Kids Have a Ball at Branford Festival

by marcia chambers | Jun 29, 2016 7:24 am

Mary Johnson Photo Much of what the public sees at the Branford Festival is out front: the road race, the hundreds of vendors on the town Green, the performers on stage, the happy audience.

Mary Johnson Photo Then there’s backstage, so to speak, where the kids can be found.  Before the 2016 Branford festival fades from view, we thought we share these backstage photographs by Mary Johnson, our photographer.

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New IWC Chair Seeks To Educate New Commissioners

by marcia chambers | Jun 28, 2016 10:00 am

Marcia Chambers Photo The new chair of the Inland Wetlands Commission, recognizing a new group of commissioners lacks the environmental knowledge and depth they need to perform their statutory duties, says one of his primary roles will be to build up that knowledge. He also said the IWC must remain free of politics. 

Peter Bassermann, the new chair, told the Eagle, “I think my role here is to try to get that depth in the commission so that we can do our statutory job of protecting the wetlands.” Bassermann made his comments earlier this month after presiding as chair at his first commission meeting.

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Latin Music Fills The Air On A Beautiful Branford Night

by Bill O'Brien | Jun 27, 2016 6:58 am

Bill O'Brien Photo The rain showers never came but a large crowd did and the Branford Green was filled with people and a great evening of Latin music as the first concert of the summer got underway Thursday. 

The 8th Annual Branford Summer Jazz Series kicked off with the Steven Kroon Jazz Sextet. The Rev. Bill Keane introduced the Steven Kroon Sextet

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Harrison House’s New Owner: Branford Historical Society

by Sally E. Bahner | Jun 25, 2016 7:00 am | Comments (1)

Sally E. Bahner Everyone loves the Branford Historical Society’s strawberry shortcake at the Branford Festival, and it’s a big fundraiser for the Branford Historical Society. However, it took more than proceeds from strawberry shortcake to finalize the purchase of the Harrison House.

Thanks to the generous donations from the Branford Community Foundation (which accepted matching funds), the Branford Rotary Club, and the Summerhill Foundation, a two-year goal was achieved in just one year.

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Summer Free Meals Blitz, Walsh Plans & A Retirement

by Diana Stricker | Jun 24, 2016 7:16 am

Diana Stricker Photo The Board of Education (BOE) commemorated the retirement of a high school assistant principal Wednesday, and also announced a free summer meals “blitz” and gave an update on the Walsh renovation plans.

BOE chairman Michael Krause (left above) and Superintendent Hamlet Hernandez presented a commemorative chair to Assistant High School Principal Anna Puglia, who has been with the district 28 years. In addition to her duties at the school, Puglia has also served as a liaison between the district and the community for the annual Branford High School senior scholarship program.

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A Rainbow Memorial Befitting Branford

by Emily Patton | Jun 23, 2016 7:52 am

Bill O'Brien Photo As far as Toni Cartisano can remember, Monday night’s #Branford4Orlando ceremony marked the first time that the Branford Green has hosted an event in solidarity with the gay community. It is certainly the first time that either the town hall or the Blackstone Memorial Library has been lit in rainbow colors.

“When I first came to Branford almost 50 years ago,” Cartisano recalled, “I would never have said I would be standing on our town green speaking of the gay community, and certainly would not be lighting the town with rainbow lights.” Cartisano, a retired teacher and volleyball coach at Branford High, was named the Connecticut State Volleyball Coach of the Year in 1984.

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Branford Festival Attracts Thousands to Green

by Bill O'Brien | Jun 22, 2016 12:23 pm

Bill O'Brien Photo The 32nd annual Branford Festival brought thousands of residents and out-of-town guests to the Branford Green this past weekend to hear the music, feast on delicious food and shop, shop, shop among the scores of vendors displaying their wares on Saturday. No question, the perfect weather also had a lot to do with the large crowds.

Dennis Nardella, who served as festival chairman for the third consecutive year, said, “When you’re planning a three-day weekend like this we hope for perfect weather and we couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out.” Last year rain cancelled Friday’s schedule.

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Lt. Guv Wyman Dishes On State and National Politics

by Emily Patton | Jun 21, 2016 7:59 am | Comments (1)

Sally E. Bahner Photo Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman stopped by the Branford Festival Saturday afternoon to lend her support for fellow state Democrats seeking re-election in November, to pose for photographs with them and to say hello to voters.

The Eagle caught up with her for an interview after she stopped by the Democratic Town Committee’s tent. There, she shared her opinions on the upcoming local and national elections, and the role she expects her party to play.

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Amtrak Confirms Acela Express Struck Woman

by Sally E. Bahner & Marcia Chambers | Jun 17, 2016 7:02 am

With PermissionSarah Graham Addy, 31, left a note on Monday telling her family she was going for a hike in the woods nearby. Soon after, Acela Express Train 2158, traveling eastbound from Washington to Boston, reported having “struck something” around 2 p.m. Monday in Stony Creek. The train did not stop.

“There was no interruption of service at that time,” Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz said yesterday, adding that train service was first “put on hold” when Addy’s body was found Tuesday evening along the railroad tracks just east of Thimble Island Road.

A new timeline in the death of Addy, 31, emerged yesterday as the Eagle sought information from Amtrak, which assisted Branford and state police in their search for Addy, a search that was officially announced shortly after noon Tuesday. Police investigators initially said they believed Addy was struck by an eastbound train “sometimes during the nighttime hours” Monday night. 

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The Branford Festival: The Coolest Event Ever

by marcia chambers | Jun 17, 2016 7:00 am

Mary Johnson Photo There is only ONE Cool Event this weekend and that is the Branford Festival, now in its 32nd year. This weekend is expected to be wall-to-wall sunshine.

Sally E. Bahner Photo Dennis Nardella, the 2016 Festival Chair, says this weekend celebrates the town’s service clubs, clubs that are the backbone of the Festival, the Rotary Club, the Exchange Club and the Lions Club, which celebrates 65 years of service to Branford this year. They came together, he said, pooling their resources instead of having separate fairs on the green. And that is how the Branford Festival “as we have come to know it was born.” Read about the Festival, its history and events here.

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