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Strip Club Patron Returns With Glock

by | Jan 7, 2013 5:08 pm

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Posted to: Legal Writes

A 50-year-old East Haven man wasn’t happy about being booted from an adult entertainment venue on New Haven’s Hamilton Street. So he drove home and came back with a gun.

He then confronted the venue’s doorman. The police arrived before it got worse and arrested the man.

The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. Saturday outside the Key Club on Hamilton Street. Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

The man had been in the club with his wife when he was apparently ejected for “causing a disturbance.” He yelled at the doorman about it. Then he drove his wife home.

He returned alone. Officer Luis Lopez, who was working an extra-duty job in the area, had seen the man leave, and now noticed him return. He approached the man’s car along with Officer Sean Maher. They came upon the man as he was yelling from his car at the doorman. Lopez asked him to shut off his car. Instead the man “tried driving off with the officer at the door. He stopped a few feet away and was still yelling at the doorman.”

The police arrested him. They found a loaded Glock .45 on the passenger seat. (His wife later showed up with the permit for the gun.) The doorman subsequently told cops that the man had told him upon his return to the club, “I got something for you.” Police charged the man with threatening and breach of peace, motor vehicle violations, and carrying a pistol without a permit.

Armed Robbery In Fair Haven: Police are looking for two men who committed an armed robbery at Joann Grocery on James Street Sunday afternoon. The men struck the store’s 59-year-old clerk bloody in the head, striking him “several times with the gun.” They stole a cell phone from a customer and made off with the cash register’s cash drawer.

Burglar Caught: A burglar with a taste for scented body oils started work early Sunday—but not early enough to get away from the cops. The 37-year-old New Haven man broke into the King David House of Essence on Dixwell Avenue around 5:30 a.m., according to Hartman; Officer Eliot Rosa and Jonathan Lambe, responding to a burglar alarm call, caught him on the way out with bottles of “LaCoste”, “Black Seed”, “Pleasure”, “273” and “Sweet Almond” oils in his pockets.

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posted by: William Kurtz on January 9, 2013  11:48am

Someone (I know, I know: why don’t I do it?) should start a database to keep track of how many permit-holding gun owners are causing trouble. The number seems to be substantial. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” but the way it looks, the legal gun owners are as much a menace as the outlaws.

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