After Colorado Batman Shooting, Cops To Guard Criterion

Following the murder of a dozen people at an Aurora, Colo., premiere of the latest Batman movie, New Haven cops will pay extra attention to the film’s screenings at a downtown movie theater.

Police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman announced that news on Friday just 12 hours after the Aurora massacre. A 24-year-old gunman there allegedly killed 12 people and injured dozens more, including a 3-month-old child. Police arrested the man at the scene.

“In the wake of the Colorado tragedy, the NHPD will be giving special attention to the Criterion Cinema at 86 Temple Street, during the theater’s run of ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’” Hartman said. “District 1 Officers will be assigned supplemental beat patrols at the theater, prior to the show-times.”

In other police news, according to Hartman:

“Tricked-Out Whip” Nabbed: Police responded to Sargent Drive and Long Wharf Drive around midnight Thursday on reports of street racing in progress.

“Officer Matt Abbate reported up to 100 tricked out whips [fancy cars], poised for racing,” Hartman said. “This illegal activity has in past years resulted in accidents, injuries to both civilians, officers and troopers, and even fatalities.”

Abbate spotted two vehicles side by side, revving their engines, poised to race. When the cars took off from Canal Dock Road, Abbate chased after them. Cops blocked off the other end of the illegal race course. One of the racers, confused, helped box in Abbate’s target. Abbate arrested a 22-year-old Seymour man and charged him with reckless driving and street racing. “His shiny grey 2003 Infinity G35 was towed and impounded,” Hartman said.

Burglary: Police are investigating a residential burglary and car theft that took place early Friday morning. Someone got into a house by means of an unlocked kitchen window and went into a woman’s bedroom while she was asleep. The burglar took the woman’s car keys and drove off in her 2005 Toyota Corolla, which contained her pocketbook.

Parked Car “Pulled Over”: At about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Officers Dwight Calderon and Carmelo Rivera were at the corner of East Ramsdell and South Genessee streets when they spotted a suspicious grey Buick Century behind a housing complex. The license plate should have been on a Honda Civic, “so they ‘pulled over’ the parked car,” Hartman wrote.

The man in the driver’s seat got out and tried to walk away. “He wasn’t afforded such a liberty, and was detained long enough for the officers to spot the crack cocaine which was in the driver’s door pocket.” Cops arrested the 24-year-old on drug and motor vehicle charges.

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posted by: Stylo on July 20, 2012  11:21pm

A “whip” isn’t a “fancy car”. Fancy, really? They’re not Duesenbergs.

“Whip” just means “car” in urban slang. Like, someone’s “ride”.

These cars are just old, used imports often with cheap or improper modifications.

posted by: streever on July 21, 2012  6:46am

Great job by Abbate! It sounds like some of the analysis the department is doing is paying off. I have to admit being frustrated and confused that we were allowing drag racing out on Long Wharf. During Chief Ortiz’s tenure, I’d see them setting up elaborate races every weekend, for hours. I’m glad that Abbate caught them in a smart way.

posted by: CityWatcher on July 22, 2012  11:01am

Steever, there was no analysis, the officer albeit a good arrest, happened upon the race in progress. The NHPD has gone back to the norm of shuffling the racers around the city all night on the weekends.  They have held extended races for an hour or more on Long Wharf on a regular basis. When the police show up they’re already scattering because they obviously monitor NHPD via Scanners. 

If the police do stumble upon them at Mobil they merely turn on their lights and everyone leaves and heads to Route 80 or the Blvd. There are rarely any mmotor-vehiclestops or arrests or tickets given.

These racers brag openly on Facebook and other mediums.

posted by: David Elkin-Ginnetti on July 22, 2012  5:33pm

From what I’ve read, it seems like the killings in Aurora have nothing to do with the Batman movie itself- it was only a convenient way of getting many innocent people together in a dark room. “Batman Shooting” in the title is a little misleading. That can lead to reporting like this:

posted by: luckyykid on July 22, 2012  6:01pm

The police only disperse the racers because they do not have the manpower to actually stop and arrest people.  If there were more cops on the road they would be more likely to address that issue.

posted by: Jones Gore on July 23, 2012  1:37am

Hey if the theater was in the suburbs then I would concern about some wack job shooting up a place. But New Haven is maybe the safest major city in the state.