Daycare Loses; Booze Wins

City zoners decided not to allow a daycare to open in Beaver Hills, and cast votes that will mean people will have more places to have a drink around town.

That was the result of several votes taken at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

Board members ruled on a couple of booze-related applications made at last month’s meeting and one new one. And they put the kibosh on the latest plan to revive a long vacant gas station in Beaver Hills.

“Absolutely Horrendous”

The gas station sits at 145 Blake St. Several years ago, developers purchased the property with plans to open a convenience store. That plan was quickly dashed amid neighborhood opposition, and the site has sat fallow ever since.

The owners’ latest notion was to open a daycare center. That plan also raised the ire of neighbors at last month’s BZA meeting. Neighbors said the area is just too clogged with traffic—especially school buses—to accommodate parents dropping off and picking up tots twice a day.

Zoners agreed with concerned neighbors.

“This is a tough location,” said chair Pat King. She noted that the property owner had sounded “desperate” to find a use for the site. “But I don’t think this is the right” use, she said.

Member Victor Fasano called the plan “absolutely horrendous.” He said putting a daycare there would be a “serious safety hazard” given the volume of traffic already present.

“I don’t think the neighborhood can take it,” he said.

The board voted unanimously to deny the application.

Booze Wins

The board voted unanimously to allow Spooner’s restaurant on Whalley Avenue to serve beer and wine. And the board voted to approve beer and wine sales at a new La Cabana, a proposed Ecuadorian and Colombian restaurant at 850 Grand Ave.

The BZA approved that plan over the objections of neighbors, who had said the neighborhood couldn’t handle the increased traffic it would cause.

King recalled that neighbors hadn’t seen a parking problem when they spoke up in favor of different application, someone who wanted to put on an addition on Lyon Street.

The board voted unanimously to approve La Cabana’s application, with the condition that the owner provide some parking for bikes.

The board also voted unanimously to allow Cave A Vin on State Street to start serving liquor, in addition to wine. Owner Linda Fitzpatrick told the board she planned to sell only liqueurs, not liquor, and no mixed drinks.

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posted by: Noteworthy on July 10, 2013  2:37pm

The neighbors want nothing there. They will complain if you put a synagogue on the corner that was only open once a week with no members. How about a massage parlor? There’s a lady in East Haven who is looking for a new location.

posted by: Stephen Harris on July 11, 2013  3:17pm

There are only so many uses for that site. I can see merit in denying the day care but the convenience store application of a few years ago should have passed.