Chapel Square To Get More Apartments

Markeshia Ricks PhotoAnother 51 apartments are coming to the former Downtown Chapel Square Mall and its attached 13-story tower unit.

The City Plan Commission last week voted unanimously to approve two site plans to convert six existing office spaces in the former mall into apartments, and another 45 office spaces in the tower unit at 900 Chapel St. The conversion would bring the total number of apartments to 161. The six offices in the mall represent 6,134 square feet on the second floor.

It is the latest step in an office-to-residential transformation that started in the 1990s at the former indoor mall and the commercial tower across from the Green.

Philadelphia-based PMC Property Management Group owns the former mall and its tower through two separate limited liability corporations. Its attorney, Marjorie Shansky, told commissioners at last Wednesday’s meeting that the conversions represent merely the interior alteration of existing space. The conversion in the tower will happen on the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors of that building, which comprise about 34,485 square feet of space.

PMC Property ManagementShansky said that existing courtyard in the center of the former mall meets the city’s zoning ordinance regulation for “usable open space.” Deputy Zoning Director Tom Talbot wrote in the memo that though the courtyard is covered by a roof, there “is a substantial open area extending from the top of the building around the courtyard up to the actual roof overhead.”

Talbot also noted in his memo that the courtyard has asphalt paving and doesn’t have other interior elements such as heat and air conditioning.

“In addition, the open area above the building and under the roof, while screened, has nothing int he way of doors windows or any other construction that would allow for the degree of enclosure required for [the] creation of a mechanically controlled interior space,” Talbot wrote.

The New Haven Parking Authority is providing up to 26 parking spaces in the Temple Street garage for the new tenants of the new additional units. PMC also will provide 731 square feet of bicycle storage in an existing bike room on the first floor of the mall. The parking authority will provide the spaces for up to 10 years, according to a report from City Plan staff.

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posted by: AverageTaxpayer on October 1, 2018  12:49pm

That interior courtyard is an architectural abomination. Utterly cringeworthy.

Otherwise, good. Downtown needs the additional residents, and the City needs the additional tax dollars.

posted by: jim1 on October 1, 2018  1:30pm

How many of these will be for low income or section 8? And the BIG? is when!!

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 1, 2018  1:37pm


At least the horrible ‘Disneyland’ courtyard is out of public view!

posted by: Politics 101 on October 1, 2018  1:51pm

This is all well and good—I’m all for more apartments—but given the utterly disingenuous abuse of the legal system and anti-competitive behavior Atty. Shansky and PMC have engaged in w/r/t the old Comcast building and other proposed apartments on Chapel Street across from the Smoothie Building (which PMC owns) I hope somebody challenges these in court. Honestly, I’m so disgusted by those other lawsuits that if I lived close enough to 900 Chapel Street I’d do it myself.

posted by: OhHum on October 1, 2018  3:57pm

Did the architect really think that this design was at all convincing as an outdoor space. That being said, who in their right mind would expect people to rent in this parody of suburbia?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on October 1, 2018  4:48pm

I keep telling all of you.

Gentrification in New Haven, 2000-2014

This makes intuitive sense — as Yale expands, it’s become a more attractive place to live for Yale’s grad students and professors, who likely drive the neighborhood’s continued change.

We also see evidence of the continued emergence of professional communities. While the total number of people with professional jobs in New Haven has increased by only 1 percent, the downtown area (Tract 1401) has had its professional population increase by 20 percent since 2000 — now, 74 percent of all people who live there hold white-collar jobs. The area around the School of Medicine (Tract 1403) has seen a similarly meteoric rise, increasing its professional fraction by 13 percent since 2000 to a current value of 27 percent.

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 1, 2018  5:01pm

Oh Hum,

Parodies of People?

posted by: Dennis Serf on October 1, 2018  10:25pm

“The New Haven Parking Authority is providing up to 26 parking spaces in the Temple Street garage…. the parking authority will provide the spaces for up to 10 years, according to a report from City Plan staff.”

The value of these 26 parking spaces over 10 years is $452,000!!. A monthly permit at the Temple Street garage is $145. 26 spaces x $145/month x 12 months/yr x 10 years is $452,000.

Is PMC paying the the NHPA for these spaces?

Dennis Serfilippi

posted by: Kevin McCarthy on October 2, 2018  6:34am

Politics 101, I share your view of PMC’s anticompetitive behavior. But I doubt any of the abutting property owners will appeal - in the case of the restaurants and retailers, the additional units mean more potential customers. Other parties would have to show that they are personally aggrieved by the commission’s decision, a very hard thing to prove.

I also think the open space requirement does not make sense for sites such as this. The tenants will be living within a couple of hundred feet of the Green.

posted by: OhHum on October 2, 2018  1:08pm

Bill Saunders,
I’m responding to the awkward design of the facades which try to give the appearance of suburban condos. For example, the faux Neo-classical eyelids over the doors, which are a functional element to protect from the weather, but completely unnecessary indoors. In my opinion they’re gilding the lily to obtain a lessor, but I believe people are more intelligent then that.

posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on October 2, 2018  3:56pm

Spinnaker should sue these jerks.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it sure FEELS right sometimes, doesn’t it?

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 2, 2018  4:17pm

Oh Hum.

I would think that is true, but people still live there….

I have also met people that have lived there in the past.
Some of them were ‘in town on business’ for an extended stay, and having the ‘lodging’ provided.

Don’t know what the ‘mix’ is now, though?
The first time I was ‘let in’ the complex,  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 2, 2018  5:22pm

Check out the YELP reviews for PMC….. 1 1/2 Stars!