Box 63 Opens

Provided PhotoA new restaurant with a firefighter theme has opened at the old Cosi and Fitzwilly’s site at Elm and Park streets.

The brick building, fixed up for the new restaurant, is an old firehouse. In that memory, the new joint is called Box 63.

Read a previous story here.

A June 16 ribbon-cutting ceremony brought owners Carl and Tom Carbone, Mayor John DeStefano, former New York City Fire Commissioner Tom Von Essen, New Haven Fire Chief Michael Grant and New Haven’s Box 22 Association Director Bill Celentano to the restaurant at 338 Elm St.

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posted by: Question Marc on June 20, 2011  12:04pm

Why are you calling the new restaurant “a joint”. Would it not be better referred to as a new eating establishment. I have nothing to to with the new establishment but I do find the term “joint” offensive.

posted by: Kafa on June 20, 2011  1:38pm

“I have nothing to to with the new establishment but I do find the term “joint” offensive.” Seriously?

posted by: peter on June 20, 2011  2:47pm

“Joint” is pretty standard slang for “restaurant” or “place,” as in, “Do you want to go to that nice Italian joint down the block?” Pretty innocuous.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 20, 2011  3:06pm

Wait until King John tax hike comes end.He will be gone with in three years.

posted by: Question Marc on June 20, 2011  4:21pm

Peter you may go to “joints” I go to restaurants.

posted by: alexey on June 21, 2011  6:07am

Just curious about this—in the earlier story, the “joint” was to be called Box 22.  Now, it’s Box 63.  Why the change?  I look forward to sampling the menu.  Best of luck to the new owners.

posted by: Gretchen Pritchard on June 21, 2011  9:18am

Geez, sort of a pathetic ribbon-cutting.  They could at least have strung the ribbon from one fixed point to another so that cutting it actually removed an obstacle to going through the door.

: )

posted by: cedarhillresident on June 22, 2011  6:18am

It was always box 63 may have been a typo.  Box 63 was the old engine houses number back in the day.
Gretchen the photo does not do justice to the opening. Carl had the old engine brought in on a flat bed… The horse and carriage one! The one that actually was used in this house! It was very cool!

I could be wrong but I belive he is going the blues jazz direction so “joint” may just be the perfect description.

And if the food taste anything like the food at his other restaurants we are in for a treat!

posted by: JAS on June 23, 2011  6:28am

To Cedarhillresident

Here is the reference to # 22 from the previous story

Carbone said his new restaurant will be called Box 22 American Diner, after the one remaining fire call box in New Haven, in the basement of City Hall.