Long Wharf Finds A Good “Roommate”

by Donald Brown | Oct 19, 2018 7:41 am

T. Charles Erickson PhotosA spacious kitchen and dining area with an attached living-room/porch, Dane Laffrey’s set stretches across the Long Wharf thrust space on a diagonal. We see a facsimile of a settled domestic space that looks realistic, though also entirely theatrical. That both-at-once quality is key to Jen Silverman’s The Roommate, a play about making new connections in middle age that uses unexpected turns and a subversive edge to unsettle its theme of the fraught path to friendship. We might feel we’re on comfortable, homey ground, but that might just be a façade.

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“El Huracán” Unleashes A Storm Of Memory

by Brian Slattery | Oct 5, 2018 11:52 am

T. Charles Erickson PhotosAbout midway through El Huracán by Charise Castro Smith, the play’s two central characters, Miranda (Irene Sofia Lucio) and Ximena (Maria-Christina Oliveras), undergo a radical transformation even as they lay themselves bare.

As they both shed their costumes, Miranda takes us through almost three decades of guilt for a single hasty decision, and Ximena through the anger she can’t let go of. As they excoriate themselves, a small crew helps them change, first putting on pads that fill out their bodies, then clothes over those pads. What we might have thought was natural hair were wigs all along, that are changed.

At the end of their monologues, both Miranda and Ximena have aged, 27 years in the span of a few minutes, and we understand why.

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Long Wharf Makes Room

by Brian Slattery | Oct 1, 2018 11:59 am

There’s a moment in Jen Silverman’s The Roommate when Sharon, a woman in her fifties putting her life together after a divorce, and Robyn, her new housemate, have already gotten to know each other a bit. They know about each others’ kids. Robyn knows about Sharon’s dissatisfaction with her marriage. Sharon knows Robyn knows how to grow weed. They’ve even shared a joint together. But then Sharon discovers that she doesn’t know the half of what’s going on with Robyn, and she’s scared by what she finds. She’s not sure she even knows Robyn’s real name anymore.

“But what were you born as?” Sharon asks her. And Robyn answers: “I was born as a malleable, changeable template.”

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Aziz Ansari Works It Out (Maybe?)

by C.A. Nolte | Sep 27, 2018 7:52 am | Comments (3)

Atrossity Photography / Creative CommonsAs the crowd gathered outside College Street Music Hall on Tuesday night, two drivers from New York approached and asked what the “big deal” was. A brief rundown of the answer: performing that night was Aziz Ansari, well-known comedian and actor from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, and creator of the Netflix comedy Master of None, who got caught up in #MeToo when a date he had ended poorly. According to the date’s account, he repeatedly ignored verbal and physical cues.

“Oh,” one of the drivers said, “#MeToo?”

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Finalists Pitch Downtown Venue Proposals

by Thomas Breen | Sep 25, 2018 7:57 am | Comments (13)

Thomas Breen photoWho will bring more people to downtown New Haven? Who has the sounder business plan, and the deeper pockets? And who will better complement the entertainment district’s current mix of restaurants, theaters, clubs, concert venues, schools, and other community arts groups?

Those were some of the many questions asked Monday night during a New Haven Parking Authority meeting dedicated almost entirely to discussing who will next occupy the vacant commercial space on the ground floor of the Crown Street Garage.

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Sci Fi Comes To Life At Koffee?

by Karen Ponzio | Sep 17, 2018 8:01 am | Comments (1)

Josh Levinson PhotoThis past Friday night I went out to play two roles. One was arts reporter for the New Haven Independent. The other role: Sinister KP.

Since June 2018 I have been involved in a production titled Inferior Planet written, directed, and produced by Ken Carlson and held at Koffee? on Audubon St the second Friday of each month. It’s a story not unlike my own, where fictional and real life worlds meet for a short time

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College/Crown Choice: Music Or Theater

by Thomas Breen | Sep 6, 2018 8:03 am | Comments (17)

Thomas Breen photoSometime next year, downtown New Haven will have a new small concert venue that will bring over 2,500 music fans weekly to the entertainment and restaurant district. The space will be run by the same people who manage one of the top-ranked performance venues in the country, located right across the street.

Or, sometime next year, downtown New Haven will have a new 200-seat theater, a new 90-seat cabaret, and a rehearsal studio for professionals and students alike to practice their artistic trade. And that tripartite venue will be managed by two successful, historic local theaters in collaboration with a small Catholic college that is building out its theater program.

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