Driver Hits Pre-Schoolers

A motorist struck two young children Monday as daycare workers tried to shepherd them across Howard Avenue.

The collision occurred around 11:30 a.m. at Howard and First Street.

The children sought to cross the street with the daycare workers when the driver hit them, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman. Conscious and alert, they went to Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Update: On Tuesday Hartman reported that police have issued the driver, a 28-year-old New Haven woman, an infraction for failure to grant a pedestrian the right of way. “This case could be reopened if the children’s conditions change. They are recovering from non-life threatening injuries,” Hartman wrote in a release.

Hartman also offered addition info about the incident: “Daycare workers had tried stopping traffic to allow the children in their care to cross Howard Avenue. The children were crossing together in what a witness referred to as a ‘human chain.’ Two children, a 3-year-old boy from Bridgeport and 2-year-old boy from Milford, were struck and run over by a motorist as they tried to cross the avenue.”

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posted by: William Kurtz on August 6, 2018  1:51pm

Good grief; I hope those children are okay.

Well, I’m glad that the “police investigating the incident have not determined fault yet in the collision.” No one would want them to jump to conclusions about a driver hitting a couple of little kids accompanied by adults in the bright summer sunshine, literally at high-f@#$ing noon.

My limited imagination is having trouble hypothesizing a scenario in which this isn’t the driver’s fault, but what do I know?

Perhaps it’s the fault of the anti-car, “take back New Haven” fanatics?

posted by: Cove'd on August 6, 2018  4:42pm

I gotta guess 99% likelihood its the driver’s fault.  Crosswalks on all four corners, only one vehicle lane each approach.  Motorists need to slow down in a city/neighborhood.  Though Howard Ave, like many avenues in New Haven, would be a good candidate for a Clinton Ave type of traffic calming redesign (raised intersections, raised crosswalks, curb extensions).

Would love to see a follow-up post from NHI on these types of writeups after the police/crash report comes out.

posted by: NHPLEB on August 8, 2018  6:02am

What are the consequences of this infraction?  A ticket?  A warning?  If you want a law to be obeyed; there must be stiffer penalties.  This is what MADD did to drunk driving laws.

posted by: challenge on August 8, 2018  8:13am

2 children struck by a car while walking together in a human chain crossing the street with day care workers in the middle of a bright sunny day. Children hit and hospitalized and the driver receives an infraction?? Was a breathalizer given? Was she on a cellphone?  Will readers have the honor of having her name made public? Wondering what her social status to receive such a generous outcome. Waiting for updates.

posted by: William Kurtz on August 8, 2018  7:41pm

Are you KIDDING ME????? This is EXACTLY THE KIND OF THING the ‘Vulnerable User’ law was passed to enhance penalties for. Here’s the relevant text:

Any person operating a motor vehicle on a public way who fails to exercise reasonable care and causes the serious physical injury or death of a vulnerable user of a public way, provided such vulnerable user has shown reasonable care in such user’s use of the public way, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars.

Forgive me for shouting but I cannot get my head around why this individual was only issued a ticket. Perhaps there is something left out of the account? Mr. Bass—Can you PLEASE investigate further. I think many of us would like to know why, at the least, the driver wasn’t charged under the Vulnerable User bill.

posted by: 1644 on August 9, 2018  9:52am

Didn’t the NHPD rule that the cop who hit the Yale grad student wasn’t at fault because she was a few feet out of the cross-walk?  Didn’t NHPD go easy on cop lawyer Cofrancesco ?