Cops Chase Wanted Man Onto Tweed Runway

A 31-year-old Hamden man led cops on a chase from downtown New Haven, onto Tweed New Haven Airport’s runway, into West Haven, then back into Westville.

It ended with the man’s arrest at the Amity Shopping Center.

The episode began Tuesday morning when New Haven Detectives Thomas Glynn and Frank Sanchez saw the man driving in a rental car in downtown New Haven. Cops had been looking for the man for weeks because he had outstanding felony warrants from New haven for alleged assault, sexual assault, and domestic violence involving a firearm.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Capt. Anthony Duff:

The cops followed the man to Tweed, where he stopped at the car rental return office. They tried to stop him there; instead he drove away, crashing into an unmarked police car. Then he drove through a chain link fence onto the runway.

He crashed through another fence onto East Haven’s Dodge Avenue. The chase continued across the runway tarmac, leading to a momentary closure of the runway.

Then the man man led cops onto I-95, then off an exit into West Haven.

Now West Haven cops were on the chase, which proceeded to Westville, where the driver hopped out of his car and got away on foot.

Cops from several departments began searching the Amity Road area. New Haven Officer Richard Burgos then saw the man in the passenger seat of a vehicle leaving the Amity plaza. Cops stopped the vehicle and arrested the man.

In addition to the New Haven warrant, the man will be charged with numerous offenses related to Tuesday’s chase. He also has an outstanding warrant from Hamden police. An ambulance crew took the arrestee to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

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posted by: Thomas Alfred Paine on January 8, 2019  9:47pm

Was it wise to chase this man through the streets of New Haven? I was on Whalley Avenue when several police cars whizzed by potentially endangering pedestrians and drivers on the road.

posted by: Knowthefacts on January 9, 2019  12:01am

Yes it was necessary. If you read he was wanted on sex assault and DV assault charges with a gun. I’m sure his victims are glad the cops chased and arrested him. Bet they are sleeping a little better tonight knowing this guy is locked up.

posted by: IloveMYcity203 on January 9, 2019  11:46am

@Thomas Alfred Paine

Take your pick: Would you rather the police officers not chase him, and he is free to roam around until he is caught again? Risk one of your female loved ones being a victim of sexual assault by this guy, or you?

Orrrrrrrrr would you rather let the police be police and get this guy off the street?

The problem with the City of New Haven is they want it both ways. They can’t have it both ways. Most people want the cops to do their job when it benefits them; however, when they are not involved, they want to scrutinize everything police officers do. Give me a effin break!!!

For goodness sake, will people just let police do their job!!!!!!!! If every police officer in this state decided not to call in, A LOT of people would be in trouble. Bad enough being a police officer is a thankless job. Let’s commend them for the difficult task they have and split minute decisions they have to make while people like you and I have all the time in the world to decipher it.

I’m from the Hill (born and raised), and I never had a problem with NHPD. No I am not a cop. I am a 30 year old black man who loves my city.

When Citizens and Police join forces, these criminals won’t have a chance.


posted by: narcan on January 9, 2019  2:26pm

I often wonder how many times dangerous, wanted felons have escaped because of lax motor vehicle enforcement that is endemic in CT but New Haven in particular. Cop goes to pull you over? Just run a red light and they will go away. A motor vehicle violation isn’t “worth it”. So we teach, and now we act shocked when we have kids as young as 13 stealing cars and leading police on dangerous pursuits.

In this instance, a gun-toting rapist with active warrants was known to be in the car! Who in their right mind could blame the police for the risks and damage this criminal causes in his total disregard for anyone and anything but his ability to continue victimizing our community??

You can support your community or you can support the criminals preying on the community, there are no “buts”.

Bravo Zulu, NHPD.

posted by: garyleader on January 10, 2019  10:02am

Good job to all the agencies involved, you all went home safe and captured the suspect w no injuries! Perfect example of great police work! The police involved shooting is horrible because we don’t even know if the suspect shot first because the undercover detectives don’t wear body cameras. I encourage the suspects family to get a good attorney!