  People are supporting him, not because they expect anything in return, but because they’ve met him, witnessed his work in his ward and on the board of aldermen, and are impressed. He seems to have no agenda other than to make New Haven the best city possible; to do what’s in the best interest of the most people.

posted by: HewNaven on July 15, 2013  2:54pm

Where’s Xavier? Can he explain why Fernandez (like Harp) didn’t bother raising money from people who actually live in New Haven?

posted by: anonymous on July 15, 2013  3:07pm


New Haven has 130,000 residents.  They aren’t evenly distributed by ZIP.  06511 is by far the largest ZIP by population.  The five ZIP Codes below have a total of 129,000 people.

06511: Home to 54,000 people (including 21,000 White, 23,000 Black, 7,000 Hispanic).

06515: Home to 17,000 people (including 9,000 White, 6,000 Black, 2,000 Hispanic).

06513: Home to 39,000 people (including 20,000 White, 9,000 Black, 17,000 Hispanic) - not all of these are within the City of New Haven

06519: Home to 16,000 people (including 5,000 White, 7,000 Black, 8,000 Hispanic)

06510: Home to 3,000 people (2,000 White)

These are all rounded to the nearest thousand, for 2010.

Others of note

06512: Home to 30,000 people (including 25,000 White, 1,000 Black, 4,000 Hispanic) - much of this is actually within East Haven but it includes some of the East Shore.

posted by: Anstress Farwell on July 15, 2013  3:12pm

Hey ZIP! Tell your biscuit provider that his list of zip codes is for New Haven COUNTY.

posted by: Righteous Cyclist on July 15, 2013  3:13pm

If your candidate is doing so good, you won’t need to say anything about it. More spin won’t create the momentum your candidate needs.

posted by: HhE on July 15, 2013  3:44pm

Righteous Cyclist, you have picked a handle that would suggest someone sympathic to Justin Elicker.  Your comment “More spin won’t create the momentum your candidate needs.” is the sort one would expect from the OneCity camp, and you are a supporter of Sen. Harp.  Interesting.

posted by: Webblog1 on July 15, 2013  3:44pm

Thank you Ms Farwell, Zip did not post the comment, I did.

I retrieved the zip code data from the following site.

You can argue the county facts to them.

Perhaps anonymous’s zip codes are correct, but I doubt the population/racial statistics Anonymous is using. Where were they derived from, Census 2010? I doubt that.

Nevertheless, I stick to my original statement:
“The data strongly suggest that none of the candidates is doing a good job soliciting from the entire city”.

Woof, woof….

posted by: FacChec on July 15, 2013  3:53pm

Webblog1 appears to be correct, sorry Antress.

NEW HAVEN, CT Covers 30 ZIP Codes
ZIP Code Area Code(s) Timezone Classification Population
ZIP Code 06501 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06502 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06503 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06504 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06505 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06506 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06507 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06508 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06509 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06510 203 Eastern General 2,737
ZIP Code 06511 203/475 Eastern General 53,600
ZIP Code 06513 203 Eastern General 38,978
ZIP Code 06515 203 Eastern General 17,141
ZIP Code 06519 203 Eastern General 16,428
ZIP Code 06520 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06521 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06530 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06531 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06532 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06533 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06534 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06535 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06536 203 Eastern P.O. Box 0
ZIP Code 06537 203 Eastern Unique 0
ZIP Code 06538 203 Eastern Unique 0
ZIP Code 06540 203 Eastern Unique 0


posted by: FacChec on July 15, 2013  4:09pm

@ Anonymous

ZIP Code 06511 2010 Census Demographics
Current Population: 45,294
2010 Population: 53,600
Households per ZIP Code: 20,581
Average House Value: $268,700
Avg. Income Per Household: $38,826
Persons Per Household: 2.26
White Population: 22,247
Black Population: 24,429
Hispanic Population: 7,334
Asian Population: 4,608
Indian Population: 843
Hawaiian Population: 88
Other Population: 3,770
Male Population: 26,281
Female Population: 27,319
Median Age: 28.80 years
Male Median Age: 28.50 years
Female Median Age: 29.00 years

ZIP Code 06515 2010 Census Demographics
Current Population: 15,123
2010 Population: 17,141
Households per ZIP Code: 6,401
Average House Value: $246,100
Avg. Income Per Household: $51,913
Persons Per Household: 2.29
White Population: 9,204
Black Population: 6,948
Hispanic Population: 2,046
Asian Population: 573
Indian Population: 239
Hawaiian Population: 27
Other Population: 890
Male Population: 7,775
Female Population: 9,366
Median Age: 29.90 years
Male Median Age: 29.00 years
Female Median Age: 30.80 years

ZIP Code 06513 2010 Census Demographics
Current Population: 36,289
2010 Population: 38,978
Households per ZIP Code: 14,570
Average House Value: $204,500
Avg. Income Per Household: $37,597
Persons Per Household: 2.65
White Population: 20,714
Black Population: 9,466
Hispanic Population: 16,648
Asian Population: 1,024
Indian Population: 422
Hawaiian Population: 57
Other Population: 8,741
Male Population: 18,638
Female Population: 20,340
Median Age: 33.20 years
Male Median Age: 31.40 years
Female Median Age: 34.90 years


Out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

posted by: Fairhavener on July 15, 2013  4:09pm

Fair Haven (06513) individual donation numbers:

Justin Elicker = 42
Toni Harp = 16
Henry Fernandez = 10

The pie charts can be misleading at first glance.

posted by: TheMadcap on July 15, 2013  4:15pm

“If your candidate is doing so good, you won’t need to say anything about it. More spin won’t create the momentum your candidate needs.”

This is….....I don’t even know what the heck this is. There is no spin here, this is raw data. As for not talking about it though, Harp as shown in an article the other day is pretty bent on trying to spin it as if she’s already won the primary. So what does that say about her? Also in the other article, you mentioned Harp’s enthusiasm for bicycles. Of course in the long run Harp has technically done more, she’s had near 6x as long to do anything. Elicker has worked for more bicycle improvements and actually put out details that are more than “Bikes are good”

See solution 23, although bikes more vaguely come up in others.(and here’s another thing, every day Elicker puts out a vision for every policy problem that is far more than the standard vague pleasantries about safety, schools and economic development). I mean if you like bikes he’s the only person who seems to have a cyclist perspective on this since one solutions is something that irks all of us cyclists, and that is to stop making bike lanes protect parked car and make parked car protect bikes. Also if you like bikes, he’s the only candidate raking in money from areas where people actually ride bikes, not people coming to work in New Haven in their cars from the suburbs.

posted by: anonymous on July 15, 2013  5:08pm

FacChec - there are no perfect ways to calculate the population within ZIP codes because ZIPs are based on overlapping postal routes, not precise geographies. There are a variety of different estimates available. If you compare your website with the sources I posted from the 2010 Census (census.gov), you’ll see that most of the numbers are pretty close. 06511 is by far the largest ZIP code by population, and it is also one of the most racially/ethnically diverse.

It would be interesting if the NHI would adjust the charts above based on per-capita contributions.

posted by: streever on July 15, 2013  5:13pm

@Righteous Cyclist
You assume we’re trying to “do something”—I suspect that most of us are just excited about having an honest, ethical candidate, who actually has a plan for the city.

posted by: SaveOurCity on July 15, 2013  5:15pm

@ Scot:  I have to disagree with your statement about Justin; “People are supporting him, not because they expect anything in return,...”.

I gave a few dollars to the Elicker campaign with the a very clear expectation.  If he wins, I expect him to work hard to improve our city government, reduce the ‘pay to play’ games, and focus on the taxpayers rather than the outsiders who have been sucking money out of our city for far too long. 

I have heard Justin say that he intends to work on these things and from my experience with him, he is a man of his word.

posted by: Community_Activist on July 15, 2013  6:38pm

It doesn’t matter who has the most donations, it matters who has the most money and bodies. Sorry Justin fans but he’s not going to have the most of either this race is between Henry and Toni. Toni will probably win in squeaker versus Henry with Justin being an also ran third.  It’s a two horse race, all that’s left is for Justin to drop out(which he won’t do) and support Henry, it’s the only chance the city has of not having a Harp administration.

posted by: Wildwest on July 15, 2013  6:54pm

All Elicker has to do now is convince many that he does not want to be a career politician. If he does that he has my vote. All the other candidates seem really well connected besides Sundiata(who is my second choice right now).

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 15, 2013  7:23pm


More than half those zips are PO box zips..remembering many company’s set up PO boxes so they are “located in New Haven” They need a New Haven mailing address to legally say that. Also I had a PO box and so did several of my neighbors when our mail was missing. PO Boxes are not homes. (although some can be homeless folks, which I personally wish we can get them more involved because every year they are severally effected by city hall choices)

I know Xavior is MIA? Miss arguing with him. I do think henry realized how much he was hurting the campaign.

posted by: BenBerkowitz on July 15, 2013  8:05pm

New Haven Indy FTW! Thanks, Paul, Thomas, Allen, Melissa et al. Great work. Keep it up.

posted by: NE1 on July 15, 2013  8:26pm

I lurk here, but this article moved me to do two things. First, I registered to comment so I could say this: Thank you for committing this act of journalism.  This is what “Reporting” looks like (Stenographers, false equivalence zombies - please take note!).

Second, I donated.  Lurkers! Readers!  Throw these guys some scratch.  Please reward good behavior! http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/donate/support_NHI/

Thanks again NHI - Please keep up the excellent work.


posted by: HhE on July 15, 2013  10:10pm

Community_Activist, what exactly is the difference between a Harp adminstration and a Fernendez one?

1.  Harp would be more entrenched.

2.  Fernendez would be more corrupt. 

3.  Harp would have more connections in Hartford.

4. Fernendez would have more connections in DC.

5.  Their gender and skin color.

I don’t think OneCity has got much of a chance.  Justin Elicker has not only a real shot at winning, his adminstration would be transformitive.

posted by: Scot on July 16, 2013  12:14am

@SaveOurCity - I think we actually agree, maybe I wasn’t clear.  Because he has many small donors rather than just a few large donors, he is free to do in office what he said he would do while campaigning. Whereas candidates with a small number of large donors might feel more obliged to act in the interest of those large supporters (whether or not it’s in line with what they campaigned on, or even what they believe is best).

posted by: Claudia Herrera on July 16, 2013  12:17am

Since the beginning of the mayoral campaign I have being asking for these zip code charts.
The reason is because as much passionate as some people is arguing and screaming loud for their candidates the emotions are going high because of the “momentum” the reason of getting those high numbers in dollars is only talk about for some people giving money.
Remember in our City of New Haven we have thousands of people making wonderful actions by donating their time, work and talent because they do not have MONEY to give. THOSE neighbors of us are the ones who are going to make the difference with their VOTES.

Many Justin’s supporters are saying over and over and OVER again that Justin has no agenda
with a political party, group of contractors, unions and he is only for the people of New Haven. 

I hope you are not forgetting that Justin Elicker is running to be a POLITICIAN!  And according to you (Justin lover) he will be honest, transparent, smart, etc… Well I think a make my point. The truth is he already made choices of WHO is going to be working for him and under what conditions.
My personal questions and concerns are:  He short experience of living as a New Haven resident,  as a alderman and especially as a business man. As a community activist he learned that his degrees from Yale are not going to be enough to get his chance and be ONE more Yale graduate student looking for a good JOB. 
After I heard the art forum mayoral, I am confirming what I said before.  Ms. Harp and Mr. Hernandez are the two MAIN leaders that will stand to be our next Mayor, Justin will continue making news, performances and run extra miles to be a Mayor I can feel it. HE WANTS SO HARD TO BE A MAYOR. That being said I still think that Justin is a good man with good ideas but no experience to deal with real life complications.

posted by: Bill Saunders on July 16, 2013  5:16am

Though I believe something like the Democracy Fund should exist, I don’t necessarily believe that it’s job should do with direct monetary matching, and watchdogging.

That being said, it would be nice to see what kind of opportunities the $1000 donors have historically gotten for their ‘political contributiion”.  I would love to see some facts rather than conjecture..

To me, $500 seems about the credible threshold between donation and investment.

Keep the Benjamin’s coming, Justin.

posted by: robn on July 16, 2013  7:51am


Justin has won and held office. Henry has not.

posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  9:16am

Claudia, do you understand what a Master’s degree in Business Administration is?  Do you realize that with an MBA from Yale and being fluent in Spanish and Chinese, and with five years working at the State Department abroad, Justin does not NEED to be mayor? 

Elicker is not someone who just graduated with a PhD in French Literature, a grad student with no hope of finding a job.  He can have a job in many places that would pay very well.

I think someone who has great career options that WANTS SO HARD TO BE MAYOR (your words) is just who we need.  He WANTS it.  He doesn’t NEED it.

Toni Harp has been a politician for twenty-five years.  It’s all she’s got.  It’s all she can do.  She’s not a manager, she is a politician.  There is a huge difference between being able to get elected, and being able to run a city.

posted by: streever on July 16, 2013  10:02am

Curious & Robn
Good points.

Fernandez has never held office.
Harp has no experience doing anything other than holding office, and she admits that she doesn’t even know much about the city budget.

I’m pretty concerned that a man with zero experience in public office & a woman who admits to being ignorant in the city budget could be Mayor.

posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on July 16, 2013  10:31am

Maybe Toni Harp can watch Justin’s video on Youtube explaining the city budget.

posted by: anonymous on July 16, 2013  10:32am

I agree that Fernandez should run for Alderman or State Rep first, before he makes a run for Mayor (let’s see how he does, considering that he got almost zero contributions from his own neighborhood). Maybe he can be Mayor in 2020.

Meanwhile, Harp has essentially admitted that she is not personally qualified for the job, the burden is on her to prove otherwise and her shockingly lackluster performance at every debate is not helping matters.

posted by: westville man on July 16, 2013  10:55am

I do admire what Elicker has accomplished.  But I have 2 questions that i cant seem the find the answers to.  i am hoping some of his supporters here can be of assitance:

1. Does Justin own or rent the house he lives in with his wife?
2. What does he actually do to make a living-  Does he employ anyone, have an office, run a business with a name to it?


posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  11:05am

Claudia, also explain to me how Toni Harp, who lives in one of the richest parts of town in a giant house, is any more a MAN OF THE PEOPLE than Justin?

So Harp has lived here longer.  Is she more knowledgeable about New Haven?  Clearly not, from every appearance she makes, where she shows her ignorance by being shocked at how people live, and SAYS HERSELF that she has no idea how any of the money she sends here is spent.

Harp is clueless about New Haven.  You can live in a place for years and never get to know it.

posted by: streever on July 16, 2013  11:09am

Westville Man:
1. He owns his home—I remember when they bought it.

2. His website lists him as “an independent environmental consultant”. I presume he does not employ anyone, but works as a freelancer for larger companies. I know he often takes the train into NYC to meet with clients & go to their offices.

posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  11:14am

@ Westville man,

Here you go.  Easy enough.


posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on July 16, 2013  11:24am


His bio says he enjoys renovating his Orange Street home so I imagine he owns, either that or his landlord must really like him.

posted by: westville man on July 16, 2013  11:25am

thanks streever- it wasnt showing up on the City website so i thought they either rented or it was under his wife’s name.

Curious- if you read my post, I couldnt find the answers on his website.  Perhaps you do. I know what his occupation is, but that’s a bit opaque when it comes to employees, name of co, etc.
And not clear about the home ownership issue on the website but Streever cleared that up.

posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  12:20pm

“Today, as an independent environmental consultant, Justin helps companies reduce costs.”

- Independent.  Consultant.  One-man business.

“In his free time, Justin enjoys renovating his home…”

- I don’t know anyone who spends their free time renovating property they rent from someone else.

posted by: FacChec on July 16, 2013  12:39pm

@Steever & Quinn Meadows:

You stated, and Quinn speculated that Elicker owns his home, not so, view here:


Who would own a property and live on the third floor??

And here:

And Here:

Account ID:  10119  
Address:  821 ORANGE  
  NEW HAVEN ,  CT   06511  
Parcel ID:  196-0439-02400  
Second Owner Name:   
Plat Book Page:  8698/98
Assessed Value:  $401,170
Exemptions:  $0
Taxable Value:  $401,170
Current Year Taxes Billed 2012    
Billed taxes:  $16,367.74
Current and Back Tax Principle Due:  $8,183.87
Total Interest, Penalties, and Collections Fees:  $0.00
Total Amount Due:  $8,183.87

In addition Justin does not own a motor vehicle or personal property in New Haven.

Justin pays no taxes to the city of New Haven.

Period. <:(>.

posted by: FacChec on July 16, 2013  12:51pm


Apparently Justin Elicker’s wife is the owner of the property and the autos.

Justin grew up in Connecticut and is passionate about making a difference in New Haven.  He and his wife Natalie live on the third floor of their home on Orange Street.  They met while volunteering for the Friends of East Rock Park.

Property Description Property Type Owner Tax Account ID VIN Number

1996 SUBA LEGACY 01   MOTOR VEHICLE   SHONKA NATALIE N   737782   4S3BG4854T6374754


No ownership records under Justin Elicker.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 16, 2013  12:57pm


Natalie is his wife they got the house before they were married.(I remember because they were looking at several homes) And ohhh Justin uses public transportation. Train bus and mostly bike! ( BTW I was in my car once and he actually beat me to a location on his bike by some time). But they do have a subrau.

And yes Justin does live on the 3rd floor. He has no kids and does not need to be a Jones. He also has chickens in the yard and a veg. garden). He reuses and recycles. And his wife is an amazing women to. I have learned alot from this man. We all could.

posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on July 16, 2013  1:01pm

FacChec, I might be totally wrong here, but I’m going to guess the Natalie that is listed as the owner of the house is the same Natalie that Justin is married to.

Someone might live on the third floor who rents out the other two floors.  I imagine a lot of people in New Haven do that.

Do you know for a fact that Justin doesn’t own a car and that it is not registered in New Haven? Or are you just wildly speculating?

posted by: westville man on July 16, 2013  1:06pm

PS-  hard to believe he owns his own consulting company and doesnt pay any personal property tax, if that’s true.  No copier, computers, phones??

posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  1:18pm

@ Westville man,

I did read your post.  Not to be petty, but you did not say that you looked on Justin’s website.  You just said you could not find them.

“But I have 2 questions that i cant seem the find the answers to. ”

posted by: westville man on July 16, 2013  1:44pm

Curious- you’re right, i didnt say that but the website you provided (which i had read) didn’t have the answers.
Not sure why my previous post wasn’t allowed but here goes:  someone can own a consulting business and use a company name to run it, employ secretaries, interns, etc and have a business address. 
i found your answer to my questions unhelpful. But at least the home ownership issue seems to cleared up. It’s in his wife’s name….

posted by: Curious on July 16, 2013  1:49pm

Easily available on Google.


posted by: HhE on July 16, 2013  1:57pm

Talk about a Catch 22:  if he owns his own house; East Rock Elite, if he rents; not comited to New Haven, and doesn’t even pay property taxes. 

For what it is worth, working on your friend’s house can be more fun.  I never had to pay for the materials at Rob’s, Steve’s, or Marc’s house, and when I was done for the day, I put my head down in house that wasn’t a construction site.

I also had next door nieghboors that fixed up their rental.  Their slumlord could or wouldn’t, so they did.  After a year, they left.  I miss them.

posted by: anonymous on July 16, 2013  2:08pm

FacChec: In a city with such extreme inequality, who would you rather have as Mayor:

1. A candidate who lives in an extremely modest 1,000 square foot apartment, in a diverse neighborhood, that his spouse has title to (similar to how DeStefano’s spouse, Kathy, had title to the entirety of their 2,000+ square foot Judwin Avenue house between 2008 and 2013).


2. A candidate who lives at the very edge of the city, in one of the largest McMansions in the entire city (an astonishing 10,000 square feet), under circumstances that are highly unusual. With another massive house used for huge parties, in Bethany.

posted by: FacChec on July 16, 2013  2:56pm

Response.. I don’t understand your analogy which juxtaposes; extreme inequality, with the location of ones home, prefaced by asking me to choose “who I would rather have to be Mayor”.

1. I would not choose extreme measures.

2. I do not place value on where one lives as a condition to run for Mayor.

3. I don’t really know why I am engaging in this ridiculous back and forth which is not based on FAC!

Thank you very much…out…>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

posted by: robn on July 16, 2013  3:03pm


For the record, both homeowners and renters pay property tax; renters just do so through their rent.


posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on July 16, 2013  3:28pm


Are we sure Justin isn’t on section 8?

posted by: FacChec on July 16, 2013  3:42pm

Robn: not true.

The State Statue reads:

Sec. 12-111. Appeals to board of assessment appeals. (a) Any person, including any lessee of real property whose lease has been recorded as provided in section 47-19 and who is bound under the terms of a lease to pay real property taxes and any person to whom title to such property has been transferred since the assessment date, claiming to be aggrieved by the doings of the assessors of such town may appeal therefrom to the board of assessment appeals. Such appeal shall be filed, in writing, on or before February twentieth.

Robn, the only time a renter would be bound to pay taxes is if the provisions are amended to one’s lease and has been recorded in the local assessor’s office.

This provides the lessee the right to appeal a property assessment.

All renters do not pay taxes unless assigned to the lease between the owner and the lessee.

Your statement is not FAC it is incomplete fraud.

posted by: ISR on July 16, 2013  4:04pm

Some questions re Toni Harp.

Based on its assessed value, the house she lives in should be taxed at about $45k annually. (this was a quick and dirty calculation, and it could be off, but still a big number)

Who is paying that bill?

She earns $28K as a legislator. Her only other visible means of support is her position at Cornell Scott. What is her salary? She is not even a top administrator, but coordinator of homeless health care. A decent salary at a nonprofit might be in the $50,000 to $75,000 range, which still raises the question about paying that huge tax bill.

Alternatively, is she being paid a huge salary, out of whack with her position? Here I note the $3.9 million the facility received in state grants last year, which raises a conflict of interest.  (I know Foley proposed a bill, which died, barring such conflicts. In 2006, she “raised eyebrows” by issuing a press release from her state office bragging about a $6.2 million state grant to her then employer, Hill Health Center. http://www.ctmirror.org/politician-archives/278 )

So who is paying that tax bill? Her husband’s estate—of which she claims no knowledge—google Enid Waldholz—is supposedly close to bankruptcy.

posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on July 16, 2013  4:10pm

FacChec, your landlord pays the property taxes out of the rent you pay.  His property tax goes up, so does your rent.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on July 16, 2013  4:22pm

oh and ps not that it really matters…But I know why they live in the 3rd floor apt. and it is not my place to say why…but it is for the most NOBLE of reasons! And a women and disabled daughter I am sure think the elickers are the best!