Suspect Almost Runs Over Cops

Paul Bass File PhotoA “cop of the week” went to the hospital after almost getting run over—and the rookie he was training got a firsthand lesson in the hazards of police work.

That was the upshot of a harrowing encounter Monday on Ivy Street in Newhallville.

It occurred around 5 p.m. Officer Robert Hayden (a one-time Independent “cop of the week”) was patrolling along with Doug Pearce, who just became a New Haven cop.

They spied a 2003 Volvo XC90 parked out Lilac Street, with the engine running, in area known for drug-dealing. Hayden approached the car to see what was up.

What he saw: “sandwich-sized bags of drugs between the legs” of the driver.

He asked for the driver’s license. He got his name. Then he asked the driver to get out of the car. The driver refused, Hayden said.

So Hayden reached in to try to remove him from the car. Rookie Pearce came over the help.

Then the driver allegedly hit the gas, dragging the two cops with him a ways up the road before crashing into a fence.

“He flattened it,” Hayden said of the fence.

Hayden and Pearce fell to the ground. The driver then backed up—and almost ran them over, Hayden said.

The driver got away. Police later found his car on Ivy Street. It was empty. They were looking for the suspect on Tuesday.

Pearce was treated at the scene; he had his scarred forearm and leg bandaged, according to Hayden. Hayden went to Yale-New Haven’s St. Raphael campus to get a shot for a swollen knee. “It’s the kind of shot the NFL players get,” Hayden said Tuesday. “It worked.” He said he expects to return to the beat on Wednesday.

As for Pearce, he reported, “I think he’s going to be a good cop.”

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posted by: westville man on November 20, 2012  2:24pm

You mean he didnt shoot the suspect 4-5 times like Floodquist did to Malik Jones?? I guess there is another way to deal with it.

posted by: HhE on November 20, 2012  3:16pm

Try to run me over with your car
you will not get far
I’ll run my glock
all the way to slide lock

posted by: Nathan on November 20, 2012  3:36pm

Another way to deal with it, as in, the cops almost getting killed?  What more proof would be required that in such situations, the operator of a running motor vehicle that refuses to obey orders to stop poses a threat to the life and limb of a law enforcement officer (and civilians as well)?  This would have been a justified use of deadly force, exactly as was the situation with Mr. Jones.

posted by: ElmJackCity on November 20, 2012  3:56pm

Ofc. Hayden is what you want out of a police officer.

posted by: Miss E on November 21, 2012  1:30pm

It is a shame that some people are not taking this story seriously. Just like any other person, police officers want to go home safe and in one piece at the end of the shift to their families. If someone is going to commit a crime a blatantly put anothers’ life at risk, then whatever happens happens!

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on November 22, 2012  12:08am

posted by: HhE on November 20, 2012 2:16pm

Try to run me over with your car
you will not get far
I’ll run my glock
all the way to slide lock

Sound good but the law says.

A.  Duty to retreat § 53a-19 (b) (1)

(One such / Another) circumstance is that a person is not justified in using deadly physical force upon another person if (he/she) knows that (he/she) can avoid the necessity of using such force with complete safety by retreating.  This disqualification requires a defendant to retreat instead of using deadly physical force whenever two conditions are met: 1) a completely safe retreat is in fact available to (him/her); and 2) (he/she) knows that (he/she) can avoid the necessity of using deadly physical force by making that completely safe retreat.  The law stresses that self-defense cannot be retaliatory. It must be defensive and not punitive.