Bailey Bound In Fall For Harvard Yard

VM Williams PhotoIndependent Managing Editor Melissa Bailey will spend a sabbatical year as a Harvard Nieman fellow studying the development of online higher ed.

Bailey (pictured) will join journalists from the Washington Post, NPR, New York Times Magazine, and El Mundo, among other publications, studying as a fellow in the year-long program, the Nieman Foundation announced Wednesday. Click here to read the full release.

Bailey joined the Independent in February 2006. As an editor, intrepid reporter, photographer, and innovator, she has helped oversee the Independent’s steady growth. She has intensely covered the development of New Haven’s school-reform drive, with her stories also appearing in Time Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Slate and the Huffington Post. At Harvard, Bailey will study “how online degrees are redefining higher education, with a particular interest in competency-based programs and the impact on the nation’s class divide.”

The sabbatical will start in August.

In a Facebook post Wednesday Bailey looked ahead to “a sabbatical year trading ideas with some of the best and brightest journalists from around the world.”

“So honored and delighted to be part of the Nieman crew,” she wrote. “This is a dream come true for me—and a testament to all of the work we’ve done here in New Haven.”

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posted by: Rich Scinto on April 30, 2014  10:58am

Congrats Melissa! Well deserved!

posted by: WC10 on April 30, 2014  11:01am

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

posted by: SLP on April 30, 2014  11:20am

How will we know what’s going on within NHPS and the community without Melissa? I’m sad for NHI readers, and full of congratulations for Melissa. All the best!

posted by: Elm City Resident on April 30, 2014  11:27am

Congratulations, Melissa, and please make sure to come back to New Haven!!

posted by: teale on April 30, 2014  11:34am

Congratulations…such an honor

posted by: HewNaven on April 30, 2014  11:36am

This is bittersweet. Congratulations to Melissa, but can the Independence continue the stellar coverage it has introduced in the last few years, particularly reporting on school reform without her?

posted by: joshmoejo on April 30, 2014  11:38am

I hope your time is well spent, and for my own selfish reasons, goes by quickly!

posted by: tbialecki on April 30, 2014  11:58am

My wife is an elementary school teacher here in New Haven and my daughter a principal of a turnaround charter school in New Orleans so lots of family discussions centered on urban education/school reform.  I have always found Melissa’s work to be informative and provide great insight into what are very complex issues. Congratulations on the sabbatical - well deserved - sure we will all be hearing great things from her in the years to come!

posted by: Melissa Bailey on April 30, 2014  11:58am

Thanks to all of you who dived into debate, made headlines, threw us a dollar, and sent in stories—and most of all to visionary, indefatigable Paul—who have helped grow a little startup website into a hopping hub of civic debate that people want to hear about.

posted by: cupojoe on April 30, 2014  12:14pm

Congrats Melissa! What an honor for all of us in New Haven to have one of our best and brightest heading off to bigger and better.

May the rode rise up to meet you!

posted by: Kevin on April 30, 2014  12:51pm

Congratulations Melissa - you are coming back, right?

posted by: Stephen Harris on April 30, 2014  1:46pm

Good luck Melissa. Don’t forget about us.

posted by: darnell on April 30, 2014  1:57pm

Congrats! You will be missed.

posted by: Anstress Farwell on April 30, 2014  3:45pm

Wonderful news Melissa, but we will miss you!

posted by: Eddie on April 30, 2014  4:16pm

Congratulations to Melissa Bailey and the NHI for earning well-deserved recognition!!

posted by: Noteworthy on April 30, 2014  10:08pm

To quote our vice president: “This is a big fxxxing deal” Congrats. I hope you are able to raise the standards of those other journalists.

posted by: citoyen on April 30, 2014  11:20pm

This is a wonderful honor for Melissa, for the Independent, and for New Haven.  Congratulations, Melissa, and may you return to us better than ever for your experience!

posted by: Nan Bartow on May 1, 2014  9:33am

We admire you, Melissa, and will miss you.  We hope you return to New Haven.

posted by: Razzie on May 1, 2014  9:45am

I am thrilled to add my voice to the chorus of well-wishers. Having observed her coverage from near and far, I can truly say she personifies the best in journalism standards. She is at her best handling the cutting edge educational developments of the day, but also does a fine job on other local topics of interest. Here’s wishing her the best in her very bright future!

posted by: Morgan Barth on May 1, 2014  8:39pm


Congratulations! In your reporting and writing you have not only helped make the Independent a great online paper, but you’ve helped me and so many others understand our community.