Driver Flees Cops, Smashes Into House

Courtesy NHFDA 38-year-old Massachusetts man led police on a foot chase Wednesday after crashing into a house on Quinnipiac Avenue.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

Officers stopped the driver at Front and Exchange streets in Fair Haven just after noon for a motor vehicle violation. The driver fled down Front, over the Grand Avenue Bridge, then onto Quinnipiac.

He tried to pass a garbage truck at East Grand and Quinnipiac. His car struck the truck, and then crashed into the building.

The driver hopped out of the car and ran inside. He jumped out of a second-story window. Police arrived on the scene, chased him on foot, caught him.

No one was seriously hurt, Hartman said. The driver was charged with reckless endangerment and burglary in addition to motor vehicle violations.

The fire department’s Battalion Chief Felipe Cordero and Engine 17 and Squad 1 came to the scene, “secured the utilities and made sure there were no other hazards,” said Deputy Chief Billy Gould. And the building department checked and saw that the structure had not been compromised.

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posted by: Patricia Kane on May 30, 2018  4:41pm

This is not the first or last case of flight and pursuit on the Dragon Bridge or Quinnipiac Avenue.
  Police, ambulance and fire sirens are a regular occurrence, with police occasionally going the wrong way up Clifton St, a one way street half way down.
  Traffic calming is not in place here, although token attempts have been made.
  Police say it is a question of resources, but then 4-6 emergency vehicles show up on the Green for 2 homeless people.
  Speed Bumps are in place on Front St., but not Q. Avenue, so it’s like the Indianapolis Speedway over here.
  None of this is to criticize the City or any of its services for the craziness of the law breakers, but we have to find ways to slow them down and out smart them.

posted by: JCFremont on May 30, 2018  5:43pm

The story does not indicate that the police pursued the driver, just that they arrived at the scene. So now that car chases are illegal. It was obviously the police officers fault for noticing and stopping the driver for a violation. Somehow a speed bumps are not going to deter someone like this driver. So furthuring New Haven’s mantra, just ignore it.

posted by: theNEWnewhaven on May 31, 2018  8:00am

This is not the police officer’s fault.

If someone is pulled over and decides to flee there is NO reason to side with them.

Being known as a city that does not CHASE the bad guys….is not a good look.

When in doubt run away? Not the city I want to pay an ADDITIONAL 11% tax annually to.

As for speed reducing measures,....

SPEED BUMP Quinnipiac Ave, especially due to the HISTORIC homes there.

This is residential first, foremost, and finally. Anything commute (including a police chase) could be calmed with the speed bumps.

posted by: LivingInNewHaven on May 31, 2018  9:16am

@Patricia Kane
You said, “None of this is to criticize the City or any of its services for the craziness of the law breakers, but we have to find ways to slow them down and out smart them.”

Well then what exactly are you saying? What should the police have done? When you live in a city like New Haven there are all types of people there. Law abiders and law breakers. The police have to catch them when they see them breaking a law.  People who want to evade arrest will drive away fast or run through yards, etc.  Sheesh, get a clue.

The more gentrified New Haven gets the more statements like this we will read. >smh with an eye roll<

posted by: alphabravocharlie on May 31, 2018  4:27pm

Not likely a speed bump or roundabout would have slowed this guy down. He just would have crashed a little sooner.