Mitchell Dubey Benefit Moved To Toad’s

The Flaming Tsunamis brought Mitchell Dubey to the shores of New Haven. Now they’re helping to raise money for his family after his tragic murder.

The band is among the headliners at a concert at Toad’s this Sunday, April 3.  Doors open at 6 p.m. The music is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

The event had originally been scheduled for the Madison Arts Barn.

Dubey lived in L.A. three years ago when the band came touring there. He joined the tour and ended up with band members back in New Haven. He stayed here and built a life as a popular bicycle repairman and repair-teacher at Devil’s Gear Bike Shop and as a fixture in the underground vegan punk “straight edge” scene in town.

Then, last Thursday night, an intruder came into Dubey’s home on Bassett Street to rob him and his housemates. The intruder ended up shooting Dubey to death and fleeing when Dubey asked him to drop his gun.

His friends have organized Sunday’s benefit concert to help his family. You can buy tickets on, which has waived its usual fees. Order tickets here.

Other bands on the bill include Call It Arson, My Heart To Joy, Slingshot Dakota, Brunt of It.

Learn more about the bands, and hear samples of their music, here.

PayPal donations can be sent to the family via

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