Fleeing Cyclist Had A Stolen Gun

An 18-year-old shot a 7-year-old with a BB gun. And a cyclist ran from the cops, only to get caught and charged with carrying a stolen Smith & Wesson.

Those two incidents occurred over the weekend, police spokesman Officer David Hartman reported.

Here’s what happened, according to Hartman (with his precise words in quotation marks):

A cyclist blew a stop sign and almost collided with a mini-van by the intersection of Blake and Osborn streets in the Beaver Hills neighborhood around 7:35 p.m. Saturday. Officers Matthew Collier and Thomas Glynn happened to spot the near-accident. They “pulled up” to the cyclist, asked him to stop “so they could address the violation.”

Instead of obeying the order, “the bicyclist dumped the bike and took off running.” The chase was on.

The man “was holding something in his waistband” (i.e., looked like he might have a gun) as he ran. The officers continued to call to him to stop as they followed him.

The man ran behind a house, then returned to the street and slipped. The officers caught him at that point.

They also traced his footprints in the snow to recover a stolen Smith & Wesson 9-millimeter handgun he’d “lost” along the way. Police charged the man, who is 19 and lives in the Hill, with carrying a pistol without a permit, firearm theft, and third-degree trespassing.

The second incident occurred on Fair Haven around 5 p.m. Sunday.

Officers Derek Horner, Jinette Marte and Michael DeFonzo responded to a report of “a child struck with a BB.” Some children told the officers “they’d been on their way from a stop at a local bodega, when they heard a pop. One of the children said he heard something wiz by his ear. Another said he felt the sting of being hit by a BB. (His injury “was not considered serious.”)

“The children led the officers” a Blatchley Avenue house and an 18-year-old man believed to have fired on them. Wasn’t me, the man told the officers; he accused someone else.

The officers asked where the “BB rifle was.” Don’t know, the man said.

The man’s father was there, too. “Upon hearing his response, [the] father went into his son’s bedroom, retrieved a long black Daisy lever action BB rifle, and handed it over to the officers.” Police then arrested the 18-year-old on charges of “carrying a dangerous weapon, risk of injury to children, reckless endangerment, breach of peace and conspiracy.”

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posted by: William Kurtz on January 6, 2014  5:21pm

Good. I have been shot with BBs and paintballs riding my bike through the Hill. I’m glad to see someone arrested for that. It’s frightening and dangerous.