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Immigrant Contractor Stiffed

by Hernando Diosa | Aug 8, 2016 12:05 pm | Comments (5)

The following story originally appeared in Spanish in La Voz Hispana Connecticut. It was translated into English by Daniela Brighenti.

Jesarel Calixto, an immigrant hailing from Tlaxcala, Mexico, is the proprietor of his own business Calixto Landscaping, LLC, a company that deals with gardening, tree trimmings and other services. He came to us to report that the nursing home “Paradigm Healthcare” has not paid him sums amounting to $10,000 that it owes Calixto for work performed in its two buildings, located at 181 Clifton St. in New Haven and 310 Terrace West Haven.

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Today On WNHH

by Lucy Gellman | May 26, 2016 7:10 am

Lucy Gellman Photo Today’s episodes on WNHH radio dive headfirst into the world of contemporary poetry, teach listeners a few new camera tricks, explore interracial dating, and debate the merits of drinking on and off the job. 

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Muggers Prey On Undocumented Immigrants

by Hernando Diosa/ La Voz | Dec 2, 2013 1:19 pm | Comments (2)

Hernando Diosa hoto A version of this story originally appeared in La Voz. It was translated here by Gilah Benson-Tilsen.

In recent years, a new kind of crime has been gaining prevalence on the streets of New Haven, particularly in the Fair Haven area. Groups of muggers assault undocumented immigrants—especially from Mexico, Central America, and South America—to steal the money they’ve earned after working hard for long hours.

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