Sewer Authority On New Foreclosure Tear

by Christopher Peak | Jul 17, 2017 12:10 pm | Comments (41)

Christopher Peak Photo The sewer authority attached a foreclosure sign to the chain-link fence outside Destiny Roldan’s white, two-story house in Fair Haven Heights. In block letters, it announced an upcoming auction to sell the $150,100 home to recoup her unpaid bills — which totaled just $3,436.

The scheduled foreclosure sale was part of the sewer utility’s latest wave of threatened property grabs, in an attempt to recoup debts that are worth a fraction of the homes’ value.

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20 Last Families Urged To Move Out

by Christopher Peak | Jul 12, 2017 8:47 am | Comments (14)

Christopher Peak Photo Across from Union Station, the once busy Church Street South apartment complex feels like an eerie maze. Bugs swirl around illegally dumped heaps of garbage and rubber tires; weeds attempt to break through the asphalt. On the outskirts, by the cinderblock walls, youngsters sit on corner stoops smoking marijuana and catcalling at passersby. Inside the labyrinth, a group of scuffed-up guys carrying backpacks and rolling suitcases dodged into entryways, trying to remain out of sight.

Most of the 301 families who once lived there are gone, chased out by dangerous living conditions festering under the management of a government-subsidized private owner. But, long after the place was supposed to be empty of humans and torn down to make way for a bigger mixed-use complex, 20 families remain in the partially demolished, mold-ridden crumbling old version — and officials are urging them to hurry up and find new homes elsewhere.

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Farnam Raises The Roof

by Allan Appel | Jul 7, 2017 7:39 am | Comments (6)

Allan Appel Photo There’s a lot of hammering going on on Grand Avenue these days around Franklin Street.

That’s because the fifth floor and roof of the reconfigured Farnam Townhouses on Grand Avenue at Franklin are just being framed in, and the project remains on schedule and on budget for a Spring, 2018 ribbon-cutting.

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