City Pumps Parks ... In Germanbabble

Heard about the strudel at East Shore Park?

If you peruse the city’s website, you may have.

Although you might not have understood it. Unless you speak German. Or can translate programmer dummy text, filler copy that web designers insert during layout of a new site.

The web page describing the amenities for the park offers this description: Thinken bar die strudel verboten kaboodle wunderbar verboten mitten. Haben zur footzerstompen floppern spitzen footzerstompen footzerstompen cuckoo gewerkin poopsie uber rubberneckin mitz stoppern dorkin. Uber dorkin spritz zur dummkopf relaxern meister footzerstompen. Du, corkin ich sie oompaloomp haben ist nutske kaputt strudel makin corkin. Achtung dorkin, achtung poopsie ist kaputt ist poppin frankfurter gestalt pukein. Bin corkin heiden, und dummkopf octoberfest thinken wearin hast du, gestalt die lookinpeepers nicht blimp. Frankfurter spitzen kaboodle underbite nine relaxern sie poken.

Good luck if you want to find the address, though. It’s listed as “xxxx.”

The strudel, and the xxxx address, also happen to describe Kimberly Fields and the city’s other fields, according to the website.

Want to train to write for the city’s website? Here’s how to get started.

(Here’s what a similar paragraph would look like if the city parks programmers chose to use “hipster” instead of “pseudo-German” for the filler: Cosby sweater iphone artisan, squid trust fund photo booth twee blog shoreditch single-origin coffee aesthetic jean shorts messenger bag brooklyn butcher. Iphone fap banksy next level put a bird on it, letterpress photo booth thundercats biodiesel fanny pack etsy banh mi wayfarers. Sustainable four loko dreamcatcher, vegan single-origin coffee yr cardigan biodiesel williamsburg thundercats salvia master cleanse terry richardson tumblr mcsweeney’s. Lomo gluten-free salvia you probably haven’t heard of them portland. Mlkshk jean shorts carles, etsy artisan farm-to-table sartorial williamsburg marfa PBR leggings trust fund. Mcsweeney’s banh mi lo-fi mustache, fixie cosby sweater tumblr twee fanny pack. Thundercats food truck vegan, hoodie irony artisan beard synth.)

“Thank you for bringing us to our attention,” said parks chief Rebecca Bombero. “The city has undertaken updating the website. It hasn’t been updated in many years. We are working toward a new user-friendly site.”

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posted by: Yair on June 21, 2014  9:57am

I can’t help but think that this mock-German text has its origins, at least partially, in the “blinkenlights” notices that used to be found on the walls of computer rooms. It’s a nice window into computer-nerd culture: