Today On WNHH

by Lucy Gellman | Apr 20, 2016 7:30 am

Lucy Gellman Photo The gloves are coming off in the WNHH studio. Today’s broadcasts explore the ins and outs of the upcoming Connecticut Democratic presidential primary with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters, ask tough questions about racially motivated violence in New Haven, do battle with some intensely masculine fiction, and more. 

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Arts & Ideas Still Evolving, 20 Years In

by Lucy Gellman | Mar 29, 2016 4:11 pm | Comments (6)

Paul Bass Photo When Mary Lou Aleskie took over the International Festival of Arts & Ideas in September 2005, she didn’t know that much about New Haven. She’d moved to the Elm City from San Diego for the position, so everything was new to her. Neighborhoods sprang up, full of possibility, performance venues popped out of the woodwork. She was greeted by a local arts scene that, for a city of just over 130,000 people, was more “jam-packed” than she ever could have anticipated. 

Aleskie hasn’t stopped trying to nail down the rhythm of New Haven, or satiate its hunger for local and international arts. Over 11 years, she has seen — and enacted — considerable change, taking the community into account whenever possible.

As she prepared to announce on Tuesday the festival’s year 21 programming, the Independent had the chance to talk about how Arts & Ideas has changed, what truly involving community looks like, and what new steps have her excited looking ahead to summer 2016 and beyond.

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Public Art Sweeps The Village

by David Sepulveda | Jan 5, 2016 1:28 pm | Comments (5)

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTO Even when the sun is not shining, there are shadows: Wheels, spokes, and unmistakable shapes of bike frames that seem to be cast by colorful light, stretch across the sidewalk just outside Westville’s Manjares Restaurant. They’ve inspired many a double-take at the base of a yarn-bombed, U-style bike rack — especially when no bikes are parked.

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