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We Could Be Austin

by Staff | May 1, 2013 2:19 pm

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Posted to: Campaign 2013

Under the guidance of an Elicker administration, New Haven might be more like Austin. Or Asheville. Or Madison.

East Rock Alderman Justin Elicker, who’s running for mayor, presented that opportunity in his new “vision” for New Haven, which he released on Wednesday.

He named those three “small, progressive” cities that are “booming.” It’s a group that New Haven could join, he said.

“America‚Äôs innovators want to live close to where they work and play, in cities that are as green and beautiful as they are bustling and prosperous,” Elicker states on his website. “New Haven was the first such city in America, and though at times we have struggled, a renaissance beckons.”

Elicker lays out his vision in three parts: “Safer streets, stronger schools, and development.”

He calls for, among other things, better early childhood and character education in schools, participatory budgeting, reduction of debt, more mixed-use and transit-oriented development, an improved zoning code.

Click here to read Elicker’s vision.

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posted by: Bill Saunders on May 1, 2013  3:31pm

You mean music venues will cease to be harassed by neighbors and the police?  Dare say.

posted by: shadesofzero on May 1, 2013  3:40pm

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but this seems to be the first Campaign 2013 article posted on NHI which is less news-related and less critical or analytical look at a candidate and more of simply parroting what the candidate believes.

I am slightly concerned that NHI is looking at Elicker in a less critical light than other candidates, though I could be way off base here.

[Editor: he put out a press release. He posted a short item linking to it so people can judge. We’ll be doing some stories in depth about all the candidates. We will do some stories noting their less-earth-shattering releases in passing. We do not plan to be less or more critical of any one candidate.]

posted by: Curious on May 2, 2013  8:10am

Josh, did you see the article on Fernandez when he announced?  Or Harp?  Those were just repetitions of the candidates’ messages.  Nothing but parroting the campaign output.  I don’t see how anyone could claim that this is the first time that’s happened this season.

So far Nemerson is the only one who’s really been grilled, but Elicker is hardly being treated differently here.

posted by: GoodNatured on May 2, 2013  8:28am

Not surprising that Justin Elicker is the first to come out with a “vision of the city” press release of this sort. 

The other four candidates who entered the race late haven’t had time to think through their vision statement yet.

posted by: Curious on May 2, 2013  10:04am

Maybe NHI can pressure the candidates into each revealing their actual platforms and agenda items, besides broad stroke, “One City” kind of stuff that sounds nice but doesn’t actually SAY anything.

posted by: westville man on May 2, 2013  11:14am

Curious,  i can tell you that Kermit Carolina’s platform will out very soon with alot of specifics to it.  It does take some time once a candidate declares.

posted by: Stylo on May 5, 2013  10:50pm

I really hope Justin wins. He has a great vision and shows integrity and intelligence. He could really help propel the city forward.

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