$339K Boosts City Youth Programs

Arte Inc. BIMEC Believe in Me Corp. Bregamos Theater. Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Program. Kidz Kook Association, Inc.

New Haven Reads Community Book Bank. New Haven Symphony Orchestra. PAL New Haven. r’ Kids, Inc.. Solar Youth. Sullivan Basketball Academy. VETTS, Inc

Collectively, all those New Haven organizations will soon have $339,000 more to spend on kids.

That’s how much money the state Judicial Branch is sending our city’s way through its “Youth Service Programs” grants.

New Haven’s state legislators announced the grants Wednesday afternoon in a joint press release.

“Securing this funding was crucial for us because we understand how important it is for children to feel supported and empowered, especially in communities like New Haven where our youth face so much adversity,” the release quoted State Sen. Gary Winfield saying. State Rep. Robyn Porter called the groups “the backbone of our city.”

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posted by: jim1 on January 31, 2018  3:34pm

About time the state does something for New Haven youths..

posted by: Chrisssy on January 31, 2018  9:46pm

@ Jim1 - yes but unfortunately some will complain it’s not enough. I would like see new haven parents do something for new haven youth other than complain that the state and city don’t do enough

posted by: challenge on February 2, 2018  10:05pm

Suburban parents have received millions to support their children and no one blinks an eye or suggest those parents do more. As soon as New Haven receives less than a million to share with several organizations to support their vulnerable youth someone gets their panties in a twist. Sad.