Parade Will Go On

Melissa Bailey PhotoAs the white stuff began to pile up on streets and sidewalks Friday, organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade started to get flooded with calls: Will downtown still go green on Sunday?

The answer is yes, parade Grand Marshal Joseph Lynch (at left in photo) announced Friday afternoon: “We are going on with the parade.”

Mayor John DeStefano (at right in photo, donning a ceremonial sash) said the most recent storm was nothing compared to Winter Storm Nemo. “This is Miami Beach at this point,” he said.

DeStefano said it is important to keep the tradition going, in part because it is the “biggest day of the year” at downtown restaurants.

The city is imposing a downtown parking ban from midnight Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday so the city can clean up the streets.

The parade will kick off on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. outside the Hospital of St. Raphael campus of Yale-New Haven Hospital. Lynch said he expects 300,000 people to descend on the city from as far away as Florida, Nevada and California.

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posted by: Gretchen Pritchard on March 8, 2013  7:18pm

So are they saving money by not plowing residential streets at all?  A once-over and some sand would have been nice.

posted by: Stephen Harris on March 8, 2013  8:49pm

I’ll be there with my camera to capture it all. I love this parade!

posted by: lrnoff on March 9, 2013  8:50am

So I don’t understand why the parade is on Sunday the 10th, not Sunday the 17th. Any one have an answer?

posted by: David S Baker on March 9, 2013  9:36am

Is the parade this weekend or next?  The article does not say.  And if it’s THIS weekend, why?  St.Patricks day is next Sunday.  And if it’s NEXT weekend, why the article?  A week to the parade should not require a snow press conference. 

Very confused.  Please add the date to the article.

posted by: Pat from Westville on March 9, 2013  9:42am

Because it’s always the Sunday BEFORE St. Patrick’s Day, even apparently when every 7 years of so St. Patrick’s Day IS a Sunday. Go figure.

posted by: Jill_the_Pill on March 9, 2013  10:55am

Irnoff, they always schedule it early so they have room to postpone it for bad weather and still be near the holiday.  Also, they share the bands with other parades and have to work around those.

posted by: lrnoff on March 9, 2013  9:46pm

A friend of mine who is Irish, who does not partake, said the parade is not on the holiday because then people have 2 days on which they can get drunk, instead of only 1. His parents were born in Ireland, and much of his family is still there, where he said St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday.