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Extra Extra

Parking Ban, Extended
Warming Hours In Hamden

In anticipation of weekend storm. Staff reports.

Barber Shop
Makes Post-Fire Return

Markeshia Ricks reports.

Free Woodward Skinny

College students can get free tix to event Tuesday night with WashPo Watergate & Trumpgate exposer Bob Woodwards: Details.

Hamilton Files For Mayor

Paul Bass reports.

New Hill Top Cop

Vows to address burglaries and robberies. Thomas Breen reports.

Crime Decline Continues

Police brass takes victory lap. Markeshia Ricks reports.

Pizza & Beer!

Ribbon cut for on-site baking & brewing emporium. Thomas Breen reports.

Old South Haunts The New

Donald Brown reports.

Reinaldo’s Corner

Reinaldo Goeyenechea/ La Voz Hispana reports.

Viola Sydoriak, 79

Vila adored children and owned Teddy’s Daycare: obit.

Today’s Debates

Amistad ... Anxiety ... Authority ... Airport ... Access ...

Accused Wife-Beating
Top Cop Staying Sober

Prosecutor says in court. Thomas Breen reports.

“My Ride” Plans Big Move

Hamden-based Greater New Haven Transit District examines details of new consolidated North Haven facility. Sam Gurwitt reports.

Looney, O'Leary
Back Tolls, Shared Services

New Haven state senator & Waterbury mayor agree on tolls, regionalization, special ed funding. Kevin Maloney reports.

Tweed Makes Moves
To Pursue Expansion

• “Explores” joining forces with Bradley’s authority.
• Mayor rips up 2009 pact with East Haven.
• O’Brien: “We will not be bought out.”
Staff reports.

Artspace Rides The Tide

Brian Slattery reports.

Jeannell Irving, 65

Jeannell was an avid wearer of hats with shoes to match: obit.

Building Boom Sparks
Ideas For Public Input

Thomas Breen reports.

2 "Your Speed" Signs
Coming To Wooster Sq.

Including on fatal stretch of Olive. Thomas Breen reports.

Today’s Debates

Clark ... Elicker ... Burglaries ... Tilt ... Demolition ... Garages ...

How Izzy Juda Survived

Daniels 5th-graders get a firsthand account of the Holocaust. Natalie Semmel reports.

Innovation Lounge

Allan Appel reports.

Today’s Legal Notices

Jan. 29: Committee on Student Elections to the Board of Education

Panel Looks To Green
Hamden, 1 Watt At A Time

Climate commission pursues conservation award for businesses, sustainability certification for government. Sam Gurwitt reports.

Evelyn Gray
Comes Into Her Own

“If I spoke up now,” she asks on recording, “would I be too late?” Brian Slattery reports.

State Report Reveals Cop-Shootout Details

Thomas Breen photoA newly available state report about an “officer-involved shooting” reveals that last week wasn’t the first time a 22-year-old city man led cops on a chase.

When they caught him this time in Kimberly Square, he broke free. He fired at least one shot; officers fired numerous bullets. He fled.

When cops found him again, he had shed his jacket and pants — and claimed to be a robbery victim. A telltale tattoo gave him away.

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Student-Shoving Principal Leaves Post

(Update) Morgan Barth, the school leader at Achievement First Amistad High School, has decided to step down immediately.

His resignation comes hours after the Independent posted a story and a video of him shoving a student and days after a former employee criticized the working environment he fostered at Amistad in a viral video. The incidents touched off a broader community discussion about discipline practices at the nationally acclaimed Dixwell Avenue charter school.

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Campbell Delivers Sermon On The Hill

Thomas Breen photoHands pressed together just below his chest, a starched white collar buttoned snug around his neck, the minister offered a prayer for a police department in great peril.

But prayer alone won’t save this ailing body, he cautioned the rapt congregation. That miracle can only be pulled off by better pay, competitive medical benefits, a stable union contract, and a community committed to working with its sworn officers.

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Pitch Promises Paperless Problem-Solving

A building code inspector notices a leaky roof, or a contractor working without a permit. Instead of reaching for a pen and a pad of paper, she uses a tablet with a camera and internet access to document the issue.

Those electronic notes are then plotted on a map, where both building department colleagues and officials citywide can track and address the needs of city residents as they crop up in real time.

City officials laid out that utopia of tech-assisted municipal services as they convinced alders of the merits of two new Information Technology (IT) contracts.

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