Boise Kimber Signs On With Stefanowski

Christine Stuart PhotoWALLINGFORD — Not everyone in the room for Republican Bob Stefanowski’s get-out-the-vote rally Sunday voted for President Donald Trump. At least two of more than 400 in attendance are members of the Democratic Party.

The first, Rev. Boise Kimber of New Haven had supported Guy Smith earlier this year and then when Smith failed to get enough support to primary, Kimber supported Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, but now he’s supporting Stefanowski.

Kimber, a Democrat and a controversial minister who supported Gov. Dannel P. Malloy in 2010,  said he’s supporting Stefanowski because “I think Connecticut needs a change.”

Stefanowski has promised to eliminate the income tax over eight years, but Connecticut has a balanced budget amendment so he would have to eliminate an equal amount of spending. He has refused to give any details about how he would tackle the task aside from promises of “zero-based budgeting.” A task that’s even harder considering there’s a no-layoff clause in place for the first two years.

Kimber said Stefanowski has been honest in his campaigning on the issue. He said no one knows where they’re going to cut spending until they get elected.

How will those budget cuts impact New Haven where Kimber has his ministry?

“We’re surviving now,” Kimber said.

He said they can’t label people anymore as Democrat or Republican. He said they need to ask themselves who is going to be better for their community. For Kimber, that’s Stefanowski.

Kimber gave the opening prayer at Stefanowski’s rally Sunday.

The other Democratic Party member to take the stage Sunday was Jim Grasso, son of the late-Gov. Ella Grasso.

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posted by: AverageTaxpayer on November 4, 2018  9:28pm

Kimber is a godly man and a person of solid convictions. He would never prostitute himself for something like money.

No not never.

posted by: Honest in New Haven on November 4, 2018  9:38pm

What!  Ned Lamont won’t pay for a consultant?????

posted by: BevHills730 on November 4, 2018  10:54pm

Wow!  This might be a new low for Kimber in selling out his city. 

Stefanowski has completely ignored New Haven in this campaign.  His policies would gut social services and education for New Haven.  He made a killing by ripping off the poor with pay-day loans.


posted by: Justsayin’ on November 5, 2018  7:18am

One wonders why the Harp administration has given him control over an $8 million grant to the city.

posted by: 1644 on November 5, 2018  8:45am

Stefanowski has “promised” to reduce the income tax subject to meeting certain revenue benchmarks.  As for any “program” of “gutting social services and education”, I would like to see it.  Lamont and others have put forth speculative and fabricated charges, but the truth is that Stefanowski really doesn’t have a program.  The only area I have heard him says should be reduced is employee benefits.  As CS says, he is boxed in on these by Malloy’s booby trap in which benefits are locked in for 10 years, and large wage increases and no layoffs for two.  So, if a recovering economy does yield more revenue,  it will be sucked up by personnel costs.  Education funding for the cities is largely protected by Horton v. Meskill and its progeny, so, no, education funding for the cites cannot be “gutted”.  The bottom line is that if Stefanowski and the Republicans win, the budget will be crafted by Lenny and Themis, and I am okay with that.

posted by: HewNaven on November 5, 2018  9:33am

Judas goat !

posted by: robn on November 5, 2018  9:59am

Hey; why wouldn’t any contemporary urban african american religious congregation find the GOP’s 1950’s-style racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic point of view appealing?

posted by: JCFremont on November 5, 2018  11:56am

Maybe Robn, maybe the Democratics ever growing sub categories of victims, races, genders, neighborhoods, religions (as long as their faith doesn’t out weights the party)etc. etc. He felt his congregations views have been taken for granted since the Johnson administration and figured why not take a chance.

posted by: LookOut on November 5, 2018  12:08pm

Wow - count me as surprised.  If Kimber can deliver some votes to Stefanowski, maybe there’s hope for our state.

posted by: Esbey on November 5, 2018  12:14pm

“no one knows where they’re going to cut spending until they get elected”


posted by: Hill North on November 5, 2018  12:53pm

Don’t be surprised of Kimber. He has a for sale sign on his suit.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on November 5, 2018  1:22pm

For those who have labeled Kimber everything bad for the Democratic Party, he’s now support in a Republican candidate and you’re still castigating the brother.  People will only pay for what they want.  Period.

As a Democrat, if the Stefanowski campaign contacted me, or any of you with an impressive dollar amount, we all would take a look.  Well, Kimber not only looked, he agreed. 

Though I’m a lifelong proud Democrat, as a political strategist, my loyalty is to my craft.  That said, not all Democrats are good for Democrats. 

Let me close with this, across the nation, you will find pundits like Bill Kristol, George Will, Joe Scarborough and others who are registered Republicans, encouraging people to vote for Democratic candidates.  And since we do not know; and it isn’t our business to know one’s financial needs, more power to the brother and his family for marketing his craft to the highest bidder.

posted by: publikskooled on November 5, 2018  1:45pm

Is this false prophet even a registered voter in New Haven?
Sellout, now I kind of hope there is a god, one who keeps good accounting of selfish deeds done under his/her name.

posted by: Hill North on November 5, 2018  4:02pm

@Brian L. Jenkins
Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

posted by: southwest on November 5, 2018  4:56pm

Apparently Kimber had a conversation with Kanye West in which he now say he was used…That’s a cue .
Some people will sell their soul to the devil as well as other people life or soul if it means getting what they want…The word for Kimber is “Karma”.  It really doesn’t have anything with his choice of candidates it’s just him pretending to be a man of God in his Judah’s outfits!!  Their is a pattern with him,have one noticed if he can’t pimp you to get his palms greased he will turn to the highest bidder who will pay for his performance!!  Look out to the one who accept his performance because if you make a bargain with the Devil he will want his rewards double and triple…just saying watch out !!

posted by: smcadams@716 on November 5, 2018  6:22pm

I have known Rev. Dr. Boise Kimber for a long time. He is a God fearing man, very honest and he cares about his community. Dr. Kimber is a man of integrity and he stands for what is roght and for what will benefit the people in the poor neighborhood. Dr, kimber put his self last when it comes to helping someone who needs help. As long as i have known Dr. kimber i have always known him to be a man who is always on the battlefield for justice. If Dr, kimber is supporting Stefanowski he believes that he is the best man for the job. I trust him fully and i stand behind him 100%.

posted by: Big.G on November 5, 2018  8:36pm

I’ve known Dr Kimber for several years I’ve known him to be a staunch advocate for racial, and political justice for his community and the NewHaven area

A lot of these finger pointing and mind made up individuals slandering a good mans Name is not called for just because his political beliefs are not consistent with the Now Crowds of Today

Also must I Remind you the ( Now Crowd) he is a man of God

Thank for all of what you do and have done for New Haven community ( Rev.Boise Kimber )

posted by: 1644 on November 5, 2018  8:38pm

Hill:  to answer your question, he made a profit of $40K for endorsing Guy Smith.  As the election is only one day away, and he is selling a perishable good,  his profit may be much lower on the sale to Stefanowski.  To be fair, I believe Kimber honestly agrees with Trump on limiting immigration, seeing the supply of immigrant labor as undercutting the market for native labor, particularly blacks who compete in the less skilled market, so his endorsement of a Republican should not be a shock.

posted by: LookOut on November 6, 2018  10:05am

1644: Good point, this may be less of a paid advertisement than Kimber seeing that black unemployment (and the gap between black and white unemployment) is at an all time low.  As opposed to recent presidents from both parties, Trump is actually doing something to help shift the long term path of the black community.

posted by: Razzie on November 6, 2018  2:17pm

1644 and Lookout—You can believe the Trump lies and BS if you want. I suspect that blacks are clearly aware that the Trump economic “miracle” is largely a continuation of the Obama economic trends put in place over 2 terms of hard work. Black unemployment was trending down and job growth under Obama reached record levels that dwarf Trump’s job gains to date. And he did it after inheriting an economy on the verge of financial meltdown. So you can keep your misplaced praise of Trump, because blacks ain’t buying it. In touting historic low unemployment numbers for blacks, bear in mind that there was a former period when black unemployment was virtually unheard of—but we daresay don’t want to go back to those antebellum times when, in Trump’s view, America was truly great! I personally do not wish to trade my opposition to Trump policies of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, xenophobia and white supremacy for the benefit of better unemployment numbers for my brethren.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on November 6, 2018  3:31pm

@ 1644,

“Seeing the supply of immigrant labor as undercutting the market for native labor, particularly blacks who compete in the less skilled market.” 

You’re certainly entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.  There are more white people who compete for these low skilled jobs than any other ethnic group.  Black people comprise of a little more than 13% of the population in America.  So if you’re capable (of which I doubt), you do the math. Wait!  Based on what I have read from you thus far, allow me to help you.  87% of the remaining population are nonblack.

Regards to giving Trump ALL the credit for the current Economic numbers.  Razzie, it’s futile to try and convince someone to acknowledge plain reality.  We have a president that’s a stone cold liar.  And that’s a fact.  And yet, these same people scold their own children for lying, but elevate this president as if he’s greater than Jesus.  We went from class, to classless.  And I’m loving every bit of the hypocrisy displayed by these Trump lovers.

posted by: 1644 on November 6, 2018  5:59pm

Brian: First, I was simply reminding folks of sentiments Rev.  Kimber had previously expressed in an interview with Paul Bass.  Of course blacks are not 100% of our native population, nor are all blacks and white native, but most are.  In contrast, especially in New Haven, most Latinos are foreign born and aliens.  In New Haven, per the last census, 43% of the population is white, 36% black, and 27% latino. Haven

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on November 6, 2018  6:47pm

@ Hill North,

“Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” 

Are you the arbiter that determines whether or not a person loses their soul?  Of course not.  So allow Jesus to fulfill His function, trust me, He’s far better at it than you are.

posted by: Hill North on November 6, 2018  8:04pm

@Brian L Jenkins
Your right.