Rosa Rallies The Troops

Thomas Breen photosDancing across the stage with her fist raised above a shock of purple-dyed hair, New Haven’s 75-year-old Congresswoman taught veteran and neophyte Connecticut Democrats alike how to send campaigners into electoral battle.

Rosa DeLauro, who has represented New Haven in Congress since 1991 and who is currently seeking a 15th term representing Connecticut’s Third Congressional District, gave that lesson when she delivered the penultimate address at Monday night’s local Democratic Party get-out-the-vote rally at the Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School’s Parish House at 150 Kimberly Ave.

Her role at the final pre-election rally was to introduce Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, who faces off on Tuesday against Republican Bob Stefanowski and independent Oz Griebel.

But DeLauro did much more than make an introduction. She stole the show.

In her signature wardrobe of brightly colored hair, oversized jewelry, and a labyrinthine scarf, DeLauro delivered a fiery 11-minute speech that earned multiple standing ovations from the crowd of around 50 state and local Democratic Party stalwarts.

DeLauro didn’t talk about lowering property taxes. She hardly called out President Donald Trump by name, though her speech was rich with references to the Republican president.

Instead, she zeroed in on what she believes the Democratic Party stands for: fairness, diversity, social mobility, and support for the poor and working and middle classes.

And she defined the Republican Party and the current presidential administration as more than just a political opponent, but as a force of atavistic terror.

“Yes, we are a nation of immigrants,” she said. “We welcome diversity and we demand equality in this country. We demand it.”

Go to the 26:21 minute mark of the Facebook Live video below to watch DeLauro’s speech at Monday night’s rally.

Below are several excerpts from DeLauro’s speech:

On the core values of the Democratic Party: “What is it that we all share? What do we share? It’s not the ‘D’ after our name when they put our names in the paper …. It’s not the ‘D,’ but it is about the democratic values, the underpinning of the party that we represent. That is what binds us together. … Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, civil rights, a GI bill, the Affordable Care Act, and yes, the ability for the sons and daughters of working families and poor families and middle class families to be able to get an education. That’s what the Democratic Party stands for. That’s what we are about.”

On the connection between hate speech and political violence: “When you engage in hate speak, when you pit one group of people against another group, when you are divisive, when you denigrate individuals, when you call them names and when you discriminate against them, when you let that genie out of the bottle, you can’t put it back again.

“Our democracy is fragile. You cannot do what the president would do, which is to body slam it every day. We need to nurture it. We need to foster it. And it needs to be there for today and for tomorrow. That is what is at risk tomorrow, that is what’s on the ballot.”

On political mobilization since the 2016 election of Donald Trump: “Millions of people rose up to resist in the Women’s March, in the March for our Lives, to prevent gun violence in this country, and it engaged women and young people and people of color to go out, to work, to vote, to call, to contribute, to run for office, so that we can turn back a worldview of this administration, which is racist and sexist.”

Then Ned Speaks

After DeLauro finished her speech and passed the microphone to Lamont, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate said he had never been so proud to be a Democrat.

He thanked outgoing Branford State Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr. for being in the audience.

Then he shared some thoughts on why he is running for governor.

“People say, ‘Why do you do it?’” he said. “‘You’re 64. You could go do something else.’ A lot of your friends say, ‘Connecticut can’t get out of its own way. I’m leaving. I’m gonna go to Delray, Florida.’ I can’t think of anything more boring than Delray. I’m sticking with Connecticut.”

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posted by: AverageTaxpayer on November 6, 2018  9:26am


The NHI once again is unimpresses by Ned Lamont. Sigh.

Amazing to me that you can have such a great cadre of politicians up on the stage, and just 40-50 people, (mainly the usual suspects), turn out to see them. It’s indicative of how lousy the local Dem Party organization. Absolutely discouraging participation. (Hundreds would have attended had they known of this event, but that would mean being inclusive of the progressive grassroots.)

Finally, yesterday it dawned on me that the current culture war has been ginned up, in order for really rich people can pay less taxes. A small faction has divided this country. And it’s all about their greed.

posted by: the1king on November 6, 2018  9:42am

I thought you could not have pamphlets inside polling station.  Wexler grant has a whole pile of them on table right next to where you sign in.  They were democratic pamphlets.  Since new haven doesn’t care about these rules I wonder how many other polling stations are doing this.  Have pictures of it.  Reported it we will see if anything happens.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on November 6, 2018  10:33am

Ned Lamont reminds me and Looks Like Mister Rogers.

Mr. Rogers It’s a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood

Bob Stefanowski reminds me and looks like Fred Gwynne from Car 54 where are you.

Oz Griebe reminds me and looks like Rodney Dangerfield.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on November 6, 2018  11:03am

This is Voter Suppression also.HARTFORD, CT — Progressive and gun violence prevention groups came to the state Capitol Monday to urge the unaffiliated ticket of Oz Griebel and Monte Frank to get out of the race.They fear Griebel and Frank have no way of winning the governor’s race and will take votes away from Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ned Lamont.He has the right to run.

Groups Ask Griebel To Get Out of Race, But He’s In It To Win It

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on November 6, 2018  11:07am

How true.

I am neither Down with the Red or Blue wave! No I didn’t vote for Trump! Yes I supported Bernie Sanders! There are people hiding in both parties which mean us no good and there are sincere folks in all Parties! I am independent thinker! There are overt Racists In the Republican Party but there’s been those in the Democratic Party who have pimped Blacks just because we historically vote Democrat! Research each individual you vote for and don’t give it away just because! I don’t label myself as Liberal, Conservative or Progressive! Just a highly educated voter who Hates Bullshit! Watch out for the Elephant, Donkey and the other Jack-asses!!
Jeffery McNeil

posted by: Andrew Giering on November 6, 2018  1:24pm

Why was this event not publicized?  I’m continuously disappointed with the local Democratic Party’s lack of inclusiveness and disinclination to allow any more chairs at the table.  We have far too many gates and gatekeepers between the people and the ruling political class.  Reading this article reminded me by contrast of how two years ago 10,000 people gathered together on the Green to listen to Bernie Sanders.  That’s the kind of open, democratic political participation that New Haven needs more of.  Not the same 100 people talking to each other as they have for the last 20 years.

posted by: OhHum on November 6, 2018  2:04pm

The Party of inclusiveness once again just talks about it and doesn’t deliver the goods. This is why they are not winning elections when it really counts. The large group of unaffiliated voters out there see their act for what it is and don’t vote Democrat.

posted by: mcg2000 on November 6, 2018  2:34pm

Yes, I am also disappointed that despite being on the email list of Ned Lamont, Rosa DeLauro, and the CT Democrats, and following Lamont and the CT Democrats on social media, this event was publicized NOWHERE while the West Hartford rally was promoted. Also the New Haven Democrats are not active on Facebook. Aside from my own disappointment at knowing about a rally I could have attended in my own city after hours of phone banking, having a more publicized event is both better for getting out the vote and for getting more people involved with the local party.

posted by: Noteworthy on November 6, 2018  3:57pm

This is why voters should dump democrat incumbents. Look at this hapless group of tax raises, irresponsible spenders and debtors. This is not about a national election - we don’t ever have a real choice because of the plantation politics practiced here. But people should vote on what this group of people have done and plan to do if they get power - nationally, it will be impeachment and investigations non-stop; locally - the 11% - $30 million tax hike of this year will dwarf by more of the same in the future; on the state side - get ready for gobs of tolls to be used as a funding source for more welfare for the poor non-tax paying crowd - more debt, more deficits locally and at the state. Vote for change.