Brick by Brick, Beam by Beam

Bill O'Brien Photo Like prehistoric monsters, excavators have been eating away at the old Atlantic Wire plant. Bill O’Brien has been documenting the process, which should be completed soon.

Bill O'Brien Photo The factory once dominated Meadow Street. Now, only a small section remains.

Bill O'Brien Photo Here’s a longer view of Meadow Street.

Bill O'Brien Photo The company signage could be seen from the back lot, but now only a small portion is visible.

Bill O'Brien Photo Excavator takes a bite out of the roof, which hangs over the side…

Bill O'Brien Photo And it’s coming down.

Bill O'Brien Photo And this is what’s left of that section.

Bill O'Brien Photo The window and brick explode as the excavator tears into the side of the building.

Bill O'Brien Photo A steel beam hangs at a crazy angle while being wrestled by the excavator.

Bill O'Brien Photo Doug Talmadge of Cherry Hill Construction is one of the three heavy equipment operators on site. Cherry Hill is handling the demolition.

Bill O'Brien Photo The gutted interior is inspected periodically for any problems.

Bill O'Brien Photo The debris is hosed down constantly to keep down the dust.

Bill O'Brien Photo All over hosing.

One can only imagine how that chair got to the top of the roof, but the view is probably great. (See top photo)


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