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Pizza Hold-Up Crew Gets Only 1 Pie

by Staff | Dec 12, 2013 4:22 pm

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Posted to: Legal Writes

A new crew of pizza hold-up artists has apparently set up shop—without much to show yet for their efforts.

That’s according to police accounts of three attacks that took place this past week.

One of the attacks occurred in the Dixwell neighborhood around 7 p.m. Sunday.

Here’s what happened, according to top Dixwell cop Sgt. Sam Brown:

A call came in for a pie to be delivered to Munson Street. A 58-year-old delivery driver arrived on the street and was confused about where to find the address. He asked three kids on bikes for help.

“They just stared at him,” Brown said.

The driver got out and encountered a man who emerged from the space between two houses. He had a gun. He also had accomplices with him.

“Give me everything. I’m going to fucking kill you. Give me the money,” the robber said.

The driver fought him. The robber struck the driver twice on the head with his gun. But the driver got away with his pizza and money, and with only minor injuries. The robbers didn’t get any money.

Similar attacks took place Saturday evening on Maple Street, at roughly 7:45 and 10:35. In each case someone phoned an order to a pizzeria, then a group of robbers greeted the driver upon arrival, according to Sgt. Robert Lawlor Jr. In both those cases the attackers failed to get away with any money, Lawlor said; in one case they got away with a pizza. Lawlor said he didn’t know what kind of pizza it was.

The three attacks last weekend involved calls to three separate pizzerias.

Food-delivery drivers have been popular targets for robbers over the years in New Haven. The attacks tend to ebb and flow, Lawlor said. He said police believe the three attacks last weekend were all carried out by the same group of people.

Man Shot In Head

In other crime news, a man was shot in the head on the east side of town Thursday. Following is the initial account of what happened from police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

“At 2:22 PM, Officers and EMTs were dispatched to a shooting at 1314 Quinippiac Avenue. There, they found 22 year old James Pittman, of New Haven. He’d been shot once in his head. Pittman, who spoke with Officers at the scene, gave little information to Investigators before being rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

“At this time, there is no information regarding a suspect. The shooting occurred outside in the rear yard.

“Due to the location of the victim’s wound, he is listed in critical condition.

“Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to call Police at 203-946-6303 and speak with a Detective. Calls may be made anonymously.”

Hartman subsequently released a statement saying police now believe that the victim gave a fake name—and that his real name is James Pittman.


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