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TK2 On Parks’ Future, Uncut

by Paul Bass | Jan 19, 2016 3:07 pm

How about Donald Trump Hammonassett Beach State Park?

State Sen. Ted Kennedy’s not advancing that idea for rescuing and shoring up the long-term budgets of Connecticut’s state parks.

But pretty much everything else is on the table.

Kennedy talked about that in the studios of WNHH radio, after an appearance on the “Legal Eagle” program, when he was paid a surprise visit by Fox 61’s Matt Scott.

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Bridgeport Man Arrested in “Hot Spot” Area

by marcia chambers | Jan 6, 2016 8:30 am

Branford Police Department A 26-year-old Bridgeport man, arrested for possession of cocaine and a loaded gun, was found parked in the early hours of the morning last week in an area known as a hot spot for motor vehicle and criminal activity.

James Nelson was arrested near 3 Business Park Drive, not far from the Branford Motel and the TA Truck Stop, locations the Branford police have long investigated and patrolled. It is not unusual for police to arrest people from other areas of the state who have heard about places to buy illegal drugs.

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Wang’s Court Odyssey May Change Rules for Murder Cases

by marcia chambers | Dec 24, 2015 8:38 am

Aliyya Swaby Photo A groundbreaking murder case has been ticking and ticking and ticking at the state courthouse on Church Street for more than five years now. It has yet to come to trial—but it’s already headed to the state Supreme Court for a second time, with the potential to set new rules for how Connecticut prosecutes murders and to test the limits on when seemingly delusional people may serve as their own lawyer.

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Wang Case Heads For State Supreme Court Again

by marcia chambers | Dec 21, 2015 2:47 pm

Aliyya Swaby Photo The murder case of Dr. Lishan Wang is headed to the State Supreme Court for the second time in its nearly six-year history and before the case has gone to trial. 

Chief Public Defender Thomas Ullmann has formally filed an appeal on behalf of Dr. Wang, 49, seeking to overturn a decision that he be forcibly medicated. The appeal will delay any forced medication that the state hoped would help restore Dr. Wang to mental competency so that he can stand trial for the murder of Dr. Vajinder Toor.

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Foote Puts a Foot Forward

by Diana Stricker | Dec 17, 2015 7:10 am | Comments (1)

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) voted unanimously last night to approve the town’s acquisition of Foote Memorial Park and Riverside Park that have been held in trust. This was the final board to approve the proposal which means the 44.6-acre park and other properties will be owned by the town.

Diana Stricker Photo “We want to ensure this remains a recreational park for generations to come and we do that by taking ownership,” said First Selectman Jamie Cosgrove shortly before the vote was taken. (Cosgrove is pictured at left in photo with Selectman Jack Ahern.)

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Shelter Director Says No To Out-of-State Animals

by marcia chambers | Dec 16, 2015 6:57 am | Comments (18)

Paul Bass Photo Laura Burban, director of Branford’s Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, believes between 19,000 and 25,000 dogs imported from Southern states will make their way to Connecticut this winter. And she is not happy about that.

Burban’s shelter covers Branford, North Branford and Northford. In her years as the head of the shelter, she has undertaken any number of legal efforts in order to help the animal population her shelter serves.

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Wang Appeals Forced Meds Ruling

by marcia chambers | Dec 8, 2015 1:01 pm

With Permission Dr. Lishan Wang has formally filed an appeal seeking to overturn a decision by a Connecticut Superior Court judge that he be forcibly medicated. The appeal will delay any forced medication that the state hoped would help restore Dr. Wang to mental competency so that he can stand trial for the murder of Dr. Vanjinder Toor in 2010.

Superior Court Judge Thomas v. O’Keefe, Jr., the trial judge, made the formal announcement of the appeal in his 6th floor courtroom on Church Street in New Haven at 10 a.m. today. Angelica Papastavros, an assistant public defender, was in court. So was Eugene R. Calistro, Jr., the senior assistant state’s attorney in charge of the state’s case.

But Dr. Wang, who is currently housed at Connecticut Valley Hospital, was not. There was no explanation as to why Dr. Wang had not been brought to court; both attorneys were surprised not to find him there. So was the judge.

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Neighbors Say No to Vigliotti Housing Project

by Diana Stricker | Nov 23, 2015 7:03 am | Comments (2)

Diana Stricker Photo A plan by developer Alex Vigliotti to build a 115-unit apartment complex under new affordable housing regulations met with disapproval from residents living near the Summit Place site. At least 20 percent of the units would be for “work force” housing.

The neighbors voiced their concerns at a public hearing conducted by the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission Thursday night.

Vigliotti is seeking a zoning map amendment under the new Incentive Housing Overlay District (IHOD) regulations. The sites at 14, 21 and 22 Summit Place are currently zoned Commerce Park, which is a commercial designation.  The IHOD designation would allow the developer to build a denser project with more residential units per acre.

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