Cain Makes Case On Cop-Poaching

by Staff | Feb 15, 2019 12:53 pm | Comments (11)

When officers leave New Haven for the suburbs — as dozens have been — the city is losing an average of $31,600 in the cost of training them. (Their new employers generally assume that cost.) Assistant Police Chief Rachael Cain traveled to Hartford Thursday to ask state legislators to help ease that burden by passing a law to require cops who leave the department within five years of obtaining certification to reimburse the city for training costs; the current law sets the limit for reimbursement at two years.

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You Asked: State Says Alexion Paid Back $28M

by Staff | Feb 4, 2019 3:05 pm | Comments (3)

A commenter named ElmCityAle posed the following question in a comment posted to a recent story about the decision by Yale to lease the half of the 100 College St. tower left vacant by Alexion Pharmaceuticals’ decision to move much of its local operation to Boston:

It would be helpful if NHI included a thorough accounting of the payback of 100% of all public funds involved in the Alexion incentive deal.  This was also requested in several comments of the NHI story that broke the news of Alexion moving their headquarters to Boston.

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